Sunday, December 19, 2010

WANT! MAC Cham-pale collection

Video from, oooh, I love most things from this collection! I hope I have time to visit MAC soon!! :D They will be coming out with a super bright colors collection too around the same time, but I am more drawn to the nude, sparkly colors. I really want a bright red and pink lipstick though, sth like Russian Red and Girl about Town. Yesterday I went to a rock live for my friends` band and wore Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Anime on my lips 8D Topped with Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed! :D
/Super tired and no energy for a longer, better post, sorry & goodnight!

Also, I don`t even have an iPhone, but words cannot describe how much I love this deko Rilakkuma iPhone case... (*_*)

source: tumblr and apparently the blog in the waltermark... OMG!!!
I love Rilakkuma... :3


  1. Oh this is the first time I see the swatches, they are very pretty!

    But aahh this is kinda frustrating.. because when I saw this collection first (bout.. almost 2 months ago?) I was still in summer/nude mood and was like: "omg need everthing" and now I'm in winter/darker colors mood and now I'm: "mhhh~"
    But I know I will love this when it's summer again.. so I have to "froce" myself to buy this haah

  2. Tasja :D

    They are coming out with a super bright collection too, take a look here: :) I guess there are soooo many brands with neutral sparkly products around all the time, if you don`t feel like buying it now, don`t! :D You can buy sismiliar stuff from Jill Scott or other brands :)
    I will be getting some of those products for sure though!
    Thank you for the comment! :D

  3. the phone and the bento looks absolutely awesome!!

  4. ☆kirstyb☆

    Thank you for visiting and commenting! :D
    I adooooore those iPhone covers! Rilakkuma + sparkly deko??? Cuteness overload!! :D