Saturday, April 24, 2010

I want to do a give-away or swap! And I need new mascara! And waiting for new Missha cream! :D

Hey girls!
I am thinking I want to do a swap or a giveaway! Anyone would like to participate?? :3 This entry will be rather random about things I am waiting for or things I will or want to get! :D

Have you seen the new Superglass glosses from MAC preview at Temptalia?
OMG! I love Dazzleglasses, so I will definitely get some Superglasses as well! :D So sparkling :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: I need them in my life, hahah.

I am also waiting for a package from my friend Mimi from Korea! I will be getting this cream from Missha!
みみ♡いつもありがとう(^人^) チュ
I actually got a sample of this cream with Missha BB cream I ordered from eBay and this cream was amazing! Thick and gritty, like natural honey, and it felt amazing on my skin! I will use it as a night cream :D Can`t wait!!! I think it`s a skin deep relaxing moisturising essence, with gold powder and wild korean ginseng! They list it as moisturising, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, nutritioning and whitening cream with elastin and keratin and tons of some herbs and ginsengs and who knows whats. xD But I tried in on my face before, and I was impressed! Estee Lauder for my eyes and this for my face! :D Goodbye premature wrinkles, yes\yes? :D
And it comes with half size try out lotion and milk from Misa (美思) series and something else too... (on the right in the box)? Lol, actually if someone can translate some info for me from korean, I would be very grateful! xDDD Missha also makes their pages in image files, so I can`t even use online translator... :I

super excited! :D

Anywhoo, I`m also running out of mascara. Recently I`ve been using Etude house mascara base and Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara (very good and so cheap!) and then Majolica Majorca Frame Expander mascara on top of Rimmel. I love huge dramatic lashes! I had problems removing the Majolica mascara, even though it looks gorgeous and makes lashes soooo long (fibers!), it is impossible to remove! ((>д<)) But I finally found out how to remove majolica mascara! When I layer it over another mascara (I have Sexy Curves in regular, not waterproof version), it comes off easily! I guess it`s the extra layer between lashes and the super strong mascara, that makes it all come off easily. :D 
I am running out of all of those and wondering what mascara to get next. I really like those two together, but I was looking at Helena Rubinstein mascaras and they look really nice~ ♡ Should I get this one instead? Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks, the packaging is super cute, I think I was looking at a different version of this in Sephora, the brush was a tiny bit rubber like, instead of a regular brush and it`s waterproof.. looks really tempting! Opinions?

After payday I will be also finally getting my Missha Deep Cleansing Oil and maybe also Kanebo Blanchir Superior face washing soap
I always wash my face 2 or 3 times morning and night. 
(Actually I was asked to post about how I clean my face, by Pati☆, and I will try to make a post about that, but generally, I wash my face 3 times - and that counts as one session of removing makeup and washing my face. First I remove makeup (oil or other makeup remover), then optional scrub wash and then a face wash, sometimes I do step 1 and 3 two times, just to make sure I really washed my face clean! :D And since I have very dry skin now I practically never exfoliate now, maybe once a month with a very soft scrub.) 

What do you want to get or are getting soon?


  1. giveaway yey !!

    and this post was helpful because i'm planning to get lots of asian skin care products soon (now that i got a job at last) and anyway, i need to scroll around your blog again as you have lots nice reviews ! =)

  2. I just got a travel bottle of Missha Deep Cleansing Oil and I looooove it. Going to have to buy a full size bottle as well one time!

    You wash your face so much, is there a reason?

  3. Jigglytwig, I hope you find some helpful reviews in my blog then :D I`m also waiting for payday to have a shopping spree :D

    Fee, I just believe through cleansing is the best thing you can do, skincare wise. That`s why! :) I massage my face when I wash it and I believe clean skin = healthy skin and it makes it absorb all the skin care better too. :D

    Dominique - if I don`d win in your giveaway, lets do a small swap then! :DD I can send you some polish brands and stuff we can only get in europe :) I never had a swap or anything like it and I think it would be very exciting :D

  4. Hi!! A lot of my japanese make-up artist friends swear by Helena Rubinstein Feline Black. And its sold at SEPHORA? They told me only in Japan.