Monday, May 3, 2010

review: Missha Misa 美思 Choboyan deep relaxing ginseng cream

My cream arrived and here are some photos of it! 
The packaging and the extra present are genius, I can`t force myself to throw out the box... xD

Here`s everything that comes with the cream, Choboyan toner with gold and lotion, and serum, on the far right. I am currently using all of those along with my Hadalabo lotion and toner and hialuronic acid and my skin is soooo happy! I have to warn you though - this is NOT a cream for anyone with even a tiny bit oily skin - this is for people with very dry, tired skin. If you feel like your skin is being pulled even when you moisturise it well and your skin never gets oily or shiny, you should try this. Maybe people with normal skin could try this at night. It`s supposed to do "practically everything", like most Missha products, but I think of it as the relaxing, nourishing (sooo many patented ingredients and herbs in it!) and deeply moisturising cream. I love it!

There is also a little thing for scooping the cream.

The packaging is sooo pretty and looking cute and gorgeous! <3333

There are golden pieces in the cream.

The cream is very very thick and hard, definitely not watery, like wax. It is easy to apply after warming with fingertips though, goes on smooth, like lip butter. It seems a bit shiny, hmmmm... maybe has a little bit of oil like shine, when you apply it, so I was worried whether I can use it in the morning, but I have really dry skin and when I put makeup on, the shine doesn`t even show, my skin just looks really healthy and natural. Not super matte and dry, just dewy and happy :D

And this is what the toner looks like - it really has golden pieces inside and it smells like herbs (but I like it). I really like this whole series! Ahh, too bad it`s so hard to get! The american Missha website doesn`t carry this line (why??) and it`s not available on eBay neither. Poop! Lucky me to have good friends in Korea :o I want to continue buying Missha, their korean website should ship worldwide!Missha ILU, but become more availlable!

I also got some extras, including the new Missha Real Complete bb cream, that cl2425 did a review of! It really is very watery and very pink, I thought it would be more sheer, but it actually gave a nice medium coverage and looked good on skin. But I am rather happy with my Missha Oriental Herbs bb cream, so I will be skipping Real Complete bb cream. BTW, their bb cream names are ridiculous. xD What will the next one be called? Super Honestly This One Is Perfect bb cream?? xDD I need to try out the other samples yet!

I also bought some great INGLOT nail polish, but I will make a separate entry for that! :D 


  1. This all just looks so gorgeous! Especially with the gold flecks! ^^

  2. missha does ship to U.S!
    their U.S. site is

  3. Kristin, I know about their american site, but it only ships to USA (I`m from Poland in Europe) and they don`t carry all Missha lines that are available in Korea. ^^ That`s why I think it`s still a brand that`s not easily available to everyone around the world, which I think it shoulod be, because it is great :)