Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Maegami tomeru velcro hair tape!

↑ My new pet. ;) 
What is this even called in english, hair stopping velcro..? 
In japanese this product is just called Maegami tome~ru, which sounds a bit like a name (lol), but it just means fringe blocker. Those were quite popular in Japan it seems, because when you use it to block your hair when you`re doing makeup, it doesn`t leave marks on your hair like pins or whatnot can and it works pretty well. And it was around 2usd from Ebay! I would like to get a pink one too. :) Hair blocking velcro tape = 5+

funny instructions on the back ;D

In other news, I caught a cold! It was minus 20c all the time and I was OK, now it`s plus 5c and I get sick, just my luck! 


  1. Had no idea those existed!O_O so convenient! I'd like some for when applying skin creams and stuff... I always wear a hairband so it tends to leave marks on my bangs.

  2. I was thinking of getting some of these,Hope you feel better aswell:)

  3. I bought this thing two weeks ago, I'm curious about if it works lol