Thursday, November 29, 2012

Circle lens: GEO Berry Holic (XTRA) Brown review on green eyes

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Ahh, it`s so hard to find circle lens reviews on light colored (gray, green, blue) eyes! Before buying I want to know how opaque they are, if they blend well or just leave a huge hole in the middle. But often I have to refer to reviews on dark brown eyes, because there is nothing else. But fear not my light colored eye-friends! I review every pair of lenses I buy & recently, after a very long time I got new circle lenses!
I hope it`s helpful for blue/green/gray eyed circle lens fans. :D

GEO Berry Holic (XTRA) Brown

I got them from Eye Candy`s, for almost 24$ including shipping with took about 2 weeks. 
Brand: GEO / Origin: South Korea 
Water content: 38%  / Diameter: 15.0 mm 
Base Curve: 8.6  / Duration: 1 year disposable

I have only had them a couple days but I`ve been wearing them almost every day. They are comfortable and I don`t feel them in my eyes at all, but after a couple hours they do feel a little bit dry. (Best to use eye drops with those lenses). Design wise - I want definitely expecting something more opaque!! They are quite see through. But they also blend very well with my eye color, it`s almost impossible to tell where my iris ends and the lens color begin (that`s GOOD). They are bigger than my eye and give a bit of a halo effect. The ring around the lens is brown-black and not thick, reminds me of houndstooth - not my favorite part of the design, but I can live with it. ;) Overall, they remind me of GEO Nudy Grey circle lens style, so if you don`t like those and think they give "lizzard eye" effect, you probably won`t like GEO Berry Holic XTRA Brown either. (I love the nudy series effect!)

How they look on their own. Brown.

On my gray-green eye without flash. 
They don`t look brown unfortunately, maybe hazely-golden-greenish if you look really hard. XD

With flash. They blend perfectly with green eyes! But they don`t look brown. Poop.

My whole face (excuse the wet hair) in daylight (it`s winter so it`s not very bright).
You can click on the photo to see bigger size.

How they fit into my whole face, with flash. 

Overall, I must say I quite like them. They don`t give me the brown eyes I was hoping for. They have a more golden green look which is hard to describe for me. The enlargement is visible, but natural. The only unnatural thing is the halo effect with the houndstooth outer ring, but it`s not very thick or black, so still it can pass as semi-natural. They are comfortable and come with prescription (so I don`t have to wear my -1,5 glasses yay). I would say they are good for daytime circle lenses and also "dolly" look.

I hope you have enjoyed my review. ^^v

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

Hello my blog! XD

As you can see, I am on some kind of a unplanned hiatus, but I won`t give up my blog. 
Since I don`t really do anything fancy with my makeup, just the regular stuff, I will write about how I`ve turned into health "enthusiast", lol. I`ve been eating healthy and exercising since February and it only brought positive results! I feel healthier, more fit, happier. :D But I really got into sport and nutrition and try to collect as much information and try as many things as I can!

I bought myself spirulina as a supplement to fight winter blues. Because the days are getting shorter and darker, everything goes gray and it really affects my mood. I feel so unmotivated and uninspired. (T___T`) But, I`m doing my best to fight it!

What is spirulina? Here is some info from:

Spirulina is a single-celled, microscopic blue-green algae that is part of the cyanobacteria family. It grows in alkaline waters of South America, Africa and Mexico. Spirulina is grown for the marketplace by commercial processors who grow these it in vast water farms.
Spirulina is thought to contain every nutrient required by the human body, in near-perfect ratios. It is especially rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene and B complex, including B-12*** (not found in plant foods), and chlorophyll. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, carotenoids and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc. It is recognized to be the most complete food source known; no other food contains as many nutrients as spirulina. It has more beta carotene than any other food, ounce-for-ounce.
*** well I was told spirulina doesn`t contain any active in humans B12, so don`t buy it for that - if you are vegan get B12 supplements from the pharmacy, if you`re not, don`t worry :)

So, basically, it is healthy stuff and you can eat spirulina but also use it in skin care!
I am taking the tablets for a couple days now and I really do feel more energized after them! And today I made a face mask! Just mixed the powder with some water:
It is super dark green and.... smells like a pond. XD
As the mask dries it tightens on your skin. I washed it off with luke warm water and did a very light peeling with brown sugar and honey. Later I put on my The Face Shop Chia seeds lotion mixed with avocado oil (I use that every day). My face feels super soft, but it is a little bit red and feels a little bit irritated. I`ll have to see how it feels in a while, I hope that overall it will help. ^^` (PS. I had the mask 2 times now, I washed it off earlier and my skin wasn`t irritated. :))

You can also mix the powdered spirulina in smoothies and whatnot and eat it, but it`s easier to eat in tablets form, as it smells like a pond. 

The other thing I got interested in is aojiru, a japanese powdered drink made from kale or young barley. I looked into buying aojiru online, but it is expensive. And I`m not getting a super expensive juicer, because well, I don`t need it and I partially think it`s a fad - you can make green juices/smoothies with other machines too. Anyway, I found powdered young barley here in Poland, online, it is very affordable and practically the same thing as japanese aojiru! (on the right, made in Germany btw)

I was surprised to find it smeels a little bit like powdered green tea aka matcha. :O I will try to make some green desserts with it! :D The only negative thing is it doesn`t dissolve in water and you get this "sandy" feeling on your teeth. XD But I mixed it with orange juice in the morning and it`s completely drinkable :D

Generally I am eating super healthy and buying "real food" aka I don`t buy pre-made food, I cook myself (I always did, but I didn`t choose wisely, just ate anything). Take a look at my food now!
cherries, banana, kefir and young barley smoothie for breakfast, very tasty :D
shopping: kale, tofu, okra

and my recent meal: quinoa (under the veggies), sauteed onion, mushrooms and kale with fresh tofu and a dressing of soy sauce mixed with lemon juice (ponzu style) and the other side with sriracha :D

So are you taking care of your body? Have you tried spirulina? Do you think I already reached health-freak status? (LOL, I don`t think so, because I am a rational person and I think I do things in moderation www)

Oh,  Ialso do my best to move as much as I can: Want to be friends on endomondo and inspire each other? I love that app!