Thursday, April 1, 2010

new: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex

My Estee Lauder eye cream arrived! :D OMG, the delivery was so fast! It only took 3 days! :o Amazing.
Anywhoo... here`s what it looks like! The box is pretty light mint blue kind of color and there is a leaflet in many languages and a spatula. There`s 15ml cream in the cute dark brown jar, and it`s filled to the top! :D

See how small the jar is... I think it`s cute :D

The cream is light yellow beige and gel consistency.

I can`t get ovet how huge the leaflet is compared to the cream jar, lol!

I will be using the cream from now on so I`ll review it later, but here`s the leaflet info in english for you. :) 

Oh, btw, I got a job!! A regular 9 to 5 desk job and I am so happy, I will have more income and more regular day rythm, yay! But back to topic. I hope this cream will help moisture and prevent wrinkles and somehow make my dark under eye cirlces less visible and puffy. After work when I`m on the train I can feel my skin around the eyes being pulled, eugh, not a pleasant feeling... so help that Estee Lauder! ;D
What eye cream do you use??


  1. i use clinique's all about eyes moisturizer and i THOUGHT it was helping but recently....-_- it's a super thick moisturizer, but i really just want something that gets rid of under eye shadows! pleeease tell me how this works~

  2. I looks good:) I honestly don't use any eye creams:P