Friday, December 31, 2010

PINK BLUSHES! Swatches, comparison & reviews! ☆

Posting on last day of 2010, lol! But, I have to be at work, even thought  there is NOTHING to do, so I might as well post, right? 暇つぶしね Anywhoo~ Today I will be sharing a pink blushes comparison and swatches with opinions! Most of them are in heavy rotation in japanese fashion magazines and since I have them and use all of them I thought someone might be interested! So here we go! 

I will be comparing (original prices in brackets):
REVLON blush in color 202 Just Peachy (~19 usd)
MAC Mineralize Blush in color Dainty (21 usd)
Canmake powder blush in color PW20 (550 yen)
Canmake cream blush in color 01 (580 yen)
Candy Doll blush in color: Peachy Pink (1260 yen)
All of them pink right! lets open!

When we open them, it's easy to see that the Candy Doll and Canmake blushes are cool shades, while MAC and REVLON blushes are warmer

Canmake's cream blush is most similar to MAC's blush, Candy Doll and Canmake PW20 fall into the same category of super light cool toned pink with blue undertones, while Revlon is most peachy rather than pink. 

swatches in daylight (winter) with flash
BTW, my skin is NC20 and lighter on my arm, between NC15 and  NC20 in MAC coloring

swatches in winter (no flash!)

I dunno, another photo with swatches XD I also included Canmake Cream Blush in color 04, vitamin orange just to show how cool the pink tones are better. 

Now I'll try to sum those blushes up in a couple words:
☆☆☆ REVLON blush in color 202 Just Peachy
Pigmentation in this blush is medium, which means with a couple strokes you will still get a delicate and natural effect. Also there is a super tiny silver sparkle powder in it, so it also gives your cheeks a cute glow. Great for beginners with blush imo! The case also has a useable good quality blush and a pop-out mirror, so it's perfect on the go too. Over good blush.
☆☆☆ MAC Mineralize Blush in color Dainty (21 usd)
This blush when you swatch it with your finger looks not very pigmentet - rather very sheer with tons of fine glittery sparkling parts (I see golden, silver and  pink sparkling powders in it), but on cheeks it actually creates a super natural adorable blush, both the color and the pigmentation are great on cheeks and it is also highly sparkly, but not is an obvious way. It will really show off your cheeks and make them look "higher" if you apply it to the right parts of face. :D I like it tons, but I think it is easy to go overboard with this one, because it seems so sheer. But then you go outside and it turns out you made yourslef look like a clown, lol. So use with moderation and you'll get wonderful effects! (The swatch on arm is super heavy, I applied way too much, but I wanted to show you the color, on cheeks you apply less and it looks a bit different.) More pics here.
☆☆☆ Canmake powder blush in color PW20 (550 yen)
I got this one because all japanese gyaru magazines were raving about it from EGG to JELLY, even Vivi. It is a very cool tones, very light dolly pink. It not pastel nor neon, it is like strawberry ice cream kind of color? Hard to describe!! It has silver glitttery particles (I like blushes with a little bit of sparkle ^^) and a brush in the case, but in my opinion you might as well throw it away, completely not useable, too thin and the bristles too long, useless! The blush is quite well pigmented and you get a nice color even with just one layer. It will give you this super cute super sweet baby/dolly pink cheeks. I really recommend it, the price is unbelieveable and the quality really good! (But be carefull, I have another color from the same series, and it is completely different, I never use the other one cause I don't like it :o)
☆☆☆ Canmake cream blush in color 01 (580 yen)
Very well pigmentet cream blush, which after application turn into powder formula! :D I loooove the way it applies, so smooth like butter, bur then it turn powdery - very easy to use and can be applied with fingers or a brush (a small duo-fibre brush would be perfect!) It has super tiny silver sparkles, but they are very delicate and not obvious in person. This is also a very cute and good blush for a cheap price, especially if you are new to cream blushes there would be no harm if you tried this one first. :) I also have better swatches and review on this one here.
☆☆☆ Candy Doll blush in color: Peachy Pink (1260 yen)
The raved about Matsuwaka Tsubasa's brand.... hmmm.... Honestly I am not sold on this one! Doen't look like in Tsubasa's photos :/ At first I thought "What! This doesn't even show up on my skin!" and then I changed my mind when I put it on my cheeks in sumemr and I had a little bit of a tan and somehow the light made it look exactly like on Tsubasa. But then... I dunno, it is well pigmented, but the color is so light and honestly doesn't show!! Also it is a matte blush and it can look chalky if you apply too much - which is very easy to do, because I try to add more and more to make the color show, but it doesn't, it just makes your cheeks go more chalky.... OTL Mixed with other blushes it is really nice as it gives a kind of pale canvas for the other blush, but on it's own? Nah, not impressed. :P The swatch I made on my arm is SUPER HEAVY, but you can hardly see it... I think it would be great as a base cheek color for people with darker skin, so you can apply a candy pink on top and it will show better!

In artificial light - if you click and see the original size, you can see the sparkles

Swatches in artificial light.
What is this!? Candy Doll blush disappeared! :P

Which one was your favourite? Can you recommend me some good pink blushes? :D Now thinking about it, I forgot to bring and photograph my MAC Azalea Blossom blush, it is also pink!! OTL I will make a separate post for it, lol! I also have a separate post about MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink here. :D 

 Lets enter the new year with cute pink cheeks and be cheeky in 2011 too! 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!せ~の (o ̄▽ ̄o) わ~い \( ̄▽ ̄o)/

PPS. A couple nights ago I was bored and slapped on full gyaru makeup! 8D I also took photos so I will post a tutorial for this look soon! :D I am wearing Diamond Lashes in Celeb (top) and Princess (bottom) styles. :) Also, I got a twitter account only for this blog, since I don't want my random tweets to appear here, lets keep it all about cosme! Follow the new twitter here:!/cossssme よろしく


  1. THIS!
    I LOVE your review!
    You're making me totally want that cheap Canmake PW20, it looks like it's totally the kind of blush that I like!

    With natural light I thought the same of the Candy Doll one, but you're right, it's probably too light to be useful for anything else than just highlighting the actual blush.

    By the way, I just got Jill Stuart's mix blush in baby doll and while I don't mean to spam I'm probably going to review it soon and I've loved your way of keeping swatches separated by a line, would you mind me stealing it from you? (I'd give credit, of course! Even if it's just a concept, it's your idea!)

  2. Thanks for commenting!! :D
    Nah you don't have to credit me at all! XD I took the idea from Karlasugar (, her swatches are the best :) I am looking forward to your review! I keep lurking at Jill Stuart cosmetics but haven't tried any yet! :o

    Happy New Year Maria :D

  3. To be honest, I wouldn't have dared getting anything by Jill Stuart, so I'm lucky I got it as a gift! (Having a wishlist helped a lot :P)

    Oh, I see! Her blog's awesome! Even though, I like better your version of her idea, the way you've drawn the lines is so much better to my taste! It's like it draws less attention than a thick line!

    By the way, the pic wasn't loaded when I first commented so I've just seen it and I've got to say I totally love the way you've done you eye make-up! Those falsies (both upper and lower, but specially the latter!) are so dramatic! I love how you managed to rock the look!

    Happy new year to you too Magda ^___^
    (And thanks for the follow :D)

  4. Thank you for this useful review ^^ Lately I've started getting a bit more interested in make-up, so when I found your blog I was very happy <3 Indeed, since I'm quite pale, I should try to put on some blush ^^"
    The Canmake cream blush in color 01 looks really nice, and I was wondering where you bought it from...

    Happy New Year in any case ^^

  5. thank you for this! omg, literally i was at a store yesterday looking for pink blush and didn't know which one to get...but now i think i'm going to get 2 from the ones you swatched - canmake cream blush in vitamin orange & the canmake powder in cheap too XD

  6. thank you so much for your thorough review! i was thinking of buying a new blush and this helped out a lot.. i'm an nc40, i tried similar pink shades (with blue undertones) like the canmake and candy doll colors (different brand of course), but they dont seem to show up on my skin ~ do you think it would be wise to skip those and just go for the warmer tone blushes? just wondering! thanks again for the review, and happy new year!! :)

  7. wow thank you so much for doing this. I was thinking of getting a few of those blushes. I'm suprised, I thought candydoll would be super pigmented!

  8. love all this pink!!

  9. Świetny review!!! Już od dłuższego czasu mam ochote na Dainty od MACa, ale mam tyle innych róży. Cóż, chyba jedank się skusze, bo ten róż jest poprostu przesłodki!
    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!


  10. Hey Magda :) you really looked like a Japanese girl in full makeup with all the eyelashes ^_^ it's a compliment, hahahha! wow you hit pan on Cream cheek 01~~ Kudos to you!