Sunday, April 18, 2010

pink lips! INGLOT & MAC lipsticks comparison and review

Hey guys! Sorry for lack of new posts recently! I am a bit overwhelmed by work and suddenly slow internet at home... Spring is here and it`s so beautiful! :) The nice weather and all makes me need some romance... xD
Did you hear Ayumi`s new album yet? I like Sexy little things and Don`t look back, the songs and the videos are amazing! The rest of the album is so-so, but those two totally make it worth it! See yourself! Ayu!!!

 Anywhoo, I went shopping with my sister last week and randomly tested an INGLOT lipstick and I really liked it! I went and bought it the next day. Here a comparison and review of:
- INGLOT 418 lipstick (matte finish)
- MAC Viva Glam, Lady Gaga lipstick (lustre finish)

The lipstick looks like this.

I think it`s darker and more neon pastel-neon (wow that makes no sense xD) in real life.

Next to Lady Gaga. :)

left: INGLOT, right: MAC, in artificial light

in sunlight, top MAC, bottom INGLOT 

So this is an INGLOT lipstick comes from their matte lipsticks lineup, it`s number 418. Honestly, I can`t believe how thick and pigmented this is!! As you can see in the photo above, it`s almost chalky in texture, it`s crazy! I found a good way to apply it, is applying lip balm first, then just tapping the lipstick into your lips, not applyingi it like normal lipstick, you will have too much on your lips - it will still give lots of color - and then applying the lip balm on top again - and then lip gloss if you want to. I looooove this with Baby Sparks! (*_*) The lipstick stays on the lips for hours, the color is so bright and vivid! :D Because it`s not really creamy, but more chalky and super pigmented, I think it might work pretty well as an eyeshadow too! And the price is... only 20pln (around 7usd)!!!
The MAC lipstick, which is completely diferent in texture and finish, (I am just showing them together because of the similar color), was 80pln, four times as much. :O OMG. I am shocked how people from USA say INGLOT is about same price range as MAC, because here in Poland, INGLOT is 2-3 and sometimes even 4 times cheaper than MAC, but comparable quality! 

I really like it and will definitely be playing with it a lot, I even wore it to work (my dress code is very free there)! Once I played with it and just created something insane, but you can see how it looks on eyes too! :D The brows and everything is over the top, but I was just playing around and not being precise, so forgive and enjoy. ;D
Crazy, I know. xD Super her makeup. xD I am wearing this lipstick on eyes, lips and cheeks in this pic.

And a proof of spring from my garden.
I started jogging! Wish me cosistensy and luck! :) 
Take care!


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  2. Hey, thanks a lot! :DDD Take care :3

  3. It is a lovely shade! I just found this brand today while I was doing some makeup searching. Do you know if we can get inglot in the US? I tried to buy from their website, but had no luck.

  4. I know INGLOT has stores in USA, but you should ask at Specktra forums, here: I live in Poland, so I'm not sure where exactly the american Inglot stores are. But I'm sure you can buy it in USA! Good luck :D