Friday, October 29, 2010

INGLOT mini haul - lip gloss (swatches & review) and nail polish

Hello everybody!
Yesterday while waiting for a friend, I just went to kill some time in INGLOT and only get 1 (ONE) orange-red nail polish. Well, that was the plan anyway.... ;) 

After 15 minutes I came out with those new things. :D

Nail polishes * 3 and Lipglosses *2. 

All of those things were 19pln each, which is around 6,5USD each (when 1$ = 2,8pln). Here in Poland INGLOT is a really affordable brand with quite good quality. :) I hear especially their customised eye shadow palettes are popular, but I have yet to try them. For me, the best thing from INGLOT is definitely the nail polishes, great choice of color and great quality, they also come out with seasonal collections. Overay yay. :D The red one is the orange-red I wanted in the first place. It is red, but with orange undertones, not pink-red, red-red nor dark-red, orange-red, like a ripe tomato :D I am wearing it today and I love it. The pink one is just cute and the brown is from their new mini collection of 3 brown shades. Nice and autumn-ish, right? I will post swatches after I try all the colors on.

Those are INGLOT's lipglosses called "sleeks", in small, chemical laboratory like packaging. They have 6ml of products, a twist of top and a doe applicator. I would say those are MAC's cremesheen type glosses, glossy but also have a nice color payoff.

#97 and #96

#97on lips and my FOTD today

flash / no flash

Also I am wearing "My dark magic" from MAC's Maleficient, Venomous Villains collection on my eyes :D Sorry, I am so tired today... (=_=') I really love the eyeshadow, but it creases on me a lot :x Help?

OVERALL: I think the gloss is cheap, has funny packaging and a nice selection of colors. Color payoff is good, it smells great (like cotton candy!) and the color 97 one is a perfect strawberry milk kind of color for cute makeup, helps create a nudy lip like Tsubasa often has. I would say it is a cheaper alternative to Matsuwaka Tsubasa's new lipgloss line or MAC's Cremesheep glosses, and with the color 96 one you can achieve a look like this:
(images source: Matsuwaka Tsubasa's blog)
(Ah, so adorable~ I want long hair back too! ^^*)
One MINUS is definitely: it doesn't stay on lips too long, but with that nice smell reapplying is actually OK! (^_^*)/ So, this is my first time ever trying out INGLOT's lip gloss and for the price it is quite good. I like the cute candy colors and the smell and the price. (For example one MAC cremesheen gloss costs 5 times more than this INGLOT gloss here in Poland! (X_x'')) They could have better lasting power, but it's not that bad. I really want to try out Tsubasa's gloss line next though! :D Any reviews online??

*****   *****   *****   *****   *****

Some other things I saw recently for your viewing pleasure:
in a fruit/veg stand I pass on my way to work every day :D

Poniatowskiego bridge over Wisła river in Warsaw, I go from one side to the other everyday
Also in the background you can see the Warsaw National Stadium in construction for EURO2012! Cannot wait!

This is way down south the river in Warsaw. When I was visiting my friends. :D 
So autumn-y! We will have a  summer --> winter time change this weekend. I hope I don't forget!


  1. Interesting review, I never saw Inglot before though. Will look them up!
    Not a review but I use two of Tsubasa´s glosses and they are actually better than I expected them to be. (Not a fan of Gyaru models produced stuff normally) Nice textures, colors, easy to apply and keeps up relatively well.^^

  2. I love the price of Inglot! I got an undereye concealer from them and it disappointed me BIG TIME :( i wish i had access to it locally (now i moved) so i can try out the other things!

  3. i really love INGLOT! there aren't so many stores in North America, i think so it's not well known at all... there was only one store in my hometown...

    i'll agree with you that the nail polishes are really good, and please let me rave about the eyeshadows! they do specially "high pigment" eye shadows, which means that the color is really strong! and they have ALL the colors you could want! (i once wanted a bright yellow one and couldn't find any good one anywhere, and they had 3!) they are a lot more expensive back home though than they seem to be for you :( going to inglot was always a special treat! :p

  4. I like the lip gloss, that one with purple hue! It looks good on you too. I'm sure my sister would like to try this one. She's so addicted to anything beauty-related. I'm so happy with the results of her liposculpture (Los Angeles) treatment last month. My parents were so happy when she visited us here in Los Angeles. Breast augmentation, perfume products and makeup are the first things she shared to me upon her arrival at home.

    Thanks for the swatches, Mada! The post is so inspiring!

  5. OMG, those inglot lipglosses! they got the cutest packaging ever! like chemical vial < I want it badly, thanks for posting about it <33

    btw, don't forget to join my CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^