Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some recent shopping and music I like!

Sorry for not writing much - last two weeks at work were rather busy (workign saturdays too!!) and I went out more and more as well, and generally I have a lot going on right now xD I will be moving to my own apartament for the summer this saturday! Yay, can't wait. *^^* I did some shopping and will write reviews when everything arrives and I use it a couple times.

From I got:

Candydoll Cheek Color Peach Pink / ¥1900 JPY
I saw reviews on blogs, and I don't have wnything light like this one yet, so I went ahead and got it! (I already have those Canmake blushes for a while now and I really like them, especially the pink one!) I was of course super tempted to get some fake lashes too, but recently I rarely wear fakies and I have tons of them at home and the yen / polish zloty rate is ridiculous (!!!) so I passed on lashes this time.... Next time though... ;D

Kose Visee Blackish Forming Eyes / ¥1900 JPY
in B-4, violet! I already have Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes in A-2 - I just had to get it after seeing it in JELLY so much, and I like it a lot, all the colors are great and it's affordable and good quality! And I'vee been wantig a purple eyeshadow for a while now. (you can search my blog for older reviews, the A-2 palette review is here too, with photos ^^)

Rohto Lycee eyedrops for Contact Lens / ¥1100 JPY
I am on accutane-like acne treatment, and my eyes are what's killing me most, they are so dry, makes me want to scratch them out (Y^Y') Even when I wake up in the morning they are dry and won't open.... So uncomfortable... I have some regulat eye drops with hyaluronic acid (Hyal-Drop from Bausch&Lomb), but I think those will work better. Oh, and I am not wearing lenses of course. I wore them once in a while before, but I got a bigger medicine dose and the dryness is terrible. D:

From eBay I got this Weleda Skin Food cream, which is great according to this blog: (the entry is here)xD She is rather hilarious.
But back to the cream. The paraben-free and all natural ingriedients slogan convinced me! And my skin is dry (thank accutane! :P) and Embryolisse cream is nice (not moisturising enough for me currently though) and so hard to buy here... it's made in France, why can't it be distributed in Poland, UK, Germany, etc? Weleda Skin Food cream is also 75ml and cost me about 13$usd from eBay, from UK seller. I will test it and let you all know how it works. If I like it maybe I will try more Weleda products, looks like a nice skin care brand!
Active Ingredients:
Weleda Skin Food contains:Water, Sunflower Seed Oil, Lanolin, Sweet Almond oil, Alcohol, Beeswax, Glyceryl Linoleate, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Viola Tricolor extract, Rosemary Leaf extract, Chamomile extract, Calendula extract, Cholesterol, Fragrance, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Coumarin* (*from natural essential oils).

*****      *****     ******   *******
I also bought a blouse, button up knee lenght skirt and a white floral print maxi dress, all from ZARA. I will try to post photos of all that when I get back home today. Tried taking photos from ZARA website, but it's not working at all on this computer.

Also, one of my more casual work outfits:
Don't worry, I am wearing black shorts and this is not my room. xD I wore the high heeled black sandals from 2 entries earlier with this and a big gray Gilfy bag. :D My workplace is pretty lax about how I dress anyway, but I try to keep it simple and cute and OL appropriate. xD I love that jacket though, it is from VERO MODA. :) Leggins are Vivienne Westwood and the white top under H&M, white top on top, I don't know, maybe from Korea? Don't remember. :) It was such a comfortable coordinate! It's getting hot, close to around 30C here in Poland this week! :D
***** ***** ****** *******
Also, some music I like a lot recently! Try listening to Ratatat and Miike Snow! I love both bands! I am also listening to SIA's new album, We are born.

Other nice tunes:

Sunday Girl and Diplo!


Kid Cudi & Ratatat

***** ***** ****** *******
So, 'm moving on saturday, so next post will be from another place I guess! Wish me good luck! Have a great day everyone! <33333333333 Take care girls :)
PS. Also, to the person who asked me a stupid question at my formspring - hilarious. xDDD I will not gratify such stupid questions with an answer, tadah! None of your business anyway, geez, trolls everywhere! ;)


  1. Good luck moving house, how exciting! Please do a review of the blush!

  2. Ooh i like your purchases:) I'll have to investigate weleda:)thanks

    Good luck with the moveXD

  3. Hey Mada, It's Valli from livejournal ^^.
    I've been checking your blog occasionally on here and finally decided to be more active ^^

    The Candy doll blush is super cute and the Visee purple palette will look super on you! The Lychee eye drops are very nice and refreshing, and they almost have a smell to them as well @.@

    Anyway, adding you here and blogger, hope you can add me back ^.^
    Good luck moving too!