Saturday, July 3, 2010

tempting products: Flourish Bath & Body / FOTD

Just a quickie post so I don`t forget and share with You guys. I jsut saw this delicious looking bath products and skin care cosmetics brand from! I found it through this polish beauty blogger Polish makeup bag , in this post here! The brand, Flourish Bath & Body seems to be a small private soap brand originally started at Etsy, by someone called Brooke. There a lot of natural moisturising ingredients in her products and the colors are so cute and the packaging is suitable for a present, as it is. So adorable! Some products that caught my eye are:

Flourish Sugar Cube Body Scrub, 9usd. "Smoothing, exfoliating scrub in easy to use single serving cubes". 
PINK SUGAR SCRUB IN CUBES, omg, wantwantwant! 8D It looks so delicious too~

Actually all the lip balms look delicious, I want to try some soon! <33 

I imagine this smells wonderful <33

looks soooo delicioussss....

So, mostly it is a small, home made soap shop, but what tempted me the most is the sugar scrubs and lip balms! I will definitely try to order some in near future. Do you like handmade soaps? What are your favourite bath products? Honestly I usually use things like DOVE or Nivea bath products, but using great looking, great smelling things like that is much more fun... Oh how I wish we had a LUSH store in Poland! (;_;*) Anyone tried this brand maybe? 
Anyway, have a great weekend and a great bath :)

PS. I love how we can buy everything from all over the world through internet. Internet, ILU. ;D

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Also, here`s a FOTD from yesterday, first friday if July! I felt like a bold lip and I use my Obsessive Compulsive lip tar, I mixed two colors that I have, anime and hush to get this:

I got a huge smile and an approving nod from some woman on the train in the morning. xD
The flash make my face look so light, but it just looks natural in normal light, also the sun screens in Missha bb cream make the skin look whiter in photos, so please disregard that. ^^


  1. Polish makeup bag <-- it's me!!! :)
    If you buy sometihing from this girl, please let me know. I have so many cosmetics atm, that I shouldn't buy more - but in the future I will order few things.

    Btw. I'm Magda too :)

  2. You can find additonal bath and body works at CHASE GIFTS