Thursday, April 8, 2010

new: MAC Peachstock lipstick!! :D & busy me

So I thought I will post pics of the new Peachstock lipstick, honestly I LOVE IT. It's ligther than Siss, which can look too brown-ish on me when I apply too much, and more natural than Myth, which looks great, but sometimes, like when I don't have a really defined eye makeup, I want more natural looking nudy lips. Momoeri was right for loving this lipstick, I love it too, such a great nudy one~

The Liberty of London colabo packaging is sooo cute! I cut up the case on the left and decorated my drawer with it ;D
The white packagind is cute!!! 胸キュン!!!

I will take a better pic one day... xD but you can see my bare lips and then Peachstock on half of my lips. It's a satin finish MAC lipstick, so it means it comes out pretty opaque and matte. Which means you can work any gloss you like on top! I love it with my Etude House glosses or Myth dazzleglass from mac. :D (Oh and sorry for my disgusting zoom up skin, no makeup :o I dunno, maybe don"t click the photo... lol)
Also, please forgive me rare updates recently. Since I got the job I don't have most of the day to bum around and take photos of everything like I used to... xD But here's me one day leaving for work at 8am! :D Yay, nerdy glasses and Gilfy bag! I'm also wearing some Gaga on my lips and oriental herbs Missha BB cream and Azalea Blossom blush. :D PS. Part of my magazines came today, BLENDA, JELLies, Happie Nuts, SCawaii with Hello Kitty eyelash case, zomg... I'm loving it. :D And HM has a special on diets too, love reading them, execution is harder... bawwww xD

I will work on more posts soon! In the mean time, you must check out this blog! She's a super talented polish girl posting amazing makeup tutorials in english!!


  1. I really love Peachstock too, it's such a great colour with smokey eyes. :)

  2. Peachstock looks lovely:D Love the packaging too,liberty always have lovely designs:)

  3. oh yeah i also got a job just last week and my poor blog ... yeah xD
    but gaaagagagahgjhsafg!! i'm heading to MAC's today to try out the new liberty of london lipsticks =( !! I still havent