Friday, February 26, 2010

`Canmake cream cheek` swatches (#1 and #4)

It`s the swatches and pre-review time for Canmake cream blushes! ;D (It`s a pre-review, because I got just got them and we`ll see if I use them a lot and like them.) So lets get down to the business, photos and my notes.

Canmake Cream Blush #1 and #4

Desk lamp at night, the plastic wrap (for safety) has cute heart deco. It claims ポッと発色 ツヤツヤほっぺ♡ とろけてさらさら仕上げ, which is bright color (shows well on skin), shiny cheeks & it melts and creates a smooth finish. I would say all of this is true - it`s a cream cheek blush with little and rather subtle sparkling glitter in it (though the orange one had more of those, the pink one less), and after application it feels like it turns into a powder, so it looks smooth and shiny at the same time. ^^* Well done. I think it could be applied with a brush too, for  a more even color.

Desk lamp at night, click on the photo and see the glitter.

Bright daylight on a winter morning (colors are a bit washed out), vitamin orange is really orange xD and the pink is a bit peachy baby pink. Adorbs! 

On fingers - see it`s pretty pigmented, but it blends out well, don`t worry. ^^

Swatched on my wrist. The colors are a little bit washed out because of the bright cold daylight. It could be blended out more for  a more delicate effect, but I wanted the swatches to show on camera. They are pretty pigmented, and I guess younger japanese girls love it - they are all about a dolly look, they apply lots of baby pink blush to the very center of their cheeks. (A super nice girl working at Chika Ikkai club in Osaka for example.) Of course this is not suitable for work, but it`s popular among younger girls. ^^

And same swatches with a flash! See how sparkly they are? Personally I like sparkly shiny makeup, so I don`t mind, but if you are a 100% matte type of girl I guess you wouldn`t like the orange - it has more glitter. You would maybe like the pink. But if you don`t mind shine on your cheeks, you`d love these. Again, you could blend them more, use less, for a more subtle effect, those are just swatches, I think I would apply less on my cheeks anyway.
Overall, I`m excited to play with it! :DD Sparkly ans cute, just looking at it makes me smile. ^^* I am wearing the orange one right now and it does not look crazy on cheeks, it`s very delicate and super cute, I think it would look amazing on women of color and tanned skin, but I`m pretty pale and it looks cute. If you wanted you could of course apply it all opaque and extra carrot xD but generally it is really useable and so cheap too. ;D It really melts into skin and looks natral and healthy. Loves it. :3
It`s cheap and cute, I think I might buy other colors too and/or backups for those colors. :D It seems like a perfect product for summer, to just throw in your bag and go anywhere with it :D

BTW, Tsubasa Matsuwaka produced a brand called Candy Doll, and their new products for this spring are orange blush and warm peach beige highlighter, the difference is her orange blush is powder blush and I don`t think it`s that shiny. They put up instructions about where to apply the blush and here they are:

And she recommends to just pat the blush in the center of your cheeks. I still need to experiment and find my favorite way to apply it of course. ^^* There is also a very helpful page in latest Ray magazine on applying blush different for specific colors, which I LOVED so much I had to share it with you all:

I think this is soooooooo helpful, will definitely listen to this good advice! ☆ 
Hope the swatches were helpful and tell me your current blush and how you apply it! 
(BTW, I am thinking of getting Sigma face set makeup brushes! Need more!)


  1. it was really nice to read your review because I was also thinking about getting one of those blushes. I decided against it because I already have a cream blush in pink and wanted to try a powderblush for orange and bought this one: it's not as orange as he can make blushes but more of an orange-pink mix. lookinf forward to recieving it *__*

    also, thanks a lot for the scan on where to apply the blush. it's really helpful! :D

  2. Ah, you bought a blush from Bourjois! :) I heard they are nice too! I wore my pink Canmake blush today and I really liked it!! :DD I applied it with my foundation brush, like the magazine instructions said and it really looks like the dolly look from magazines :DDD

    Thank you for reading my blog! <3

  3. The pink is so pretty! I'm such a sucker for pink cheeks, it's crazy. X333

    These are the two pink blushes I go between, NYX Pinky and Bourjois #54 Rose Frisson:

    I apply them with my Sephora powder brush, high up on my cheeks. I noticed a lot of magazines reccomend applying blush much lower down but I don't like having color, especially pink, that close to my nose. I tend to be a bit red there naturally, lol.

  4. The pink is really pretty, right!? :D It shows up really light and cute on cheeks, just like the makeup in Popteen or on Tsubasa ;)

    I was thinking about getting some NYX cosmetics, I bought the sparkling lipstick in Japan and I quite liked it, I thought about trying their nude lipsticks and glosses and maybe some blush? But now I think I have enought blushes for the whole year and maybe I will get the lipsticks/glosses in April ^^*

  5. I just got Desert Rose from MAC, which was the one I used before but my sister took it with her to London T_T I love that it lasts the whole day, unlike the Bourjois blush I've been using lately that after a few hours is gone (I tend to touch my cheeks a lot though), and I look freakishly pale without color on my cheeks, like a corpse XD (doesn't help that I have heavy yellow undertones lol)