Tuesday, June 8, 2010

work outfit and new fake lashes! and some other stuff! I got Duraline!

I think I never posted an outfit here and I`m not sure I want to or should, but here`s an outfit from today actually!  :0 I took this in the bathroom, sorry ;) On bottom I wore office friendly black shorts from ZARA and black opaque stirrups - I am not a fan of ass almost showing and leggings only, especially on ON days. D: Nice ZARA shorts are safe and look good too! The long top and the jacket are from VERO MODA, the necklace is Lip Service, the glasses are knock off huge ass Ray Bans.

Sorry for the face. Just simple makeup with no fake lashes and the lightest shade from VISEE Brillliance Eyes A-2 palette and MAC Phloof! (I bought my first MAC eyeshadow ever, omg!!) Myth lipstick and Sugarrimmed dazzlegloss on lips. Doesn`t show in this photo, but KATE blush called Cheek Color in PK-1 - really great for the dolly pink cheeks, like Tsubasa has. And that topped with MAC Porcelain Pink mineralize skinfinish which I looooove, it gives a perfect pink glow! <3 

Also, after seeing a post by Shmuberry about fake lashes from eBay (I swear there was another post, I just can`t find it) I ordered winged cat-eye type lashes and simple cross type lashes, but quite full and volumey. Of course they are the famous eBay lashes for about 2,5$ including shipping. xD Here are some photos and also comparison with MAC #7 lashes!
cat-eye type lashes

natural cross type lashes
natural cross type / cat-eye type / MAC #7 (sorry got to clean them)
length-wise the MAC lashes are the most curled and they are quite long, but because of the strong curl the length is about the same as the eBay lashes.
View from the side, to show lenght
The MAC lashes have the softest band and lashes, but honestly the eBay lashes are not bad either! And you get 10 pairs for 2,5$, which is hard to believe, and it also means you don`t regret cutting them up into all kind of custom lashes and experimenting. The cat-eye type would be perfect cut up and used as point lashes in the outer eye corner for a sultry look! 8D

I also bought the famous Duraline from INGLOT - a fluid that help you create waterproof products - mostly recommeneded for use with eyeshadows to make liquid & waterproof eyeshows or eyeliners! Here I use a blue eyeshadow from my 88 shadows palette from eBay with Duraline to make a cool blue eyeliner! Applied it with a brush :) Then I added some Urban Decay sparkling glitter eyeliner and cat-eye fake lashes! I think I will wear this for a party or sth, colored eyeliner are cool for summer, right? And now I can make any eyeliner color I want! 8D Duraline is only 19pln, so cheap! 8D Will make another post about it.
The wonderful, beautiful and talented (and young! she just graduated high school) polish beauty blogger Alex already made a post about Duraline from INGLOT, so check it out if you are interested! Here is the post. But also check out her blog, her makeups are amazing! I wish I had a tiny percent of this talent! <3

Also, sorry for the super long post, but here are makeup and beauty inspirations:
Super cute pink lips on Tsubasa, found at Universal Doll blog! <3

Awesome blue eyeline/eyeshadow on Maichi! :D Found at PinkSugarIchigo tumblr!


  1. DZIĘKUJĘ :*:*:*:*:*:* za tak miłe słowa! I kurcze, jak będę miała kasę to kupię te rzęsy z ebaya, bo mam niedosyt rzęs xP

  2. Yay! I just received more ebay lashes yesterday too!

    From which seller did you get the cat eyes one?

  3. I bought these eyelashes, too! LOL.

    Your blue eyeline look is mighty tempting...

  4. Alex - no problem, I love your blog and think you are super talented! I want more people to know you :D Kup kup!! 8D I rob makijaze z rzesami - zobaczysz, wkrecisz sie w rzeso-manie! (BTW, wybacz, ale nie mam polskich literek na komputerze w domu) ^^

    Shmuberry - I saw your post! :D It made me buy those xD I got them from a seller called "caistore2010", they arrived in about 2 weeks. ^^

    Therese Jane - Oh yay! Fake lash twins! ;D I will wear a more subtle blue eyeliner look for a regular day look too :D love it

  5. awwww your upclose pic of your face is so pretty! <3 i love those glasses and lipgloss on you! i really like the outfit too <3

    duraline sounds great - i would like to try that out with my 88 palette.. i love the photo of your eye makeup with the blue shadow..

    thanks for your picture comparing the lashes - i might have to try ebay! ;D

  6. That outfit is so lovely - you should post more! I wish I could figure out a way to get Tsubasa's lip colour - my own lips are too red!

  7. You have the same glasses I buyed from Seppälä! Yay, now I'm not the only one who looks like a cute nerd♥