Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WELEDA skin care: Skin Food cream and IRIS moisturising cream

Some pics from my life recently:
went to karaoke and korean/japanese restaurant with friends, I love sashimi, so I had 회덮밥 (huetoppab) a.k.a. raw fish and vegetables (salad, cucumber, etc.) to which you add rice and hot sauce  and mix it all and eat it! Yumyum! This is my 회덮밥 before mixing it with rice and sauce :) If you want to get hungry google the korean name of the dish!

Random coffe around midnight, perfect time for a coffe, right?

In the ceter of Warsaw, I spotted a weird egg-shaped object. When you look inside it has some animated scenes and it seems to be sth about ecology and natural energy living. But people squatting and looking into the little holes in the egg look just really funny xD Like they are asking to get slapped on their behinds ;)

In cosme news, I repurchased the loved and hated WELEDA Skin Food cream (75ml). And while I was at it, I also got another WELEDA cream, Iris Moisturising cream (30ml).

I was surprised at the size of the Iris cream, because it was more expensive than the bigger Skin Food cream and I haven't read the auction description good enough, apparently. It was $14.25. The Skin food cream was $11.07. I got them from eBay and they arrived very fast (3 days) by airmail from UK. :)

What I like about the Skin Food cream is:
-all natural ingriedients, organic, never tested on animals, no parabens, etc.
-simple packaging
-I can use it to soften my hands and feet and elbows, but it also works great on face, I can put a really thick layer of this of this cream on my face at night and in the morning my face looks just healthy and nice
What I don't like:

- THE WEIRD SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells like citrus-y, kindof like grapefruits, but the smell is soooo so strong :X I can deal with it, because the cream works nice, but I really don't like it. At least it could be less harsh, more delacte, but no, it is real strong and pretty terrible D: oh well...

"how to use"

The Moisturising Iris cream is a different story. First of all, I was surprised, because it was more expensive than I expencted. (my bad) The smell is not so opressive, but there is still a smell. The cream is more watery and not as thick, absorbs really fast and well, skin just drinks it all up in second! I used it under my makeup today in the morning, and my face is not oily nor sticky, it feels quite good and works well with makeup. I will be using it and we'll see if I repurchase.



kinda small!! 30ml only! D:

Natural cosmetics, so tempting though....  Do you think about using natural cosmetics? Do you use Weleda myabe? Any opinions?


  1. do you know the french brand Nuxe? it's really good and they are natural cosmetics. i love them. kinda high end though so probably more expensive than you want to pay... but i love the honey-scented hand cream and the one for dark circles under the eyes.... oh, and they have this "firming cream" that is amazing... i used to have really flabby arms with stretch marks cuz i lost a bunch of weight in the past, and i used it on my arms and there was seriously a HUGE difference after i'd been using it for about a month...

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I've never heard of that brand before! I will definitely check it out.

    If sth is good I don't mind paying the price :D I was just surprised with the price of this cream, becase I didn't even read the eBay description carefully, lol, my mistake.

  3. I really love using natural products! (especially if they are ones that work. lol) I like to think that putting makeup/creams/washes/etc made from plants is better for my skin (and the environment) than chemicals. unfortunately, not all natural products work as well as the traditional kinds and so I can't always win xD I guess having a balance of products is the best anyone can do.
    I've changed up my face wash routine with products from LUSH ( and while I like them, I have yet to see what difference they make on my oily/acne prone face :[

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