Monday, October 18, 2010

M.A.C Venomous Villains collection! Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos rock!

I went to Sephora recently and omg! I want the Dior mascara base, it looks amazing~ Also the black/sparkly silver smoky eye palette looks amazing! (Even though it's nothing new or surprising, it just looks soooo pretty.... ahahah, I should not go to Sephora (=_=''))

But, dum dum dummm!!! MAC Venomous Villains went on sale in Poland!!! (3 weeks ago! LOL) I was just too busy to visit MAC. D:

I managed to get 2 MAC's Mineralized Eye Shadow Duos from Venomous Villains collection though! <333 I love them! :D I actually had no time to go to MAC even, so I asked my friend to get me those. But when she went, they only had My dark Magic left! Oh no! In an attack of madness, I quickly purchased the She who dares, blue/green one from eBay! eBay if more expensive than regular MAC price of course, but while the regular price for this in USA is 21$, here in Poland it's more like 30$! So paying around 32$ including shipping from USA through eBay did not seem that crazy to me. (Ecept that I should buy things I really need, not another cosmetic lololol)

direct sunlight

in (kind of) shadow

I got a very dark one with this one, too bad... but I still like it!
Overall, they are well pigmented, look amazing applied wet (so intensive) and are great for a smoky eye, or I use them as bottom eyeliner :D I will be uplaoding eye looks with those soon!

I also repurchased Vitacreme B12 and I love it so much, life saver.It really makes skin look and feel much better in 1-2 days! I really recommend it!


  1. Aw man, I keep hearing good things about these shadows, really want them >o< Really love how pigmented they look!

  2. Gorgoues,I kinda wish I'd got theses but I've spent far too much recently on make up anyways:O so i only picked up the polishes:)

  3. DOLLY
    They are really nice, but no worries, MAC will come out with something like those in a moment. :D Last year they had dark mineralized eye shadows in the Style Black collection, this autumn it was venomous villains... judging by how popular those were, we can expect more next year :D

    Oh man, don't tell me, I've spent too much on everything XDDD I should not be spending money on MORE eye shadow, but oh well... 8DDDDD