Monday, August 23, 2010

Some recent coordinates and sorry for the hiatus!

Hello everybody!!

Sorry for the terribly long hiatus in blogging!!! The reality is.... I have no internet in my new apartament and yet I find it somehow relaxing, I spend less time on the internet, my eyes are happier, I spend more time outside with friends... but my blog is so lonely, poor thing! Thank you for not un-following me! Also work has been pretty busy, so I don't have time to write the accasional "written from work" entry neither. (Now I'm almost into after hours so I can stay and write.)

Generally life is very good. I have found a super cute small apartament just for me and it's close to my work place and so cozy~ I got my favourite Missha Perfect Cover BB cream from a friend coming back from Korea, color #21, perfect for me, it's the most natural looking bb cream I know! Also bought L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, which is a pretty good drugstore brand mascara - but not as good as my Helena Rubinstein mascara...

The only thing I was dedicated to was jsut taking some snapshots of my outfits, so I will share that with you. Most of them are work outfits too. My office is rather lax in the dresscode departament, so depending on my mood I dress more or less office like. ;D Take a look!

Can you tell this was a day off?? xD

Lip Service corset print t-shirt!

I really like the knee-lenght ZARA skirt!

Just  a casual look:


And something I bought recently:
Handmade Cookie Monster bracelet!! XD

Sooooo.... I will try to post more often, I will probably get internet from September anyway. Everything is going great, but one thing, unrequittted lust is a pain!! (;0;)


  1. Love the cookie monster bracelet!<3

  2. like your outfits ;)

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  3. Good to see you back, I missed your make^up reviews! Your outfits are really pretty, I love the bracelet!

  4. I love the bracelet! And you made that yourself? Then youre really talented!!

  5. Ah sorry I didnt read the "bought recently" :P Still very cute choice!

  6. Is that also a cookie monster I see on your shirt in the 1st picture?
    Cute like always^^

  7. love your style :)