Saturday, April 10, 2010

haul: magazines and EGG Beauty preview!

 got all my ordered magazines! Jelly april and may, Happie Nuts may, Scawaii and BLENDA with Kato Miliyah on the covers and EGG Beauty spring 2010! :D

That`s not all, I let my coworker have 2 for the weekend!
There were some freebies! A mini bag-shaped pouch with Vivi and Hello Kitty fake lashes box with Scawaii. :D

Hello Kitty fake lashes case from SCawaii magazine. Pretty cute and has a good mirror inside!

The bag from Vivi:

I tried to arrange it with a quilting bag like in Vivi :D

Ahhh, I am sooo happy with my magazines! :D Since there is a shitstorm in the media I want to ignore as much as possible, I will be reading them all day long~ :D I love my japanese magazines, zomg! After reading them carefully I`m going shopping! :3 BTW, here are some previews from EGG Beauty. I would definitely recommend it if you like gyaru or makeup, their makeup is pretty extreme, but you can use it as inspiration even if you don`t do gyaru makeup or it would be perfect for party makeup! :DD Here are some snaps, enjoy!

left EGG Beauty spring 2010, right EGG Beauty autumn 2009

Romihi in a questionable coordinate xD

Sakamoto Remi, she looks like a Bambi, very cuuute, everything! :)

Aina looks pretty too ^^

The "monster teeth" Nemoyayo. She OK, but.... sigh

Kanako is shopped right too! XD

And it of course has tons of super detailed makeup instruction, a very nice skin care section, hair section, some fashion, GAL DEBUT section where they help out beginners to get into the style (want translations??) and over all it`s a great magazine if you like gyaru and beauty!! See a couple more random pages and hope you enjoy!
hair section

Romihi and Kanako special

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  1. Thanks for some of the previews of Egg Beauty 2010! I didn't get a chance to buy a copy of that issue yet, so excited! :D

  2. Yes! I would like the translations! :D

  3. Dolly☆
    I would scan it if I could, but I hope the pics are interesting too. :) I might take and upload some more, if people are interested in them even if they are pics, not scans. :3

    OK, got it, I`ll work in that and post the translations either here or over at ggggal tumblr. :)

  4. i never gave egg a chance, i guess i was afraid of it by all the colors, but it looks like a good read :)

  5. oh gosh! the egg beauty looks awesome =3~ i would love translations for the Gal Debut!! it would be so useful *-*~

    thanks for the pics ^_~

  6. AHHHH! Where/How can I get myself a HK fake lashes kit?! Are there anymore mags that still offer it?! Please get back at me!

    <33 Rena