Sunday, June 20, 2010

blue: nail polishes and cloudless skies

Ahh, I am back from work trip! It was a lot of fun, but also long 4 days! You know how even not sleeping in your own bed makes you tired..? Even if a trip was fun, it was also work at the same time! :) I absolutely loved Wroclaw though, such a beautiful city! I need to visit it again and go sighseeing more :) It is in south-west Poland.

interesting sculptures! they are on the other side of the road too! 

The weather was wonderful too. 

I came back home to a pleasant surprise - my eBay nail polish order arrived while I was away! I got 2 OPI nail polishes, 2 China Glaze polishes and one top coat Seche Vite - I heard it is good, so I wanted to try! :D

The colors I got are:

- OPI, Princesses Rule! a sheer sparkly pink
- China Glaze, Temptation Carnation, peachy beige with pearl shine to it
- OPI, Russian Navy, deep navy blue with pink/purple tiny glitter, which is not too visible on nails, but I loooove this color!
- China Glaze, For Audrey, which is a gorgeous pastel mint color <333 it is a dupe for CHANEL`s Nouvelle Vague
BTW, I saw summer CHANEL nail polishes today and they totally have a color like OPI Russian Navy in the collection, double score! 8D Later had sushi with mom and sister. BTW, I need to catch up on mode gyaru posts on Universal Doll! <33 And all the blogs! :D 

Pretty colors! :D

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  1. HHAHAHA We have the same China Glaze nail polish! After seeing that minty blue For Audrey I had to jump on it and get it ♥

    Lovely pics as always and thanks for the mention. ♥♥♥♥♥