Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing blog parts from japanese fashion brands!

Just a quick post, with amazing blog parts!! LOVE★⌒ヾ( ̄〓 ̄ヾ)
I just found them through Matsumoto Ena's ameba blog, but there are calendars and watches for your blog or website, but they also feature your favorite brand's latest collection and catwalk coordinates! Wow!! I love this!

The blog parts come from a website called RUNWAY channel , a website with fashion shows videos, blogs and online store - and apparently a handful of brands moved their official websites and web stores there! Lets look at the blog parts! You can get them HERE, I pasted them into this entry and also included links to brands' official websites and online stores for your convenience. o(@^‐ ^@ )O
*** BUT BE CAREFUL! Clicking those links might lead you to a fabulous fashion k-hole and induce a "fashion shopping lust" overdose coma! XD Trolololo! XDDD***
Of course there are more that one online stores selling those brands, if you want to see what other stores are selling just google "(brand name) 通販", and you will get a list of online stores selling the brand you are looking for. ^^* Well, am I not a helpful gal, hohoho~ lol!

Anyway, here are the blog parts / gadgets!
Deciding which one I want is tough!
Which one will your get?

MERCURY DUO blog gadget (official website / online store)

MURUA blog gadget (official website / online store)
(This is Ogihara Momoko's mode brand)

dazzlin' blog gadget (official website / online store)
This brand is just too cute! Lena from Vivi often wears it!

Laguna Moon blog gadget (official website / online store)
Ahh, I love their city-adapted ethnic style... (*_*) 

and last but not least! Matsumoto Ena's fabulous brand:
EMODA blog gadget (official website / online store)

And btw Ena is on April 2011 JJ cover and she's making me want to buy that magazine!!
Which I am not sure I should be getting, because I jsut placed a huge joint order for boks and magazines and will soon be getting all this from amazon.co.jp: 
合格できる日本語能力試験N1, 日本語能力試験予想問題集 N1 , 乙一 暗黒童話, 乙一 死にぞこないの青, 嶽本 野ばら スリーピング・ピル, サキ短編集, 蘭 竹西寛子自選短編集, 短編復活, ボクベン, 名短篇、ここにあり, 日本人の知らない日本語2, Voce 2010.11, うりひゃー!沖縄, 全国方言スラスラブック, 星 新一 妄想銀行, 黒執事1, 黒執事2, Popsister 2011.03, JELLY 2011.03, Popteen 2011.03, shoxxx 2011.03, ranzuki 2011.03, tanki master N5, scawaii 2011.03, blenda 2011.03, Fools MATE 2011.03, 日本語能力試験N4・N5 o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく
XD But only the bold titles are for me... But I will get to touch and read all of them before passing them onto the people in the order... (*___*)
Also found a second hand english langueage bookstore near my work place and bought 2 books yesterday :D But I still want this JJ! (>_<*)


  1. lol coool!! do they sell second hand jap mags too?

  2. Do you mean http://www.amazon.co.jp/?
    Because that's where I order my Japanese magazines and books. They also have a second hand book market, but amazon shipping is free in Japan, while the second hand book market you have to pay the shipping fee, because it is sent from a private seller. :D But you can get great deals and buy sold out books for 100yen! :D

    But since amazon.co.jp has ridiculous shipping fees (and only offers EMS), I always order through a shopping service, who gets the books for me and ships it any method I request! (I use this shopping service http://www.i-tm4u.biz/)

  3. omg you're such an expert!! i'm still figuring how to use such services say , when i want to order from the US!

    :) btw would love to do a swap with you! Let me know if you feel like doing one!

  4. omg ena looks so gorgeous...If only I could pull off such a bright lip color like that ;_;

  5. What a cover O_O I never want to buy that magazine , but it's got me looking too XD love this blog . You run ggggal.tumblr ? So very nice to meet you ♥ ♥ XOXO .