Tuesday, December 7, 2010

♡ Ichibankao HAUL ♡ & Dolly Wink catalog scans for ya!

Hello again!
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT A SPONSORED POST, I bought this with my own money and just write my honest thoughts without noone asking me to do it. :) I would like to be sponsored though!! Contact me if you want to send me products for reviewing yo! 8D
I am writing a new entry so soon, but my ichibankao.com haul just arrived yesterday evening, yay! Excited!! Here's what I got: 
the damage...(Y_Y*) I love it though!
★ Blue Tray aka Power series: Celeb Eyes 
★ Deep Pink tray aka First Series: Dolly Eyes
★ Purple Tray aka Lady Series: Princess Eyes (bottom lashes)
OMG, I can already tell you, Celeb Eyes lashes are the shizz, go get them asap!! I totally love them! So long and perfect mix of wispy and volume type lashes, nice curve, they have volume but still look natural (not like Brigitte Bardot lashes!) and the lash band is clear and soft... Ah!! LOVE! Also the Deep Pink tray series, aka First Series, the tray is smaller than the newer trays and honestly the Dolly lashes were underwhelming at first contact - so small and natural! I mean, maybe for someone with no lashes, those would be perfect natural daily lashes, but to me they are practically the same length as my own lashes... lol, we'll see, I'll be testing them! And the bottom lashes, Princess Eye, I wasn't able to glue them on when the stripe was uncut. I cut off the 2 longest pieces and they were perfect, even... dare I say it... natural looking!!! But the full strip is more Sakurina-like. Anyway, full reviews coming up of course!

★ CANMAKE: Powder Cheek blush in [PW20], the pretty sweet dolly pink, perfect for anybody and perfect in gyaru looks!! :) With a little bit of glitter to light up your complexion. Will look lovely on dark skin as well as porcelain skin, highly recommended, a great product for a tiny price. ^^*
★ CANMAKE Jewelstar Eyes in [01] Crystal Silver, which is their jelly glittery eyeshadow/eyeshadow base. I bought one of those (golden brown color, maybe it was 2009 limited color?) and I really like it! Applied thin it looks sparkly and cute on it's own or adds glittery sparkliness to any shadow you wear over it and applied thin doesn't crease. (If you apply lots, it will crease though!) :D Next I got two lip glosses:

★ MakeMania Curvy Lip Silicone lip gloss (left), the brand's official page is here, it is by MAKEMANIA from B&C LAB. I ordered color #506, natural nudy pink, 透明感度アップ(hm?). It is advertised as "curvy lip SILICONE" and the back of the packaging said it is like melting wax on your lips and is packed with moisturising & care ingriedients (including: hyaluronic acid, colagen, grape seed oil, soy inflavon,) and... omg, I LOVE IT! 硬くてたれにくいビニールシリコンタイプです。. The maker says it is a thick vinyl silicone (?) type, that does not wear off, and it's true! It feels like your lips are wrapped in plastic with moisturising treatments under it and it's really shiny and a great gloss overall. It is applied with a see through plastic spatula, hygienic. REVIEW COMING UP! I want more when I use this one up!
★ SANA Super Quick Gloss Concealer in #01 Nude Beige (right). It is like a full coverage moisturising lip gloss - the color completely covers your natural lip color, as if you used an opaque lipstick or well, concealer. I got natural beige which is a bit like MAC's Siss and Peachstock lipsticks mixed together in color. Apply too much and it will look SOOO BAD, seriously. Trying it out, I can tell the best way to apply it is to clean lips - no chapstick, nothing! Apply thin layer, pat it in with your finger then apply more if you want. Then it looks really nice :D Topped with the MakeMania gloss it looks quite lovely! Like a nude lipstick and a gloss witout the lipstick! 

I will do swatches and reviews soon, I promise! Do you like the haul? Which review do you want to see first?

******** *********** ************

The ICHIBANKAO.com staff (I know one girl who works there is called Kelly, right? Thank you!) were soo kind and included a Dolly Wink new products catalogue with my order, even though I didn't buy any Dolly wink products! Yay! I love it! It is well designed, printed on thick paper and all the pages have perforation so you can tear them away and use as postcards or what not! Or course I scanned them for you! 

(click on images to get large size and credit me if you reuse! thanks!)
cover: Create cute eye makeup and look like a perfect Dolly! <3

page 002: Includes a message from Tsubasa: "We created eyeshadows and mascaras according to many Tsubasa's instructions, which will allow you to get doll-like eyes! With Adult Kawaii makeup, lets become Dolly starting from the eyes!♥" The newest lineup are 2 mascara types (long type and volume type) and four 4-colors eyeshadows palletes and 2 cream type sparkling eyeshadows!
I only want the cream eyeshadows, I can never get enough of sparkling golden and silver 

Page 003: Introducing the Long type mascara, which creates especially to elongate your lashes.Says "it has shiny blask polymers and two kinds of fibers, that stick to your eyelashes making them separated and beautifully long". Hum hummm! Japanese fiber mascaras are usually good, so.... Anyhow, Tsubasa is looking so cute! 
Also: it is easily removed with warm water - that's great!

page 003: Introducing the Volume type mascara! Says it is "a waterproof mascara with 'soft wax', that makes every single lash thicker". Hm, japanese mascaras are usually good, so I'd consider this if the price was right (inluding international shipping), but now I have some L'oreal mascara and Kanebo SENSAI 38 mascara - from my older sister, I like them!

Page 004: introduces the new eyeshadow palettes, in color #01 Brown. For Sweet Dolly look, cute but natural eye makeup.Well, who doesn't have a brown eyeshadow palette already? I have plenty! XD

Page 005: Eyeshadow palette #02 Grey Pink for Monotone Mode look. Ooh I like the styling on Tsubasa in this photo! But grey shadows, so generic... Also I don't think I'd use deep pink on my lower lid for everyday makeup.

Page 006: Eyeshadow Palette in #03 Blue Orange, for a look called Country Retro here. ;D Orange and blue and white and dark gray, hummmm... (-_-?) I like thestyling, but I don't need to buy the eyeshadows to get this look, soooo easily dupeable! 

Page 007: Eyeshadow palette in #04 Green Pink, in a look called Colorful Pop. I think this is the cutest color combo in the eyeshadow palettes, but honestly, OVERALL, those are all so easily dupeable and nothing special about the palettes for me... The the price of 1,600 a piece plus international shipping, I'd rather get something else. I think the target for those eyeshadow palettes are die hard Tsubasa fans only. Rest of us, get 88 shadows palette from ebay and you don't need those! (O_o) For example, see this great post about how to get one of Tsubasa's looks without her eyeshadows, written by Al and S of CyutiiShortiis blog!

Page 008: Cream Eyeshadow in #01 Gold for Nudy Glamorous makeup and oh I want it, sparklyyy... (*_*) Although most brands have a cream sparkly eyeshadow like that, I still want it, because I love sparkly stuff... hahah! The photos of Tsubasa is also very pretty. Tsubasa's advice is to apply just a little bit to your lower lid, with a small brush or a chip, then it won't move! Anyways! Cute!

Page 009: Cream Eyeshadow #02 in Crystal. Lol, I want this one too.... Both cream eyeshadows can be used on their own or layered under powder eye shadows, personally I like to wear them like this for an extra sparkly oompf! on my eyes! (*_*)

Back cover: DID YOU FIND YOUR FAVORITE?? Hahaha, don't tease us Tsubasa!! XD

All pages are scanned by me, so I watermarked them, if you use them, please credit me and link back to my blog!  My IMPRESSIONS? I dunno, makes me want to bleach my eyebrows looking at those photos... XD 
So, I will be posting reviews and swatches for the eyelashes as soon as I get to really use them more (I put on Celeb eyes and Princess eyes on as soon as I gor home and looooove them though... hahah.... And for the other products as well. I will be a bit busy with work this week it seems, so probably next post during the weekend, hopefully! Please let me know what you think about the Dolly Wink catalog and if you have tried the stuf I bought! Let me know what you think, I love my followers and Your comments! 


  1. i want to get the celeb lashes!! >.<

  2. woooow Magdaaaa !!! Lucky girl hehehe, i'm hurry to see the eyelashes on you ^^
    I would like to try the mascara too :3

    It would be great if someone would let us try some free product hehehe.

  3. lol great haul! i love canmake powder cheeks! i saw the prices on Ichibankao...omg they're selling it almost double the price where i buy them :X ! next time if you need Dolly Wink/Canmake, SANA, let me know <3

  4. Kelly
    You really should, they are sooo fabulous!! :D

    Yeah, lucky lucky!! 8D I wonder how people go about getting sponsored reviews, I would totally do one for a brand I'm interested in! :)

    Are you serious?? :D And are you ready?!?!?! 8DD I will totally contact you next time I want to order. I know Ichibankao,com's prices are way higher than original prices - I was buying the same stuff in Japan, siiiigh.... but you know, since I live inEurope, what other choice do I have? I can ask my friends to send me, but I don't want to be a nuisance, so when I can afford it I buy stuff online! :)

  5. Those eyelashes look awesome! I'd be too scared to try them on though! I've never tried false lashes before!



  6. Fantastic haul!!

    I might buy the Curvy Lip Silicone. The market near me sells it but I never really knew if it was any good or not! But sounds pretty great!

    Man I was hoping Dolly Wink mascara would be fiber! AWESOME! I want it now hahahaha!

  7. Hey! I would definitely buy the creme eyeshadows as well. They just look soo beautiful! I just want it. I even want their mascaras. Lol As for their eyeshadows well I can live without lol. I have so many palettes its just driving me crazy! D; Love your post though on Dolly Wink!

  8. Ahhh, so jealous. I've been really dying to try the purple and blue diamond lashes. T_T They only sell the pink ones where I live. :( Perhaps I'll try ordering from ichibankao one day, their prices are just a bit steep for me. T_T

  9. japanese fashion magazines are so cool! :D


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