Saturday, April 3, 2010

haul: recent shopping!

I did some shopping recently and here`s what I got all together! There is a list of all the things I got below the photo. Some things I needed because of beef with sister (lol) and some I was lusting after for over 1,5 year!! :O And then just some I needed/wanted atm. Guess which is what? ;D 

- DUO eyelash glue (sold at Inglot) / 23pln
- Mac mineralize spf15 foundation, I got color NC25, a bit darker for sunny weather. I wanted to try it for a while and decided to get it after payday! (^0^) / 130pln
- Mac gel eyeliner (blacktrack), because I was sharing one with my sister and we got some beef so I decided to get my own :P and eyeliner brush 209 /66pln
- Estee Lauder eye cream I already wrote about, I like it lots, it feels a little  bit tingling and warm after application, but it`s nothing unpleasant, I feel like it`s working nice.
- Mac Peachstock lipstick released with Liberty of London collection! Aaah, I waited sooo long for this!! After reading in 小悪魔Ageha that Momoeri wears this lipstick I had to have it, but couldn`t because it is a pro color, so when it came out I grabbed it right away >:D / 80pln
- Inglot`s nr 11 base coat and/or conditioner and a looovely nude nail polish nr 874, it`s like weak coffe with lots of milk, such a pretty beige color! / 18pln each
I will post about each of those with photos and reviews soon! :3

I also learned that Inglot`s nail polishes do not contain harmful chemicals that are in most other nail polishes and have lots of vitamins. Accidentally, nail polishes are the only thing from Inglot I use, maybe I should try sth else? The MAs there have terrible makeup that scares me though xD

I got the mini nail polish remover for 2pln as a promo. It smells nice and removes polish well and... I think I want a full size bottle of this! :o The conditioner is made especially for weak peeling nails, which I have. (=_=`) I already had weak nails, but after going on Izotek treatment (anti ance) and having my skin dry out dramatically they just became a disaster D: I hope it works!
The color nail polish is best, very excited about it, but it on impulse :D

Pretty!! Those are two layers. Got to remember to apply very thin layers, because the brush picks up a lot of nail polish, but it dries quickly and doesn`t chip off. I used the conditioner on top too. Oh, btw, one Inglot nail polish is 18pln in Poland. It`s a very affordable brand here. :D I love it and I want more nail polishes!!!! (*^u^)v


  1. Great haul I agree!

    Love the Inglots product!

    Świetny blog :*

  2. waa i want it all~~ haha

    and that nail polish colour!! so pretty, i keep looking for a yummy nude colour but nothing is really making me fall in love...
    i also have weak nails T T i use sally hansen polishes because they supposedly help make your nails stronger. i dunno! :(