Monday, February 28, 2011

What I bought today & random photos (tragic story and food included)

So, Since I have nothing else to write about and I went shopping today, take a look at what I bought!

River Island!
River Island Canvas Flap Satchel, I was looking at it online at ASOS and I saw it today at the RI store - their accessories are really cute! Also House of Holland suspender tights... dun dun DUNNN!!!! Which ripped when I was trying them on at home!!!!!!! COME ONNNNNNNNN!!!! Super fail!!!!!!!!! The sheer part is really delicate, NOW I KNOW. :/ Be carefull guys.... (T_T) Good thing I got to buy them cheap, there was a promotion "send a text message and get a 10% off code", which I did and saved some money. But still... *pout*
The third things in an owl necklace. 
It is big and see through, with amber like coloring!

Hey owl!

And then I wanted to get the BODY SHOP room scent spray andmaybe some shower gel, I ended up with those things:
Also bought two shower gels, one is a new line from BODY SHOP, "earth lovers" a 100% biodegradable and healthy shower gel (there are a couple smells, but the "cucumber & mint" smelled best to me! 200ml, 22pln) Also I really like the room scent in Green Tea and Lemon, but the spray was sold out (gasp), so I bought the aroma oil to mix in with candles :D Next time I`ll get the scented candle, I really like this smell, recommended!! :D

The two products on the right are from a polish brand called ORGANIQUE. I found out about it when my mom got this exact shower gel as an Xmas present, I was staying home for the holidays and used this shower jelly and wow, I really loved it!! Now the brand specializes in SPA-like skin care, think organic solid soaps, shea butters, bath and shower goods, natural scrubs, etc. The shower jelly I got is for anti aging and dry skin and the are no parabens, silicones, peg-s, parafins or derivates, synthetics, detergents or artificial colors in it! The ingriedients are mostly argan oil, grape oil, rice protein and pearl powder. It smells soooo nice, like grapes and lemon and leaves skin feeling clean and soft! It is really rather addictive, so I`ll defnitely be back at the ORGANIQUE stand to buy more (they are in PROMENADA shopping center in Warsaw). I also got a tiny bar of a natural soap - it also smells like grapes (I think most their cosmetics have the same smell) and is really nice. I cannot use "normal" soap, it dries out my skin too much. I use a baby-soap for washing hands, and now also this. They also have solid shampoo and natural scrubs with salts and stuff, everything looks super tempting!!! (*_*)
I think this brand is kinda like polish version of LUSH. :) Which we don`t have here, what a shame.

And finally, I bought this cat brush, to brush my cat and have less of his hair flying around!
And the cat himself. 
sometimes he is so cute, sometimes he drives me mad!! (O_o)

And then some korean food I had with a friend. Omnomnomnom...
I had sundubu chige, spicy soup with fresh tofu and vegetables. 
Ans he had a bibimbap in the hot ceramic bowl, it`s also yummy!
Also I got excited and said "Hey, can I take a photo of our food first? Yay!" and the waiter laughed at me!!! D: Scandalous! Not in a mean way, he just found it funny I guess, but still... Hey waiter, no tip for u! :P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing blog parts from japanese fashion brands!

Just a quick post, with amazing blog parts!! LOVE★⌒ヾ( ̄〓 ̄ヾ)
I just found them through Matsumoto Ena's ameba blog, but there are calendars and watches for your blog or website, but they also feature your favorite brand's latest collection and catwalk coordinates! Wow!! I love this!

The blog parts come from a website called RUNWAY channel , a website with fashion shows videos, blogs and online store - and apparently a handful of brands moved their official websites and web stores there! Lets look at the blog parts! You can get them HERE, I pasted them into this entry and also included links to brands' official websites and online stores for your convenience. o(@^‐ ^@ )O
*** BUT BE CAREFUL! Clicking those links might lead you to a fabulous fashion k-hole and induce a "fashion shopping lust" overdose coma! XD Trolololo! XDDD***
Of course there are more that one online stores selling those brands, if you want to see what other stores are selling just google "(brand name) 通販", and you will get a list of online stores selling the brand you are looking for. ^^* Well, am I not a helpful gal, hohoho~ lol!

Anyway, here are the blog parts / gadgets!
Deciding which one I want is tough!
Which one will your get?

MERCURY DUO blog gadget (official website / online store)

MURUA blog gadget (official website / online store)
(This is Ogihara Momoko's mode brand)

dazzlin' blog gadget (official website / online store)
This brand is just too cute! Lena from Vivi often wears it!

Laguna Moon blog gadget (official website / online store)
Ahh, I love their city-adapted ethnic style... (*_*) 

and last but not least! Matsumoto Ena's fabulous brand:
EMODA blog gadget (official website / online store)

And btw Ena is on April 2011 JJ cover and she's making me want to buy that magazine!!
Which I am not sure I should be getting, because I jsut placed a huge joint order for boks and magazines and will soon be getting all this from 
合格できる日本語能力試験N1, 日本語能力試験予想問題集 N1 , 乙一 暗黒童話, 乙一 死にぞこないの青, 嶽本 野ばら スリーピング・ピル, サキ短編集, 蘭 竹西寛子自選短編集, 短編復活, ボクベン, 名短篇、ここにあり, 日本人の知らない日本語2, Voce 2010.11, うりひゃー!沖縄, 全国方言スラスラブック, 星 新一 妄想銀行, 黒執事1, 黒執事2, Popsister 2011.03, JELLY 2011.03, Popteen 2011.03, shoxxx 2011.03, ranzuki 2011.03, tanki master N5, scawaii 2011.03, blenda 2011.03, Fools MATE 2011.03, 日本語能力試験N4・N5 o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく
XD But only the bold titles are for me... But I will get to touch and read all of them before passing them onto the people in the order... (*___*)
Also found a second hand english langueage bookstore near my work place and bought 2 books yesterday :D But I still want this JJ! (>_<*)

Monday, February 21, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Fairy eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ フェアーリーeye

シャララララ♪ The last Diamond Lash review is here!!  By "the last" I mean the last review for the 3 new DL boxes I ordered recently with some help from the lovely Dtan! If you want those lashes I suggest You contact her and ask about it! :) Other ways to get Diamond Lashes are through a shopping service from Japan form a japanese online store. Anyways, lets go with the review!

ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (first series) - Fairy eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  *  フェアーリー eye レビュー)

Official website photo - hmm, looks almost invisible...?? 

My photo. (so dusty, please forgive! m(._. )m

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡  Fairy lashes are straight lashes glued onto the bone so that they create a kind of an U shape, but they do not really cross or give the cross-type lashes effect. The inner lashes are thinner and shorter, while the outer ones are more dense and longer, the closer to outer eye corner, the more length and volume. There are no visible wisps, so I'd say those are volume-type lashes, but they are not too dramatic, the lash ends are thin and delicate, they are perfect for daily use in my opinion!! I don't wear fake lashes everyday, but if I did, I'd wear those! Since I bought them, I am wearing lashes more often anyway! Like other Diamond Lashes, they are very soft and light and easy to glue on (remember, put glue on the lash bone, wait about 30 seconds, hold with both hands, look down at your mirror and slowly place them right over your lashes, on your eyelid! It'll go good), they never poked me in the eye or gave me any unpleasant feeling while I was wearing them. Also they never ever started falling off, even a tiny bit. When I wear them I just really forget I have fake lashes on, so super comfortable (but that goes for most Diamond Lashes) and the shape and style is amazing, no wonder those are a huge hit in Japan...LOVE★⌒ヾ( ̄〓 ̄ヾ)

ZOOM UP photos!
No flash, eye closed... you may think - wait, how is this natural?? Magda, you mad?, but just wait and see...! :D

Looking straight at the camera, no flash! 
Ahh, I love those lashes... (*______*)

BTW, I took those photos in the morning, before leaving for work, I am wearing them for work no problem - they are comfortable and look great but not dramatic! It's also the 4th or 5th time I am wearing those lashes (this exact pair!) and it still looks and wears perfectly. Of course each time I clean my lashes carefully after taking them off and store in lash container, so no dust gets on them. :) Because you can reuse them and get 5 pairs for about 1000yen (original price in Japan), they are super economical and great value for the money.

Looking up, no flash! 

Looking straight, with flash, see how delicate the lashes are? *love*

Now, the longest lashes, at the very outer corner are about twice as long as my own miserable lashes, but because of the way the lashes are glued to the lash bone (in the U shape I mentioned before) and how thin they are, especially the ends, even though you get a lot of volume close to the lash bone, the lash ends are getting thinner and don't look heavy at all! And that is why, in addition to being light and easy to wear, they also look super natural, even though they to give a nice volume and really help define the eye! Seriously guys, I recommend those a lot! パァー ゛ (゜・゜* ホレボレ

You can also see some other reviews here:
@ Jae's amazing blog (you must follow this one, her reviews are the best!
@ Mitsuki himeko's blog (wow, just found it thru Google, looking for other reviews, following!)
And Diamond Lash "Gorgeous eye", which I reviewed here)
@ Monica Tang's LJ review (but I don't agree with her review, they are really nice lashes in my experience :))

And to show you how natural they are, some all face shots, hahaha, the morning "by the window" light washed out the colors and photoshopped me :3 Wearing MAC Peachstock on the lips and Dainty on cheeks. My eyes are MAC Vintage Selection paintpot ('ve been using it everyday since I bought it) and Retrospeck eyeshadow, with moderately thin gel eyeline!
BTW, it is MINUS 15 CELCIUS degrees today in Warsaw.... OMG (T___T)
My younger sister's luggage is in the back, I can't believe how many bags she brought.... (O_o??)

Yeah, no brows (;_; ) They are so thin and pale OTL But you can see the lashes! 
Perfect for daily wear, are they not?!

 Sooo... that is my review, please share your thoughts! I really recommend those lashes for everyone! I will try to post reviews for the 3 other Diamond Lash types I have at home: Princess, Celeb and Dolly. ^^* But from now on, this week will be busy at work, including a 2 day work trip on thursday/friday, so the next blog update will probably be in march... already march! The time flies so fast!! D: Got to pat this wrinkle cream onto my face everyday, gasp!! I'll be a granny before I know it, scary! ;))

Sunday, February 20, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Girly eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ ガーリー eye

Second Diamond Lash review is here! I just took those photos and I am wearing those lashes right now and also going out in the evening to a concert wearing them. This will be a review of Diamond Lashes in Girly, from the "Pure series", aka "light pink tray" series. 

ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (Pure series) - Girly eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  ガーリー eye レビュー)

Stock photo - looks like the real thing, but looks different on Yuuki`s eye than it does in reality! Why? It it not so low volume in reality!

The lashes in the tray. The inner lashes are very short and then they start to get longer and more dense and they have a cat-eye effect. The outer corner has a lot of volume! The lash bone lenght is not long at all - like other Diamond lashes I put them on easily without cutting anything off - the lash bone is shorter than my eye width - and my eye is not really long or anything.

Close up. The outer lashes are very long.
 And now close up photos on the eye:
(flash) lol at my photoshopped eyeliner (=_=')

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡 Like other Diamond lashes, those are very light and comfortable to wear, easy to glue on, because the lash bone is soft. But I did have problems gluing it on - the outer lashes are sooo dramatic and even if you glue it a little bit uneven, IT WILL SHOW. You can see I couldn`t glue them on evenly on my eyes, right and left are a bit different... OTL But, oh well! Also I tried gluing them closer to my inside eye corner, but the outer lashes are so long and volume-y and then suddenly end, so the outer lashes look weird, especially when I look down, if you can understand what I`m trying to say here, it`s hard to phrase for me... (X=x`) And if you glue it closer to your outer eye corner, you will get a droopy cat-eye effect, and you will get lots of it! So you decide, positioning them is kinda hard, in my opinion. The gluing on is easy, just as other Diamond Lashes. Also they look scary in the "looking down" photos, in person they are a bit more natural looking, but I don`t think they are natural lashes, definitely closer to dramatic lashes! Paired with bottom lashes they would create a super cute, girly look I think! :D

So lets see photo of DL Girly worn!
Looking down - no flash - they do look a bit freaky, don`t you think? See what I meant? The outer side lashes  end so suddenly, I dunno, maybe it`s just me? XD (After wearing them all day, I must say I got used to that look, but I was feeling self concious, thinking they are too much for daily makeup.)

But, looking straight - no flash, they look way more natural, see? I actually glued them on without moving past my natural lash line, I even left a couple of milimeters between the lash bone end and my outside eye corner - the lashes are just soooo long they wing out outside my eye lenght anyway! :O

Another shot. You can see I wasn`t able to glue them perfectly even OTL

Looking down with flash - they are a little bit shiny with flash, but it`s not bad.

Not all that dramatic, huh? But also not really natural... something in between!

The curl is very strong and nice.

Soooo... my overall thoughts? They are very long, on the outside corners!! Very cat-eye like and winged and curled really nicely - if you want an elongated eye effect, a droopy eye effect, cat eye, and so on, you should get those, they would be perfect for that! The have no wispy look and neither are they natural looking in my opinion, but the fact that they wing out only at the outer corner doesn`t make them super dramatic as well. Somwhere between natural and dramatic. More of a "volume" type lashes, but since the volume starts to build up from the center, they are OK even for me, for I am not a bit fan of heavy volume type lashes. Also, good value for the money. Hmmm... but I definitely think they are NOT easy to position on the eye, so maybe I wouldn`t advice fake lashes beginners to get those as their first lashes? unless you really want them, of course :DDDDDDD
I don`t think I will be wearing them a lot, from the 3 types Diamond Lashes I got recently (Fairy, Gorgeous & Girly, those ones - Girly - are my least favorite... But I will still try to glue them on in different ways and have fun with them! :D (I am thinking now they would look suuuper cute moved outside my real lash line and glued going down, for an extreme droopy (tare-me) effect! :O

The dark circles under my eyes.... (=_=) 
This is a fan with hand painted wonderful ink art of a Dharma with a wise sentence made especially for me by Sung Seop Joung, artistic nickname Hyunrim (玄林). A Korean painter. ^^*
I will try to add single eye photos later, like in the other review.
Take care! :*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Gorgeous eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ ゴージャス eye

さて!I am wearing Diamond Lashes in Gorgeous eye today and I decided, if I'm going to do this, write the rpoper reviews I mean, I should do this now, before sth else distracts me!
\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ふあー I was woken up soooo early today by my cat, who wants to play at 5:30 am and thinks my moving foot is the most exciting toy ever... (=_=') I wasn't really able to fall asleep after that, watched an episode of "An idiot abroad" (the brazil episode, hilarious!!) and ate breakfast (unusual, woke up hungry, lol).
Now I'm at work, but it's super slow today, so I might as well spend 15 minutes writing a nice review. :D

ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (first series) - Gorgeous eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  ゴージャス eye レビュー)

The producent's photo - the lash bone is clear in reality, I dunno why they made it look black in the stock photo?

The lashes in the box ( ̄ー ̄)v ブイ!My own photo! That's more like it! 
They look crazy long n the box, and very curly too!

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡 Those lashes are super light, the lash band is clear and soft. The lashes themselves are soft but not too soft, sturdy enough, very wispy and super looooong. They are easy to glue on (I always use both hands to place the lashes correctly and close to my lash line - but not on the lashes, ugh, lashes glued too high or on the lashes, my pet peeves!). There is not much volume, so if you want volume, you will need to layer another pair of lashes with those. They create length and long visible wisps! It gives a really dolly effect in my opinion! Also those lashes, when worn really remind me of MAC #7 lashes! Overall, they are great lashes, they have a nice strong curl and are very long and wispy. And the price is reasonable! You get 5 pairs of reusable lashes for the price of more less 1 (one) pair of MAC lashes!! (prices around the world differ, but in Poland one pair of MAC lashes id 55pln).

Now photos of the lashes worn! Taken today! せ~の (o ̄▽ ̄o) わ~い \( ̄▽ ̄o)/Natural light!
looking up - they are almost twice the lenght of my natural lashes, lol!!

looking straight at the camera - there is a really nice curve

looking down - as you can see, not really much volume, only the lenght and the wispy look, which I think is more than enough for daily looks and would be perfect for a night out as well - I'm not a big fan of crazy volume Brigitte Bardot type lashes honestly
(this was before I went over the lash bone with black liner, don't worry ;))

And both eyes! With flash this time. 
To show the lashes better I kept the eye liner and eye shadow minimal. ^^*

I am wearing MAC Tempting on my bottom lash line! (*´▽`*)

More less looking at my eye level... (* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ

So, to sum it up again, those are really great lashes! Less crazy than I expected them to be just from the way they look in the box. Main charm points are: length & wipsy lashes & curl! Very similar to MAC #7, but more reasonably priced (well, but I still think that MAC #7 lashes are definitely worth the price!! It's just that with those you get really same quality, very similar lashes, in a similar price, but you get 5 pairs in a box!) (^▽^喜)Overall, if you like this type of lashes and have a change, deeeeefinitely buy those!

And as requested, more of the cat, Noko.
That is all! Bye bye for now, my dear readers! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diamond Lashes collection & shot reviews

Sooo!! Recently I ordered some Diamond Lashes (btw, their website is perfect, user friendly and pretty!) with the help of the lovely D~tan of sEpia memory blog, and she helped me get Original series: Fairy eye (the most popular type I think, Kanako wears it too) and Gorgeous eye lashes and from Pure series: Girly eye lashes.

My new lashes! Opened it right away, hohhoho~
And I thought it is a good oportunity to say a little bit more about Diamond lashes and show the ones from my stash :) So first I'll introduce the new ones, I haven't worn them yet of course, but I'll do my best to post photos and thought soon. But here are the new ones!

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ Diamond Lashes - Pure Series - Girly eye lashes

from Diamond Lashes website, shown on gorgeous Yamamoto Yuuki:
They are from Pure series, whish is supposed to be "natural", so we will see, but in the box they look quite dramatic for natural lashes, more dramatic than in this photo. Still, they are super soft and light, Diamond Lashes are really killer. :)

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ Next , Diamond Lashes - Original series - Fairy eye lashes, which are one of the most popular lashes in Japan now, Kanako and Romihi from EGG magazine wear it, soo many people swear by those lashes... I cannot wait to wear them! I thought the Original Series Diamond Lashes look quite dramatic in photos of just the lashes, but in real life they look like... just... wow, perfect. They are not too long or crazy, don't look plasticy or too heavy of fake, but still have enough volume and style and make eyes look stunning... And they are so soft and light and I seriously just forget I have fake lashes on when I wear Original series lashes! :D
EDIT: WORE THOSE TWICE - looooooooove them!!!

And a pic from website:
Again, the stick photo is a bit different from the lashes in person, they are more natural in person, I'd say, so don't be scared of them! Fabulous, must buy!!!

And two pics of those on my eyes, I love them

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ And then, Diamond Lashes - Original series - Gorgeous eye lashes

Website photo:
They do look likethe promo pic, except there is no thick lash band, it is clear and soft. The lashes are really  long though - I think they will create a super cute dolle effect with tare-me (dropy eyes), because the longest strands will face down and then curl up again, how cute.... <3 But they are super long! (O_o)

But, those are the new shiny lashes I haven't worn yet. Below are Diamond Lashes I already have and wore, so they will also come with EOTD photos and reviews later! Yay? :) I ma so bad with taking photos and posting good reviews, but I`ll try, I promise!

Diamond Lash - Volume Series - Celeb eye lashes
They are super light and soft and wearing them is like a dream. But they are veeery long and dramatic, my male friends ALWAYS comment about it when I wear them. ("Oh! What's with the lashes!!! Tonight you DID DO MAKEUP, whoa..." and so on... :P But it was also like "Tonight your eyes look very kawaii", so... who cares? :P Aah, men... if only they knew what they are talking about, I'd care, but in case of lashes, they have no idea. ;)) But they do look rather dramatic:
I think they are perfect for a full-on gyaru look though!

Diamond Lashes - Lady Glamorous series -Princess eye lashes (bottom lashes)
It is hard to glue them on correctly, they always seem to face down and look weird. Plus the longest pieces and too long and heavy, but I found that if I cut off the last one or two pieces, they work perfectly, even with makeup that`s not really strong, just add some eyeliner of shadow on your bottom lid and they blend in nicely. Overall, nice lashes, mostly for stronger looks, but if you cut off the longest pieces, they are fine for natural looks too!

 Diamond Lashes - Original series - Dolly eye lashes, promo photo:
Sooo, at first I was like, what's the deal with those, they don't have much volume or lenght, they are only a tiny bit longer than my own lashes, they look too natural!! I couldn't see the fake lashes at all. :/ But after feeling dissappointed, but still trying them a couple times, I understood what's nice about them. They are natural, but that makes they sooo easy to wear with natural looks - thin eyeliner, light eyeshadow and those curled up = pretty! :) So now I like them, if I only want  to a little bit extra, I wear those. For example sometimes wearing lashes just makes me happy, but I don't want everyone to be shocked, (example saturday mornings, when I teach japanese, my students should focus on japanese, not my makeup), I wear those. Nice, but definitely not for you if you want a dramatic look or your lashes are already super longs and thick. :)

Real photo:
my complete Diamond Lash stash 8DDDDDDDDDDD

 You can see the "drama level" difference between Dolly, Fairy and Celeb. Like I wrote above, Dolly is extremely natural. Fairy is fabulous, but still looks natural and is just perfect. While Celeb is definitely nowhere near natural, but oh so fabulousss.... but I guess, not for everyday? :)

& Greetings and bye bye from my silly cat:
He just finished texting someone aparently, hey, get your own phone, cat! :P