Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FOTD & recent shopping at M.A.C. :D Mineralize blush and eyeshadow, Dainty Love Connection :)

OMG, it is soooo hot in Poland! :O Last saturday it was over 41C degrees..... OMG! Hotter than in Eypt, which is a popular destination of last minute trips...!! Last two days were cloudy and it rained a little bit and was much cooler, but from today we will be having another heat wave and this weekend will probably be the hottest this year! OMG!! In winter it was minus 30 and tons of snow, and now onver 40 and it feels like inside of an oven! xDD What is going on and how am I supposed to deal with those crazy temperatures! :o
I went to the lake region for the hottest weekend though, so it was fun and we were chilling in water ;))

And I did some shopping! I visited MAC, but the In The Groove collection didn't steal my heart and I am now fully living on my own and renting an apartament, so I try not to spend a lot (hahaha, well that's going great for me ;)). But I saw those two things from MAC's Mineralized line and needed them! (Some time ago I also bought a brush and Freshwater blue eyeshadow from MAC as well.)

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow "Love Connection" and Mineralize Blush "Dainty"!

This blush is a little bit sparkly and has a good color payoff and is the cutest shade of pink!It is kind of dolly-pink, but also natural at the same time! :D And you know me, I can not resist a little bit of shimmer in my makeup! 8DD Will be getting more of those, uhhh, do I need more blush...? Doesn't matter, will get it anyway! xDDD

Love Connection is a double eyeshadow with one golden-brown shadow, sparkly and gorgeous looking, can be sheer or super pigmented - applied wet and/or over a dark cream eyeshadow. The other shadow is a cute mixed shadow with light sky blue color, with light pink-gold and golden-brown veining. Absolutely gorgeous! So basically this double eyeshadow gives you 3 shades, the left on, the right one, and both of them mixed create a new color as well. But depending on which part of the blue part you take, you get different colors. So much fun! I definitely recommend mineralize duo eyeshadows if you like sparkly eyeshadows, but natural looking. I will definitely get another one of those :D New favourite!

This is the eyeshadow, applied dry on it's own in sunlight! Ah, so sparkly~I love it!

FOTD. I used Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream mixed with some MAC darker foundation (my mom's I think NW30?) to match to my tan :/ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder in Medium - lightly all over face and Medium Deep as bronzer on cheeks with duo-fiber brush from Sigma. MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush on cheeks and Helena Rubinstein mascara with MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadow in Love Connection - the darker shade only. Phloof! as highlighter under eyebrows and MUFE HD concealer under eyes. Lady Gaga lipstick on lips! I also use a beige shadow from the 88 shadows palette as my eyebrow color everyday. Tadaaa~

I must say even though it is sooooo hot and sweaty outside, this makeup stays on all day and looks natural and I am enjoying it A LOT. I work with a place with effective air conditioning, aand now I only commute 15 minutes by tram to work, but it's like an oven, the tram... xD What's your favourite makeup for super hot days?

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