Wednesday, April 21, 2010

march/april favorites! :D Ulubione rzeczy marca i kwietnia!

First of all, I had 10,000 visits!!!!! Thank you so much! :D
I thought I would post about my march and april favorites, so here it is! It will also be a short review of some stuff I`ve ben using and now have and opinion. But since this post is faves, you can predict what the opinion is. xD Here are my favorites:

You can click on the links to see my previous posts about those items! ^^*
OK, I came to really like it, even though it does not give 100% coverage, it works really well and feels like I have nothing on my skin, maybe I got used to it. The color matches my skin perfectly and I really like the fluid to powder finish, but it doesn`t look dry, even around the eyes. I actually use it every day, with bb cream or the Mineralize SPF15 foundation I recently got on impulse. If you have good or I dunno, half good skin, try this! I`m afraid it might not work for bad skin though, by bad I mean deep scars, very dark discoloration, big acne scars, etc. For that try something else!
I`ve been using this every night and day. I think that after 2-3 days there was a visible change in my dark circles, they became much lighter and definitely less puffy! When I apply it, there is a little bit if tingly sensation and it feels warm/hot too, but it`s nothing unpleasant and I don`t think it`s alergic - I`m alergic to nothing so far. Also the little funny applicator that came with it is a great idea! To think I laughed at it when I saw it first... ashamed now, hahah...
3. Etude House nail polish (GR601)
I bought it last summer in Seoul, after being surprised how soooo many korean girls wore green and blue manicure and pedicure! And not even pretty blue or green, more like dirty, mossy, muddy shades of those colors. I guess in Europe it would be just weird and ugly at that time, but it looked soo good on Korean girls, especially with their black hair and light skin :D So I bought this (and a green nail polish too) and I`ve been using it ever since, but since spring has come, I feel like wearing it more now! It`s a beautiful color! <3 (And btw, colors like this are appearing more in non asian countries too, MAC`s Birds and Berries collection nail polish anyone?)
4. INGLOT nail hardening polish (15 diamond top coat)
I just works great as a base and top coat and my super dry weak nails are starting to grow a little bit again. It also helps nail polish to dry faster when used as top coat! INGLOT girl told me there is something-something from diamonds in it, uhmm... well, it works! xD
5. MAC dazzleglasses (moth to flame, baby sparks)
I looooooooooove dazzleglass lipglosses! If you love sparkle and don`t mind a sticky gloss, you will love it! Actually many people complain that they are too sticky, but I disagree. They must be sticky to stay on the lips longer! And they look gorgeous on lipsticks or on their own. I predict more dazzleglasses coming my way for sure!
It`s so soft I couldn`t believe it!! Also feels so funny when wet, being washed! It helps applying brush in a more delicate, natural way, feels so soft on skin, it`s just great. If you must get just one brush, get this one!
7. SIGMA flat foundation brush
I am a big fan of applying makeup with a brush and I have two flat foundation brushes now, this one from SIGMA and one from MISSHA, which I got in Seoul. The fibers feel basically the same, both are soft and great, but I think the handle on the SIGMA brush is more balanced and a better shape to fit in my hand and the brush fibers are just a little bit shorter than on the MISSHA one, which kind of requires a little bit more time to apply, but at the same time leaves less brush streaks/marks on applied foundation, I like it just a little bit more than the korean one! I also use this to pat in concealer and apply cream brush sometimes, all in one makeup.
I bought it to test it. And just in case I wouldn`t like it, I bought two tubes to sell the second one and get some of my money back, just in case. But... I definitely won`t be selling it! I feel like the first tube really helped remove (!!) some blemishes and red acne marks and my whole face has a more even, better tone now, after using Vitacreme B12 for 1,5 months! I will be ordering more! I also gave myself a curling iron burn on my cheek (clever, I know!) and put a thick layer of Vitacreme on the burn mark and  it heals fast. I also had a dry skin rash on tops of my hands, so I decided to treat it (it was sth like a super dry skin to the point where it cracks like a dry ground and is easily irritated by anything and has red spots, terrible) with Vitacreme, and after 3-4 days it disappeared completely and my hands are as good as new since then! Amazing! Plus I got used to the granny/rose smell, and the pink color just makes me smile. :D
!!creepy fact: I carry the almost used up tube in my bag everyday and have secret urges to apply it to my coworkers` faces, just to make them more beautiful... xDD I don`t want to say they are ugly, but I just want to make them feel better and look better! Is that bad? But sudden cream application would be awkward. XD

Random zoom, you can see the sparkles in dazzleglasses well here! :D

And to finish this post, a photo comparison on my two flat foundation brushes! Sorry they are not dirty, it`s just the zoom option catching every small finger mark...! I wiped them right after taking those photos. Oh, and the Sigma one is wet in those photos as I just washed it. :D So far the Sigma brush is the winner by 0,05% xD

the SIGMA brush is just slightly smaller and shorter

the more regular SIGMA handle feels better in my hand ^^
And please forgive less posts. I will try. I didn`t buy anything since last time though. I am planning to buy a lot in may after payday though. I also want to try MSF Natural for shading. OR should I go for a blush for shading? Help!


  1. omg did you notice the korean girls who wear nail polish often go different colours on every-other finger? when i was there i saw it like, blue green blue green etc...i thought it was kinda childish looking but now i'm like 'omg maybe i should do that......' -_-;;; easily influenced...

    waa ok i'm going to look for that vitamin cream...

  2. Hahah, I don`t remember, probably I saw that too, but the green and blue pedicures and manicures stuck in my memory the most xD I still remember this after 8 months! xDDD After coming to Korea from Japan, when everyone wants to look elegant or kawaii and pink, glittery, blahblah, the original nail colors that would not be considered "traditionally beautiful" really made an impresion. But they are so original and pretyt, I love them now!

    I ordered it from rakuten with a shopping service, Vitacreme b12 is TOO EXPENSIVE to buy from europe, ironically :I

  3. wow love this post
    i love skincare and makeup as much as you =)

    hopped over here from miss mitsu and im a new follower~!

  4. Thank you!
    I will follow your blog too :D
    Looking forward to your new posts and I will do my best to post more too :)

  5. You always have awesome posts! Love seeing what you like and reading your reviews. I linked this in my weekly wrapup!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo