Monday, February 28, 2011

What I bought today & random photos (tragic story and food included)

So, Since I have nothing else to write about and I went shopping today, take a look at what I bought!

River Island!
River Island Canvas Flap Satchel, I was looking at it online at ASOS and I saw it today at the RI store - their accessories are really cute! Also House of Holland suspender tights... dun dun DUNNN!!!! Which ripped when I was trying them on at home!!!!!!! COME ONNNNNNNNN!!!! Super fail!!!!!!!!! The sheer part is really delicate, NOW I KNOW. :/ Be carefull guys.... (T_T) Good thing I got to buy them cheap, there was a promotion "send a text message and get a 10% off code", which I did and saved some money. But still... *pout*
The third things in an owl necklace. 
It is big and see through, with amber like coloring!

Hey owl!

And then I wanted to get the BODY SHOP room scent spray andmaybe some shower gel, I ended up with those things:
Also bought two shower gels, one is a new line from BODY SHOP, "earth lovers" a 100% biodegradable and healthy shower gel (there are a couple smells, but the "cucumber & mint" smelled best to me! 200ml, 22pln) Also I really like the room scent in Green Tea and Lemon, but the spray was sold out (gasp), so I bought the aroma oil to mix in with candles :D Next time I`ll get the scented candle, I really like this smell, recommended!! :D

The two products on the right are from a polish brand called ORGANIQUE. I found out about it when my mom got this exact shower gel as an Xmas present, I was staying home for the holidays and used this shower jelly and wow, I really loved it!! Now the brand specializes in SPA-like skin care, think organic solid soaps, shea butters, bath and shower goods, natural scrubs, etc. The shower jelly I got is for anti aging and dry skin and the are no parabens, silicones, peg-s, parafins or derivates, synthetics, detergents or artificial colors in it! The ingriedients are mostly argan oil, grape oil, rice protein and pearl powder. It smells soooo nice, like grapes and lemon and leaves skin feeling clean and soft! It is really rather addictive, so I`ll defnitely be back at the ORGANIQUE stand to buy more (they are in PROMENADA shopping center in Warsaw). I also got a tiny bar of a natural soap - it also smells like grapes (I think most their cosmetics have the same smell) and is really nice. I cannot use "normal" soap, it dries out my skin too much. I use a baby-soap for washing hands, and now also this. They also have solid shampoo and natural scrubs with salts and stuff, everything looks super tempting!!! (*_*)
I think this brand is kinda like polish version of LUSH. :) Which we don`t have here, what a shame.

And finally, I bought this cat brush, to brush my cat and have less of his hair flying around!
And the cat himself. 
sometimes he is so cute, sometimes he drives me mad!! (O_o)

And then some korean food I had with a friend. Omnomnomnom...
I had sundubu chige, spicy soup with fresh tofu and vegetables. 
Ans he had a bibimbap in the hot ceramic bowl, it`s also yummy!
Also I got excited and said "Hey, can I take a photo of our food first? Yay!" and the waiter laughed at me!!! D: Scandalous! Not in a mean way, he just found it funny I guess, but still... Hey waiter, no tip for u! :P


  1. lovely purchases! looking at the food pictures made me hungry. LOL! x)

  2. Very cute things ... esp that owl..haha i last week bought one too ^^ they are so cute...^^
    btw: very nice blog :))

  3. the necklace looks cute!! (so does your cat!)

    love korean food esp kimchi...nom nom!

  4. The bag looks mind blowing! And the Body Shop's scent you picked is totally me. That reminds me I haven't been to their shop for over a month now. Shame on me!

  5. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  6. sugar sugar
    :) There are always food photos on people`s blogs, so this was my revenge xD

    Thank you for visiting and commenting! :D
    I got compliments for the owl today from random people :)

    I`m happy I bought it, it was the last one in store :)

    Sorry to get back at you late, but I`m very interested in swapping with You!! :D How do we organize this and what are the rules? You know my email, so please write me with more details :)
    I also like korean food, I don`t like and eat meat, but the rest is super tasty, I have a 1kg box of kochujang in my fridge, lol! xD And kimchi too. :)

    Yay, thanks! I was first looking at the bag online for 2 weeks before buying it xD I don`t like scents that are too heavy and overwhelming, cucumber and mint is light and refreshing :D DEfinitely my fav from all the new shower gels. :)

    Hmmm.... cool story bro! ;D I also think SKII is a great brand, hope to use it a lot when I am older (and richer, hahaha) ;)

  7. The bag and the necklace, omg LOVE THEM!!!

    Hello to your kitty cat xD

  8. Hi, i really like the bag, but i'm wondering if a notebook (a4) fits inside :/ how big is the bag?

  9. Jenny
    Thank you! I am happy I bought it, I like it lots :D

    The bag doesn't look very big, but actually it can fit A4 format notebooks too, if they are stiff I have to maneuver the things inside a bit, but yesterday I carried a bigger than A4 stiff bag and 2 japanese magazines in it and it was all right :D

  10. I bought the FIG & ROSEMARY one yesterday and I can't believe how good it felt having a shower with that. Specially the whole thing which is earth friendly to your body and the environment. I felt clean with that shower gel. I just hope they make this into a permanent line later like they did with the LEMON line. Or else I'm gonna stock up lol.

    Love your blog!! I'm following you now, please follow back ^_^.