Sunday, October 31, 2010

FOTD: Halloween Makeup LIGHT

Yesterday I went to some Halloween party at a club, turned out it was a goth party and my and my friend dressed in all white laboratory coats XD Under the coat I just wore a mini dress and high heels and my makeup looked like this:

I kind of wish I could just wear funny clothes and do crazy makeup if  I feel like it every day... :D
Then I added circle lens and come cut up fake lashes, I also did makeup on my friend, putting tons of fake lashes on him was sooo much fun xD But anyway, just went in for a couple hours, spent some time and went home early - going home today, to see parents. 

I really like small curls :D

 I used She Who Dares MAC Mineralized eye shadow for the eye line, and Urban Decay`s glitter liners.
 After homing home it was still all in place
Happy Halloween!


  1. Gorgeous make up! Really like the glitter! How I wish you put a pic of your friend with lots of lashes :D haha

  2. Oooh~ Lovely makeup!! I agree, I want to wear crazy makeup whenever I want without people caring XD

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  4. Kara
    Thank you! :D

    well.... here he is xDDD It's hard to see, but he has really full volume lashes on top eyelid! XD He kept saying he looked like fallen k-pop star and couldn't remove the makeup at home XD

    I know right?! Maybe we should e some sort of artists or performers who can just do what they want. xD

    Pearly, OMG omg OMG!!! Cannot believe! Thank you sooooooo much, I am so excited and happy now!!!!!! <3333333333 Email sent! :D Lova ya'lls!

  5. oo I like this - the glitter eyeliner came out really well!

  6. nice make up how about your coat is that a lab coat medical? with nerdy glasses you look like an anime doctor so cute!