Tuesday, June 15, 2010

first MAC eyeshadow in my collection! and sea side~

Hey guys! Long time no blog! ^^*
I found this amazing store in one underground passage in Warsaw, where they sell so many cute shoes and they are cheap! 8D Those were 75pln, which is around 23usd! :D They were also liked by guys xD I will get some flats from there too. Secret shoe store :)

Cosme news, last time  I went shopping I also bought Duraline from INGLOT and used it once to create a dramatic blue eyeliner look, and once to make a more subtle day time look, lighter blue under bottom lashes. :) It lasted all day and looked cute - w with something like Duraline, I can have tons of colored eyeliners in one product (well, two, including th 88 shadow palette or other eyeshadow).
My previous haul, eBay lashes, Duraline from INGLOT and my first ever MAC eyeshadow, PHLOOF! and a palette, because it turns out it is cheaper to get the eyeshadows without the plastic and the palette. :o Unfortunately, the 3 empty spaces invite you to buy more more more MAC shadows, which is bad bad bad...! xD But I was passing by a MAC store today and literally covered half my face and eyes with a hand and did a 180 turn and made myself not even go inside, because I know I would buy SOMETHING, even if I don`t need anything specific now. ;)

BTW, if you don`t want to buy a MAC eyeshadow in the plastic box, they come in flat paper packaging like this. ↑↑↑ It is already magnetic so it just jumps into the palette and stays there. Probably it would also fit into onther palletes as well. ^^*

The eyeshadow, PHLOOF!, is what the Makeup Artist showed to me when I asked for a highlighter - it has a bit of shimmer to it and is really natural and works so well! I love the quality of this eyeshadow. The color too.  In the pan it looks like frosted beige kind of color, I asked if this wasn`t too dark?, but the colro is just perfect. :) 
The ingriedients.

I am going on 3 day long kind of delegation, first time on such a long delegation with most of my coworkers... D: I think it will be fun, but it will be work, in new enviroment, omg, wish me luck! I bought a new OL friendly skirt to give myself more good energy. xD (Right, I did it because I had free time on my hands xD I need a boyfriend to stop me from compulsive shopping xDD)

In the mean time, here are some photos from when I went to the Polish sea side, earlier this month! :D

we took this ride xDD super fun and a tiny bit scary xD
going to the sea side was sooooo relaxing <3333


  1. such amazing shoes, and for $23usd! great deal! i had no idea it was cheaper to purchase mac eyeshadow by itself without the plastic and palette.. i will think about that the next time I decide to purchase mac eyeshadow.. that highlighter shadow ploof is a fabulous shade, reminds me of that one I use to have that was mac also. But I forgot the name!

    beautiful sea side pics! i can't wait to go back out on the water =)

  2. Your photos as always are amazing! Now I'm stuck really wanting to get that eyeshadow palette and fill them all up. One day, one day >_<♥

    Ahhh the sea, I wanna go! The weather is perfect for it here ♥

  3. Love the shoes!What a gorgeous colour,i'll have to add that to my wish list aswell as that Duraline:)