Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FOTD, BLENDA and Saki Namba inspired!

So yesterday after work I felt like moderately active, so I cleaned my whole apartament (even scrubbed the bathroom floor!!lol), worked out (and if you want some crazy pain in your butt try doing this:

OMG, this woman is insane!!! XD Of course I wasn't able to do all the excercises, but I tried and then I did her other videos too. And gave myself a sore butt. XD Anyways.

After cleaning the apartament and doing pilates for 40 minutes, with my crazy cat (oh, did I write it here, I got a cat! :D) jumping all over me thinking I"m playing with him, I cut my bangs and today in the morning the good active mood was still ON and I put in my new circle lens (reviews coming up!) and even fake lashes, gave myself nice makeup and went to work! :D
So here's the FOTD!
Makeup is: face Missha Perfect Ciover bb cream in #21 mixed with some Revlon Photo-ready foundation (don't remember the color) and Missha powder to finish it. Then Revlon blush in #6 (orange, maybe naming here is different, cause I bought it in Japan, sorry).

Fake lashes are lashes like this, cheap from eBay, cut, so I only use the ends with more volume! Eyeshadow is MAC's Retrospeck and Woodwinked on Canmake Shimagelic Eyes #Sugar Milk Tea as base. The lipstick is MAC Viva Glad Cindi Lauper! :D

And the lens are GEO Wing in brown/olive (naming is different?). Without flash it looks more natural and I really like them! :D Good for green eyes too! :D

And since it is very cold, I wear a hat! It's a cheap H&M pink hat with a H&M feather accessory I added on a whim. :) What is your autumn style??

BTW, it is really autumn here in Poland now!

And presenting my cat, his sleeping positiong is... very strange... xDD His name is Noko. :D


  1. Wow you sound super active, I wish I had all the energy. XD & omg, love your cat!! *WANT* <3

  2. jeju, jaka cudna kicia <333
    aż zatęsknilam za moimi (czterema :P), które zobaczę dopiero w piątek.

  3. Awww, what a lovely kitten! Greetings from Lithuania.