Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello hello! I am back with a new circle lens review - the promised one for GEO Nudy gray! :D
Here's a photo of other lenses I already reviewed: GEO Angel Blue (click for the review!) and GEO Wing Honey. Now it's time for the lens on top, GEO Nudy series in color gray!

I ordered those lenses almost 1 year ago from Honey Color, paid with my own money of course, so here are my honest opinions. A pair or Nudy Grays cost me 19,90$ and it came with prescription and a free lens case (regular clear type). Stock photo (they look different in every stock photo, I swear! they look completely different on me! :P hate photoshopped or unclear stock photos.... ) and more photos from another online store (which I never used btw):
The lens diameter is 14mm, but as you can see in the top photo, the color comes all the way to the border of the lens and the enlargement is rather big! However, there is no black rim (only a gray delicate rim), so the enlargement, though big, is still very natural!!! Also the lenses blend soooo well with light eye color!! Definitely one of the best blending lens for bright eyes with big enlargement effect!!! They also show up well on dark eyes as far as I can tell from onilne photos, on light eyes the marbled glass effect is not so strong, but they still look super gorgeous! <3333

Daylight by the window, no makeup, no flash. One eye in, one out.

Daylight, no makeup, with flash. One eye in, one out.

Both lenses in! Inside (artificial light), makeup and flash! As you can see even with flash my natural eye color is pretty much completely covered and the color change is more obvious with flash.... ahah, I kinda love this photo! (*_*)

Another characteristic point of GEO Nudy series is a big halo effect - if you look up or sideways, it will look like this. (Photo with flash). Some people don't like it, but I don't mind it, I must say I even like it a lot! <3

Now get ready for zoom photos! 
This is no makeup and during daytime in front of a window - so brighter light than usually during the day in different places. It still blends well in such bright natural light IMO! Also you can see how big the enlargement is and the halo effect too.

With flash, no makeup. The "hole" in the middle is smaller than in Geo Angel series or Geo Wing series and the blending is much much better for bright eyes!

With makeup in super bright daylight - by the window in winter. The eye becomes more reflective and looks like a marble, super cute & "dolly" effect!

And during daytime standing a couple steps inside the room, this is the most natural light imo, not looking up at the sky, but in a room lightened partially by daylight, partially by artificial light (lamp. In this natural light, the lens completely blends with my natural eye color....

So to sum it up: 
What I love about them? They come with prescription, blend with light eyes really well! Halo effect! Great enlargement! Super dolly and cute marble effect! Naturally change eye color! Comfort level is the best of all lenses I ever owned! 
What I hate about them? I only have one pair that I'm supposed to throw away in 2 months top (used it almost a year now, boohoo). I want more colors and also want to try the GEO Super Nudy series like whoa! <333
Overall, I LOVE them!!!! 10/10

I will leave you with some FOTD photos! Taken today in the morning at work, lol, I am wearing a warm blouse to work because it is snowing all the time and it was -10c degrees in the morning, and -18c degrees yesterday! Haa~ So cold! But I love it! Anyways!

Directly in front of a window, snowy winter morning 8 am, no flash of course.

Just before leaving for work and seeing a friend before that, it was still dark, so photo with flash!

And during daytime in daylight with flash again.

Overall, those are my favorite circle lenses so far and I really do recommend them for people with green, gray and blue eyes! This is a circle lens design that looks great on both dark and light eyes, the blending inside the design is also perfect... cannot praise them enough. In my personal opinion, GREAT LENS!


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  1. I really love the halo effect it has with your eyes!! I always steered away from the nudy series because I thought the design looks a little distorted with darker eye colors. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE how they look on your eyes though. *_*

  2. they look so cute on you!

  3. I'm agree with Dolly, i have ever try the nudy serie and it's not pretty on my dark eyes but on your eyes it's so beautifull ^___^ <3

  4. It looks amazing on your eyes!

  5. this comment may be late but the fact that you wear circle lens AND have lovely, natural green eyes is such a rare treat to find, online. gray looks amazing on you!