Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello my dear readers!   \(*´▽`*)/

I bring you another circle lens review and my first post in February 2011. (*´ー`)
Remember, you can click on all photos to see bigger versions! o(^-^)oワクワク
I was waiting for those lenses for a looong time, because when I ordered they were out of stock, but finally they are here and I LOVE THEM! (Sidenote: Funny, but all the time I thought I ordered Neo Vision Dali Extra Green, so when they arrived for a second I was mad and thought "all this waiting to get the wrong lens!!! HARUMPF!!", but I checked my order history and turns out I was ordering those from the beginning.... ahh, dementia... I`m already getting too old for this (>_<```), lol!)

Anyways! I ordered G&G GBT Green circle lens from Pinky Paradise (my first order from them). The service and communication was really good and I have no complaints. They informed me very fast that the lenses I wanted went out of stock and asked if want a refund or other lenses, but I chose to wait for re-stock. As soon as they got it, they sent my order my way and informed me by email. The lenses arrived in about 10 days, wrapped in layers of cute pink foam, very safe. I also got a free random lens case, this time it was pink hippos 8D

The lens in lens container. 

Those lens are very veeeery natural looking on the eye - most people don`t even notice I have lenses on in normal light. In flash photos or in super bright light the green color gets more bright and intensive, so that some people might notice it`s fake, but honestly, most people don`t lol! (I think mostly people who have a very good eye for details or people who wear color lenses themselves notice, others are rather... not observant enough? ;P )

One lens in, no flash. (no makeup, but I rubber my eyes and turned out there was some makeup still left... OTL) It blends with my natural eye color perfectly and gives some enlargement, but there is no black rim and it`s not fake looking and not really dramatic. Which I like. Super natural circle lens, yay!

One in, with flash! You can see in flash photos the color get brighter and more obvious, but it still looks natural, doesn`t it?! Those are amaaaaaazing lenses if you want color change and some enlargement, but natural looking. IMO, those are perfect for daily use, school, work, bring it on! :D

Makeup and flash, both lens in. :D This is after a whole day, so a little bit of eyeliner in the inner corner of my eye is gone... :I But I am wearing japanese fake lashes from Donki I got from my friend Mika (who now lives in Warsaw, Poland, but has an amazing japanese fake lashes stash 8D) - ah, those lashes are soooooooo good! Super natural, but make eyes pop! <333 Definitely getting those lashes!

There is no noticeable halo effect.

MAC Woodwinked and Donki lashes. :)

COMFORT: 10/10 (but this is my personal experience, might be different for you) Those lenses are super comfortable. I don`t feel them in my eyes at all and there is no drying out all day long. Wore them to my baito and forgot I even had them in, wore them for 10 hours, no problems at all. Perfect for daily use! Also, I have bad eyesight (around -1.00 in each eye), but I never wear glasses, so most of the time I see everything blurry, cause right now I don`t even have regular lenses, but I got those in prescription and now I have not only bigger, greener eyes, but also I see everything clear! XD It is such a bummer when great looking lenses don`t come with correcting power... but these do, which is why I love them more! :D
DESIGN: 10/10 Blends so well with my original eye color, not only because it is green, but because of the design! There are clear spaces between dots of green and black, so the original eye color shows trough and I am sure it would blend lovely on any eye color! Also I think these are especially perfect for light eyes, as there is no brown in the design, only green and black. Awesum. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ あははぁ I wonder how those in brown would look on me?
OVERALL: Great natural design with natural enlargement effect and great comfort. 10/10 lenses if you want natural effect circle lens and have light eyes!!!! Also Pinky Paradise`s service was really good, so I think I`ll be shopping there again some day. :D Next up I want more green colored circle lens, to blend with my eye color nicely and definitely more other colors from this series!! :D

So before I finish the review, 2 more photos, of my whole face with those lenses, one with flash, one without flash, in bad light. You can see the enlargement and color and how they go with more natural and also stronger makeup. :) 
sth wrong with my hair, lol, it was sooooo windy!!!

MAC Cindi Lauper lipstick on lips

(V^-°)イエイ!There is also a great review of the same lenses I have, but in Gray, on dark brown eyes, here:, made by Elle (following her!).
(V^-°)イエイ!And there is also a great video review of those lenses in green and blue in FabJennie`s youtube video here:
(V^-°)イエイ! If you want to see a review of a very similar design lens (NEO COSMO GLAMOUR LENS) on brown eyes, the lovely Catalina made one here: They look interesting and I will definitely check them out too. But I think G&G GBT Green is perfect for people with light eyes, because there is no brown in the design, just green and black dots, which blends in a real pretty way.
(V^-°)イエイ!Wait, wait!! Found another review of similar lenses @ one of my favorite blogs: by Brianna. :D
V^-°)イエイ!And for other circle lens review by me, go to "circle lens" tag: CLICK!!

So, that is my review, with links to other reviews and take a look at some circle lens models I am thinking of getting next! Which ones should I get first?
Neo Vision Dali Extra Green
Neo Vision Glamour Green
Neo Vision Queen Green
And of course G&G GBT lenses in other colors, maybe Gray and Brown?

And music I can`t stop listening to recently, The Pierces! 


  1. They really look lovely and pretty natural indeed ! Glad to know that they are comfortable, maybe I'll try this brand next time I order some lenses ^^ (well I should first try the ones I received from Pinky Paradise ♥ I'm also happy with their service, I think I've also received mine within 10 days - but I got the case with the fish ^^)

  2. Wahhh! they look so good! They blend so well and make your eyes pop! I remember I wanted a pair of these in Grey back in the day. :3

    I definitely think you should try the Glamour Green or the Dali Green. I know the Dali's will most likely enlarge your eyes, but the glamours would look so natural~

  3. Oh love them!
    I think about buying green lenses too (a really subtle ones though) since I have natural brown eyes with a green circle around them,, but the green only pops in sunlight, so when it is winter my eyes look just brown.

    Also even with messy hair you look really pretty :D

  4. Wow these lenses look beautiful on you! I was thinking of investing in a pair of more natural lenses, but my eyes are pretty small so I need lots of enlargement :D

    I own Neo Dali in Extra Gray instead of green, and it was my first pair of lenses :D I do like the size/color on them but the vision isn't so good on them (might just be my pair, since they were custom made for my astigmatism). But I wear them here: and you can see eye in/eye out here: If that helps you any ^^;;

  5. To są najładniejsze circle lens jakie widziałam. jak tylko pinkyparadise wznowi zamówienia to na pewno je zamówię, bo również mam zielone oczy. Czym farbowałaś włosy, mają piękny odcień.pozdrwiam

  6. Thanks for the review! The lenses look so perfect on you! The Cyutii's would like to award you with the Versatile Award!

    Check it out here:

  7. your eye makeup look is stunning magda!! :D

  8. ┐(・。・┐) ♪Kiri
    It is natural, but today my coworker (a girl, boys usually don't notice, lol) realized I have circle lens and gave me a compliment. :) I looove how I have perfect vision and eyes with a little extra something, but super natural.... I'm definitely getting more colors of G&G GBT and also looking into getting some Neo Cosmo lenses with similar design! :D

    (┌・。・)┌ ♪Brianna
    Thanks for the recommendations! I think I could maybe use Dali Green for stronger looks and Neo lenses for daily looks :) BTW, I love your blog!

    ┐(・。・┐) ♪Tasja
    Ah, changing eye color is so tempting, I know! But it is so hard to find lenses that change color and look great - but I think GBT or Neo lenses would work really well for that. I wonder if they would give me nice brown eyes??? : )

    (┌・。・)┌ ♪D~tan
    Thanks for the links! Wow, they give a nice enlargement, they look great on You! If you are looking for new lenses, how about Geo Nudy in Gray, Green or Blue? Or Super Nudy?? I love their look! :D

    ┐(・。・┐) ♪Mosia samosia
    Dzięki! :D Też jestem bardzo zadowolona z zakupu. : ) Też będę kupować kolejne od tego producenta, możliwe że znów ze strony pinkyparadise. : ) Włosy farbowałam hmmm... nie pamiętam czym, ale to był taki szampon na 24 mycia włosów Schwarzkopfa, nic trwałego. : ) Wyszedł mi kolor trochę ciemniejszy niż na opakowaniu, ale po kilku myciach był dokładnie taki jak na pudełku. Nadal się ładnie trzyma, po miesiącu, mimo że się już tak nie świeci. :) Rok temu farbowałam też włosy Schwarzkopfem na blond - też ładnie wychodziło, tylko NIE POLECAM koloru gołębiego, bo wychodzi masakra. XD

    (┌・。・)┌ ♪Sokha
    Thank you for the award! :D I will reblog it, already thinking of some great blogs worth highlighting. :) I enjoy your blog too! <3

    ┐(・。・┐) ♪Jennifer
    Hohhohhooo.... thank you, you are too nice : )))))))

  9. im the laziest person on earth i swear.
    i dont remove my eye make up because i cant be beothered to haha

  10. I LOVE LOVE G&G lens ^_^ One day I'd like to have the whole collection...I have the G&G GBT Violets as well and those are gorgeous vibrant ^^ These green ones are gorgeous btw xD These look really natural on you but still eye catching :)

  11. this is so strange! You wearing green lens, is probably equivalent for me to use either black lenses or dark brown lenses! They are so natural on you but I'm sure if I use them they are going to look unnatural. I love it thou!
    you just look so lovely in it in the last two shots ^----^

  12. Jakie płyny polecasz do soczewek? Tyle jest ich na rynku...

  13. Julia
    It's amazing you don't get mascara in your eyes then, I would wake up with eyes swollen if I didn't remove makeup, lol!! Please try to remove it, I'm a bit worried... (^_^*)

    I am definitely planning to get some more G&G lenses :D I wonder how the brow ones would look on me :D

    Yeah, I thought me wearing super fake looking circle lens is not so hot for daytime and decided to look for natural looking ones! The color is really vibrant and I get lots of positive comments with those :D

    Thank you so muhc ^^*

    Kupowałam długo czas płyn za 50zł w sklepie , SOLO CARE, ale ostatnio kupiłam sobie na allegro taki, ZERO-SEVEN REFRESHING, ( za jedyne 15zł i .... jest bardzo dobry!! :D Więc skoro nie ma różnicy, to po co przeplacać. Trochę się bałam, ale wszystko jest OK. Później przeczytałam na butelce, że płyn jest made in Korea, czyli tak samo jak circle lens, tam generalnie takei rzeczy są tanie i dobre, więc polecam! :)