Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Champale paint pots & other shopping :)


Phew! Had a busy week! Also had my younger sister sleeping over at my place on friday and saturday, that was fun! On friday after my work, we went to MAC so I could get the Champale collection paint pots I wanted! :D I didn't get a second lip gelee, because I already spent enough money on paintpots and one eyeshadow that day, but they still ahve them in stock, so I can get one later. :D Anyway, I wanted to post about those paintposts, photos, swatches and some initial thoughts!

 What I got: MAC Champale collection Paint Pots in colors: Vintage Selection, Let me pop and Dangerous Cuvee. But I always think the name is Let me Poop, ha! So stupid!!!! I didn't get Chilled on Ice, cecause it looked too golden and I didn't really like the color so much. I try to persuade myself that is money saving. XD As if I didn't just spend so much on 3 other paint pots, hhhhaaa------

let me poop  pop / retarded

And the paint pots in the jars. :) 
There is a lot of products in each jar! 
One costs around 70pln in Poland! D:

Vintage Selection in a pale beige color, universal and lovely!

Let me Pop is a copperish, orange-ish golden color, really lovely and warm and would add to warm shades of makeup! :)

Dangerous Cuvee is a metallic gray, would be perfect with cold toned eyeshadows!

In jars they don't look that sparkly. Now onto the swatches!

Swatches in natural light (no sun). They are shiny, but not overly sparkly, I am used to waaaay more sparkle & shine, so to me it is really moderate! More than glitter or shimmer, they just reflect the light andadd more depth, I dunno. I didn't really know what to expect, as I never had any paint poits from MAC before, so I'm on unknown territory here. Hmm, I bet they will look way more shimmery in sunlight though!

Swatches with flash - more shine! v(*___*)v Loves it.
On their own they do not stand out that much, pigmentation is moderate, but it does create a lovely, delicate effect! They can be worn alone or as eyeshadow base, and I wore them for 3 days already and as eye shadow base they work PERFECT. Nothing creases and the colors you apply to your eyelid stay vibrant and true all day long. It also adds some depth, with the delicate shimmer coming through from under your eyeshadows. :) They are hard, but they "melt" under my finger and the application to eyelid is very smooth, and in a second they dry up and stay on your eyelid all day. That's great. :)

Ingredients if someone's interested.

Also one FOTD, I wear neutral makeup like this for daily look. If I feel like it I just add more black eyeliner, lashes or glitter, but generally, I'm not a morning person, so that's as much as I'm willing to do before leaving for work. :P I used the Vintage Selection paint pot and my new MAC Tempting eyeshadow! :DD
before lipgloss so lips are yucky, sorry (T_T)

And I also bought 2 more things. L'Occitane's famous hand cream (around 27pln for 30ml) and a room/wardrobe scent from Body Shop, in Green Tea & Lemon, also around 27pln. (Don't remember). Smells really nice, not artificial and fake~ I also want to use it more in some places, to make my cat not walk there - cats hate citrus fruit smell. 8D *evil genius* lol
And that is all for now!
I also got MAC eye shadow in Tempting, but I will make a separate post about it, because I have completed a lovely neutrals/browns quad palette from MAC, so I'll show You all that. That is all, take care!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

STILA Barbie loves Stila eyeliners: swatches

Hello! Time to make a decent post!
My younger siste, with whom I sometimes exchange and corss-check (lol) various cosmetics, recently bought 2 gel eyeliners from Barbie loves Stila collection for Stila(V^-°)イエイ!Now it's nothing new, but it is new to us amd this brand is not available in Poland, so it's always fun to test something new! I haven't used it yet, but the blue eyeliner look gorgeous!! My sister tried them and wore them everyday for a week now and she says they stay in place and do not smudge, move around or disappear. The makeup lasts all day long! Which is a yay! 

The eyeliner pots next to miniature MAC pigment jar, from the Tartan tale collection, I got this pigment set as a Xmas present for my sister.  The eyeliner jar tops are holographic, so depending on the angle you are looking at the lid, the eye is open of closed! So it winks at you, with the Barbie eye!! XD Nice original touch, can be entertaining, I agree. ;D Also I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but Barbie's eye makeup on  the lid is in the color of the eyeliner in the jar, so it's easy to see which color you're picking from any side of the jar! :) Nice!
You can also watch a video review here: (not by me of course!! by a lovely youtube user)

Sis got eyeliners in little black dress, which looks like black, but has tons of aubergine sparkles, which makes it overall more purple-ish than black. The second one is my favorite, it's called cobalt clutch and looks fabulous, deep cobalt blue! (*___*) But I haven't tried it yet and my sister tells me it is not opaque when you apply it and you have to layer it... hmmm, not the best, but I can live with it I guess? I will be testing them soon!

little black dress

cobalt clutch

little black dress and cobalt clutch

Swatches on paper. Little black dress looks nothing like black honestly! 
I will try to maybe write some follow up notes on those when I use them, but for now that's the initial rview with my sister's thoughts.

And now some random EOTDs:

night out

daily :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Ahhhhhhh.... I have been missing in action for so long!! I'm really sorry! Real life was kind of killing me - I was busy and then I caught the worst cold ever, last week I was down with fever and had to take Thursday and Friday OFF WORK - but I didn't enjoy it at all, was half dead with fever, sleeping all the time, boohoo~ (T^T*) Now I'm feeling better, but all muscles still hurt sooo bad, haaa... Need to keep warm and take it slow and ZERO STRESS.... (;_; )

I'll reply to comments from previous post HERE!

☆⌒(*^∇゜)v ヴイッ Brunette's Heart Makeup 
Dzięki! Twój kolor włosów już jest piękny :D 
Jestem ciekawa, czy kupiłaś w końcu coś w MACu? Noi  gratuluję kanału na youtube!! :)

(=´∇`=) ニャン♪ Tasja
Thanks, I think winter is good for going darker :) JELLY magazine inspired me too. 

ヽ(*^。^*)ノ ワ~イ Maria
Słyszałam, że ten srebrny lakier z MACa jest gorszej jakości niż ten złoty, więc ja kupiłam tylko złoty.

v(⌒o⌒)vイエーイ Dolly
no need to be jealous, mine is already kind of fading, because it's only a 24 washes color, but even though I enjoy it, I'm thinking about a new colro this month. :) I looooooved your Diamond Lashes review!!!!!

ヾ(*^。^*)ノ いえぇ~い Jenny
thank you for the lovely comment. I think it did help already! But I want a new color this month! :D

\(*´∇`*)/ イエィ D-Tan
We're in touch through email - I will be getting those lashes like there's no tomorrow! 8D

ヽ(´▽`)/~♪ Jennifer ヽ(*^。^*)ノ ワーイ
Ohhh, Mac is almost 2 times more expensive here than in USA... OTL And they keep rising prices too - recently one lipstick was 69pln, but now it is over 70pln, I heard...? I know the tax in Poland went up from New Year, but.... my MAC!!!! Nooo~ D:
Sorry for being gone so long! (T_T)

ウホホ (o ̄▽ ̄)o(o ̄▽ ̄o)o( ̄▽ ̄o) ウホホ 
Chanel Hercegnő, Yumeko, Piperita Patty
Thank you all for the lovely comments! ^^*


So I didn't have the energy to update my blog, I'm really sorry! But I did pick the giveaway winners on 10th, just like I was supposed to! I used the website and here are the results! :D

1 Karisuma Gyaru
2 Irina
3 Leaa
4 Leaa
5 ID# 927187 
6 ID# 927187 
7 Grace Wong
8  Thifa
9 Monik
10 Monik
11 Alysiahh
12 Kiri

The winner is Thifa!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 

1 Brunette's Heart Makeup
2 MaryLinda
3 Adasama
4 Adasama
5 JeanneInes

The winner is Jeanne Ines!! Gratuluję!!

I will contact the winners by email and send out the prizes to them soon! Congratulations! :D I will announce what was included in the secret giveaway sets after they get it :DD

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome 2011! MAC Champale get & image change!

DON'T FORGET TO JOIN MY GIVEAWAY!!! (2 posts earlier!)
MAC Luxure lipgelee & MAC Soiree nail polish, fabulous <3

Hello everybody!
How is 2011 treating you so far? 
For me, it was rather depressing and tough, so I decided I need an image change, to change all the negative energy around me and start anew! And I dyed my hair dark brown with red reflects! Actually the color was called "maroon" and I dyed my hair myself. It is not a permanent color, but one that - in theory - washes away after 24 washes. And since I wash hair everyday, that would last me a month top? But in reality the color stays longer, and I will dye it again when it starts fading. Maybe then I'll try another kind of brown? Hum humm, so many posibilities to play around with hair. ;P When feeling not so hot, changing something about your look (hair color, hair style, buy new clothes, start a new habit or chalenge) is a really good way to change your attitude too. Here is my old and new hair!

BEFORE: old hair
Old hair, no color, no expression, all over meh~
(Pho for lunch with a friend! Vietnamese cuisine is sooo popular in Poland now!)

AFTER: new hair!
Is that maroon? Lol, oh the naming on hair color boxes, who can understand them? :P

And out with friends! My face is soooo round, lol! (T_T) 
Friend's faces hidden for privacy, right? :) I had so much fun! <3

And here's what inspired me to change the hair, JELLY 2011.02 issue!
You can see more dark hair from japanese magazines under this tag: 


Also, as soon as MAC Champale hit the stores in Poland (which was January 2nd) I run to get my hands on it! I really really wanted the paintpots, but for some reason they were delayed in transport and they had everything from Champale for sale EXCEPT the paintpots, ahh... but they are supposed to be in stores soon (maybe there already?), have to call and ask soon. BUT, I did get something! The Soiree nail polish (I fell in love with after seeing swatches at Tempalia and she recommended it as well) and one lipgelee, Luxure, wich is a super glittery clear gloss - ohh, I looove it!! I will get another one of those I think! See my pictures and swatches below!

Luxure gloss and Soiree nail polish

My nails were uneven, the nail polish applies even and easily, and those are jsut 2 layers, more than enough! I loooove this nail polish! Go get it, it is limited edition!

With flash, I looove the golden reflects, so pretty~

All the glitter in the lipgloss!
It is not overly sticky and stays on lips for a loooong time! It is not super moisturising on my lips though, so I always have to use lip balm or some kind of cream before I apply it - it just feels better. Also there is another one that looks almost identical to Luxure, but Luxure is more beige/golden/warm toned, while the other one is more white/pink/cool toned. Though they look almost identical in the tubes... oh well, I want to get it now after wearing Luxure for a couple days! 8D

And here are swatches on lips! It also looks wonderful over nudy lipstick, I like it on it's own, but it is also great over Cream Cup or Myth! :D

Ah, got to go and get the paintpots though! :D


Also, I want to recommend you two really great blog posts! First one by D-tan, whose blog is packed with great information and contents, but this post is just perfect: A beginners guide to gal style false eyelashes You must all go and read it! :D The second post I really loved was EAST MEETS WEST: LOUIS VUITTON X KYOTO by the ever so lovely Hana of Finding Tokyo. I love the colabo so much!