Thursday, July 29, 2010

Early birthday present for myself! Miss Dior Cherie perfume!

So it's my 26th birthday this Saturday and I decided to get myself a nice present a little bit early! This is what I got myself! :D OMG, it smells soooo sweet and intoxicating! I absolutely love it~

I got perfumes, 100ml. :) Also, since it is my birthday month, I got a gift coupon from Sephora saying if I make a purchase in my birthday month and show the soupon I will get two small eyeshadows and double-points for my purchase! :D Also I had a 10% off points on my card which I forgot about and bought this with an extra 10% discount and also got a Lancome freebie!! XD

The birthday coupon, two eyeshadows I got as a present, two perfume samples and a small Sephora bag. (I don't like those bags, they always give me paper cuts D: )

The eyeshadows are small, but not too small, the light beige one is matte, the dark brown one has a tiny little bit of shimmer to it. I think I will be using the brown one for my brows. 

Zoom and swatches, you can't really see the brown swatch though XD

And the freebie from Lancome:
It's a huge polyester bag, lol, I think I will use it for... moving. Or maybe beach bag, but when am I even going to go to the beach next, I dunno~

LOL, cracks me up. xD

See how huge it is? :o

Anyway, the most important part of this post is this:
I love the packaging and the smell... and the commercial!

just more pic spam!

and the happy owner!
The packaging is sooo cute!

I am sorry but it seems that somehow people were not able to comment on my previous post... :O I have no idea why! If you can't comment on this one too, let me know through tumblr or formspring please!
I also ordered my Estee Lauder eye cream yesterday, because I ran out of it and my eyes really miss it. I would say it is hydrating and redices dark circles and puffiness a lot. In other words, works very good, does what it promises. It is a repurchase! Since I ran out of it, the area under my eyes feels really dry and sore, I forgot that the delicate under eye skin could hurt while I was using it.... :/ I need it back on my eyes! XD

I also finished my Laura Mercier foundation primer (hydrating version), but I think I want to try CHANEL's primer this time. I don't know if I should buy it now though, I am moving to my own single apartament in a couple days, so we"ll see if I can support myself and still buy all those cosmetics... xD

Had some bad days recently, so sorry for rare updates, but I will write again whenever I buy/review something new. First it was soooo crazy hot in Warsaw and whole Poland, and now it's colder (around 20 degrees) and raining! :O Weird weather. Luckily it is supposed to be just perfect during the weekend. My birthday weekend! : )

And some music - it plays as BGM at my work:

I really recommend the cam, remixed Claziquai albums if you liked this!
Oh! Disclaimer!! I am not a kpop fan! XD I sometimes listen to it, but generally the kpop fast food music is not what I spend a lot of time on. xD No hard feelings!

PS. I also need to write a review about the WELEDA Skin Food cream! I use it everyday after initially hating it and I still hate it a little bit, but it works sooooo well though...! The smell is killing me, but the cream works really well... ah, love-hate relationship!!! Damn you WELEDA, why did you have to mane such a smelly cream :/


  1. Miss Dior Chérie is soo good!!! and I love the colours!!! <3 the withe is the best.... so sweet!!

  2. Hi gorgeous Girl :D I've been following your blog for quite a while, but never got the chance to comment, so here I go :

    I really like that prfume too, But it's sooo expensive!! lucky you... and Happy birthday by the way heh :D

    I have a question I really hope you can answer...
    It's because I have really really bad skin... I have acne + mixed skin ( little bit oily but mostly DRY if I don't use hydrantive cream..( i use Biotherm's Aquasource by the way :P )
    and it really bothers me a lot !! I'm 21 and still suffering from something like acne, it seriously ruins my life... sometimes I don't go out because I get really bad brakeouts, and other times I'm too nervous to look into people's eyes because I'm so embarrassd....
    well, the point is: I read earlier somewhere that you actually use... roaccutan ( right spelled ?) And I'v heard pretty harsh things about that "medicin"... It made peoples skin VEEERYYY VERY dry.. and even their eyes!! But; as I can see from your pictures you have a GREAT skin, it's so pretty!!! I'm so jalous...

    well, my question is: Did you really take roaccutan? If yes, How bad was your skin before you thought about a so strong medicin as roaccutan ??? How long did it take before you could see results?? and are you still taking it?

    I rally hope you can answer some things, the acne really bothers me and I don't knw what to do T_T I've used massive amounts of money on products that either didn't work r even mad my skin brake out....

    SIncerly yours; Laila

  3. Happy Birthday! Miss Dior Cherie is a very nice scent~~

  4. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous present to buy for yourself, the packaging makes it come wrapped with a pretty bow! Dior makes great fragrances, I've been through several and keep switching up. ^_^;

    Sephora's eyeshadows seem pretty, are they as good as MACs?

  5. Werooh
    Thanks, I am enjoying it everyday :D

    Hello! Yes I was really taking roaccutane, (actually a medicine practically the same, with a different name and brand, mine was called IZOTEK, but it was the same thing). I was taking it from november 2009 to july 2010. I always kind of had acne, but never the really terrible kind all over face and back, but still I had acne, sometimes worse sometimes better. I took everything - creams, peelings, hormones, antibiotics, etc, etc... for so many years I was fighting acne with different prescribed medicine and it worked while I was on it, but when the theraphy was over acne was coming back... :/ And last year after coming home from a one year scholarship, suddenly my acne went really really bad, I don't know, climate change or sth?? But I went to see a dermathologist and she said there is this treatment, it is very hard on the body, but it works, and I said OK!

    It is really hard though. You could get depression, feel bad, you are constantly thirsty and dry, everything dries out, forget about wearing lenses, you won't even be able to put them into your super dry eyes - my eyes hurt every morning, because they were so dry when I woke up :/ Plus you can get a lots of other problems related to this medicine.

    But as far as acne goes, it worked and my acne is now 100% gone and so far no signs of it coming back. I think you should talk to a dermathologist and read people's opinions online, it is a medicine that is really tough on you.

    Thank you my dear! :) <33333

    Uhm, sephora eye shadows are definitely lower quality than MAC, but it also depends on the colro, some are really nice! I like the brown one for my eyebrows, I don't really use the beige one, it is too matte and chalky for my taste.

  6. I LOVE Miss Dior Cherie! I have the EDP and EDT, but couldn't bring them with me when moving because it had a puff sprayer instead of a regular one and kept spraying in the bag...

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your new fragrance!

  7. I got the same eyeshadows from Sephora France for my birthday ^^