Friday, June 4, 2010

new hair

I got an image change! 
I changed my hair color, basically, lol. And the weird thing is noone even notices! :o My friends were like "Oh, did you cut your hair?", "No, I went from blonde to brown hair", "Oooooooh, now I see! Wow I didn`t notice!"
Hahah, oh well.
At least I can wear red lipstick now (I am wearing my mom`s Cream in my coffe from MAC)! I am also wearing MAC #7 fake lashes in those pictures is you are curious. (Missha oriental herbs bb cream with some mineralize skinfinish natural powder in medium)

Some real life stuff? Thursday was a day off here in Poland and I got friday off too, so I can enjoy a long weekend! <33 Unfortunately I caught a cold on wednesday, as a sudden rain storm got me all wet in a couple second - I didn`t even have time to take out my umbrella from my bag - it was raining so hard. D:
But, I am still so happy about my long weekend! I went to see SATC2 with a friend and korean restaurant, yum yum... the movie is hmm fun in the beginning, but it`s kind of like they forgot to make up a proper plot ;) Today I had to go to see a doctor and do some chores, and cleaned the house, made dinner for my sister and booked a train to Gdansk - I am going to spend Saturday and Sunday by the seaside in Poland!!! :DDD Overnight train by myself, omg. Wish me a happy weekend and I hope you have a great one too <333 I hope my cold goes away! I am taking my maxi dress to the sea side! <3
I leave you with one more shot of my mug ;p


  1. So beautiful! It's a very elegant look I think. And those lashes are...WOW! Now I see what all the fuss is about!

  2. I'm liking the brown! Really brings drama too your look. :]

  3. Your brown hair is really pretty and I love how you texturized it! I love the way it's cut, too! I'm always hiding my eyebrows, but I think your cut shows off your eyes really well.

  4. This new color really makes your eyes pop!

  5. Hello my friend! I love your hair style and your blog!! Will you follow my blog too?? PLEASE! I will be an honour to receive your comments
    Kisses from Spain,

  6. Hahah, omg, thank you Everybody for the lovely comments, I didn't expect them! <3333 Loooove! I am still getting used to it, in my head it looks a bit darker than in real life, apparently xD Need to work on a nice tutorial for you all, or sth ;D

  7. Yes, dear! :) We can order those rings online (expect for F21).
    You look lovely!!!