Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inspiration photo collage

Because I"m just in between one work and another, will be on a stage speaking to a mic again tonigh, lol. Fun times, cool beans. In the meantime, inspiration!!!!!! Styles I like a lot recently!
Also, my LAZY OAF order arrived! Yay.

Hmm, first of all I need to buy wellies for all this melting snow.
Then maybe UGGs and them definitely Jeffrey Campbell shoes, so hot!
And oversized knit onepieces, preferably gathered with a belt, Ena style! :D

Wayfayer like black rim glasses, boots and booties with fur elements, hats, scarves, big rings! Knee and over-knee length socks! :D Want!!!
I want rings like Yoon and Verbal have in this AWESOME 'Cherry Bomg" remake video! Do you know where I can get some like that? (EDIT: I found it, it's Verbal's and Yoon's brand AMBUSH! Oh yeah, want:

Oh, I LOVE anything Verbal touches, way since Lisa & m-flo days! <333333


  1. Hi :) do you read Vivi magazine too?

  2. Hey Magda :) just looked at your response in the previous post, yes i'm ready anytime for custom-purchase for bloggers LOL! especially now because my exams has ended and christmas is shopping season so i'd be hitting the malls XDD email me with the stuff you want and i'll let you know how much they were retailed for here :)

  3. I love oversized knit onepieces.. too bad that I don't own any :(
    Must find one xD

    That song is quite cool ^^
    dunnow about the rings though.. google (= the answer to everything xD)?

  4. ☆Jennifer☆

    Yeah, I read Vivi too! :D Mostly online scans, but I have a couple issues at home too - I looove love Marie! <3 And Lena is so cute too! :D And Jun! (my 3 favorites) Kiko is adoribs too, right? :D I think I have mostly JELLY, Happie Nuts, Ageha and Blenda, but I also like Vivi.

    OMG, seriously?! Thank you! I will hit you up when I decide what I need next :D If you need sth I can buy cheeper in Europe or Poland (like INGLOT, super cheap here), let me know :)


    They are easy to find and can be actually worn with so many styles and they are comfortable too.. :D Sometimes a pencil skirt, sometimes an oversized knit :D

    I like the song but I love the video and Verbal even more, sooooo creative and just HOT♥♥♥

  5. Magda, do you like INGLOT!?!? I bought an eye concealer from there (short of money to buy other stuff XD) and that one sucked :( but i wanna try more from their range XD!!! I love Vivi the most, I used to read Nonno, Seventeen, Cutie, InRed (?), Spring, and a couple more, but it's not like I can read Japanese though XD

    I love JUN THE MOST LOL, for some reason after watching Lena here and there (esp her Canmake posters...) i grew a bit tired of her look, she looked kinda exhausted in the pics in the latest issues :S have you seen them? What a pity Jun has left Vivi (for another mag or for acting/singing i forgot). I adore Marie!!! even tho her nose is HUGE HAHAHAHAHHA

    omg this is long..........

    yeah hit me up when you've decided ^^ Canmake has a limited edition Christmas set too :)

  6. I looove INGLOT nail polishes! :D I don't really know much about other INGLOT products, but I heard their eyeshadows are MAC quality and their magnetic palettes system seems fun and convenient. Besides it is a polish brand, so of course I keep my eye on them and I will be including INGLOT's eyeshadows in my upcoming giveaway :)))

  7. What a cool collage!!! That inspiration is great! And I love UGG and JC shoes too, both are great ;)

  8. jasne, że się dorobimy :) zapomnimy o takich markach jak H&M... potem to już tylko Gucci, D&G Chanel itd ^^

  9. amazing!

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  12. Dzięki za miłe słowa! BArdzo sie ciesze że sie poznałyśmy- gratuluje tylu fanów i czekam na giveaway hihi:>>