Friday, November 12, 2010

CIRCLE LENS REVIEW: GEO Wing series Honey color

OK, I have a circle lens review coming up!
I find it hard chosing circle lens I`ll like, because I have gray & green eyes.... and all the reviews are on brown/black eyes... So, if you know someone with light eyes doing circle lens reviews, let me know! I know that Shmuberry does many great reviews on light eyes, also Bloomzy and Mitsu have some great reviews/photos of circle lens on green/blue eyes. I also really like Alanna`s reviews, even though she has gorgeous brown eyes.
But, if you know more light eyed reviewers, let me know! \(☆_☆)/

************** onto the review **************

Currently I have 3 pairs of cirlce lens at home. I ordered all from Honey Color, with my own money, so this is not a sponsored post! (I would like to do a sponsored post too, though, why not? :D). I think I will break the review up into 3 post, one for each pair I have. Here`s my tiny circle lens collection:

daylight - it gets dark arly here now (T-T)
The lenses are GEO Nudy (Gray), GEO Wing (Honey) and GEO Angel (Blue).

flash! Again: GEO Nudy (Gray), GEO Wing (Honey) and GEO Angel (Blue)

And daylight on my hand, top one is GEO Nudy (Gray), and the bottom left is GEO Wing (Honey) and bottom right is GEO Angel (Blue). As you can see, the GEO Angel BLue is completely opaque, while GEO Nusy looks almost see through and GEO Wing is 50% opaque.

I ordered all 3 pairs from Honey Color, the shipping was fast and I have no complaints - they changed their website and send out more notifications and the contact is much better than it was 1 year ago. I had only positive experience with them so far. With every order they send you a cute circle lens case too, and they offer those adorable travel cases (I got one with my beloved Rilakkuma!) and they also sell some fake lashes. Check them out. :)

************** GEO HONEY WING review **************
Promotion photo:

So I decided to post review for GEO Wing lenses in Honey (brown). The lenses can be used for 1 year and are original, made in Republic of Korea, approved by Korea Food & Drug Administration and have ISO 13485 certificate. Specs:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Those lenses also come with prescription available, which is great news to me, as I have -0,75 in one eye and -1,25 in the other (-_-`). I really really want to get GEO Wing in blue and green too, but they don`t come in optical power, ah sadness. I think I still want to get them, I almost never wear glasses and got used to seeing things a bit blurry anyway, lol. Onto the photos and more info:

This is my natural eye color in daylight, I have gray-green eyes, although in some light it looks a bit blue, but it`s not, really. Also, no makeup.

No makeup, natural daylight, GEO Honey Wing IN. There is no black rim around the lens, but it has a brown rim - it looks quite natural in person. More than dark strong brown, the color of Honey Wings is honey/warm yellowish brown, I find it very nice. Probably it would dark irises look brighter and really pretty. It gives me sth like natural light brown eyes. The inside of the color design on the lens is definitely desinged for darker eyes, but I still find them prety natural looking and they blend well with my eye color!

No makeup and flash. See how bright and light the color is? 

And the silly looking one in one out photo. YOU CAN CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS AND SEE BIGGER SIZE! This is with flash, in natural light they look more natural. As you can seethere is enlargement, but only slight, nothing too dramatic, but it makes your irises look bigger, therefore, your whole face and eyes cuter.

 And with makeup*:
Sometimes they give a really tiny halo effect, which I personally love.
*my makeup is just MAC Retroscpeck and Phloof! under eyebrow and Blacktrack gel eyeliner and L`oreal Telescopic mascara. ^^v

Oh yeah, I cut my fringe and have tiny pieces of hair all over my face (=_=``) Please ignore! 

And then whole face one in, one out, WITH FLASH:

Whole face, one in one out, no flash:
Daylight, it already started to get dark, sorry... BUT! See, it looks really natural! :)

GENERAL: I really really like those. They are very comfortable, I`d give them 8/10, sometimes I feel them, but I`ve worn them to work and going out, for the whole day and it was comfortable. I felt a bit uncomfortable at work, because I stare at a computer screen all the time and my eyes dry out fast, but otherwise, no problems. They give a small, natural enlargement and color. No thick black rim also makes them look more natural. The hole in the middle could be a little bit smaller or the blending more fitted to lighter eyes, but they still manage to look pretty natural in daylight/person. I would love to also get those in blue and green!!! <3
Overall, super cute circle lenses, definitely recommended if you want warm & cute brown eyes!
(On the left: GEO Honey Wing in candle light, lol! As I got a lot of IKEA candles that smell like vanilla cookies, nomnomnom... I prefer the candles over the cookies though!)

So, that is all!! I shall post reviews like this for GEO Angel Blue and GEO Nudy Gray soon. What photos should I add to my reviews? More info on sth would be nice? Let me know what you`d like to see in a good circle lens review and I`ll take it into consideration! ;))
Take care <333


  1. Wow ^^ i'm hurry to see pictures of you wearing the other lenses.

  2. hi! i'm new to your blog but i love it so far!!! i just got my geo blue lenses and I LOVE THEM!!! i also really like this review u did! You mentioned that there are no GEO blue lenses in powers. I'm pretty sure they do have them! Because I got my lenses in -4.50. try the site I buy mine from they have super fast shipping and they always send free gifts! anyway keep up the great posts


  3. Cuuute! Really love the last photo! I can tell you're wearing them. But not so much for the color but more for the enlargement! Love it on you even if you have light color eyes! Gorgeous :)

  4. Zabou - thank you! I`ll do my best to post all reviews soon :)

    Anya - I just checked, but Pinky Paradise only has GEO Wing series in green and blue in plano :I Sigh... but I really like them, so maybe I`ll try getting plano and wearing them with glasses - or just on their own, since I dislike glasses and often skip wearing them xD

    Dolce♥Bunny - Thanks! I am also wearing them here: I looove the delicate enlargement and the color. We always want to try sth we don`t have, in my case, brown eyes! :)

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )