Monday, March 15, 2010

new: Vitacreme B12

I am always curious about new and/or hyped about products! So when I saw info about Vitacreme B12 somewhere I got really interested! They have a couple local official pages, like and the cream is supposed to be great for skin and patented "cutting edge" and high quality product. 

It promises:
Skin Reconditioning
- Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin
- Improvement in skin elasticity
- Correction of the skin dryness
- On the individuals presenting light burns and dry skin, after several days of application ofVITACREME B12: rapid normalization, skin becoming supple, desquamation stopped. feeling of burning rapidly eased, suntan improvement, eperdimal moisture level re-established.
- On the individuals who showed burnt skin, wrinkled and peeling, gradual improvement of the smoothness of the skin, reduction of wrinkles, desquamation stopped, burns soothed.
- Of the individuals showing badly burned skin: after several days of treatment, no lesions remained. For the people who had applied VITACREME B12 in a preventative way: the treated areas remained soft and moist. No desquamation.

The main ingriedient is vitamin b12; and it`s properties are supposedly:
- Prevents premature wrinkling
- Reduces wrinkles and folds in the epidermis
- Improves skin elasticity
- Corrects epidermal dryness
- Smoothes or alleviates new or old scars
- Regenerates tissues after prolonged exposure to sun, wind or cold (mountain sea etc..)

A crazy long pic on the left with bits and pieces from asian magazines hyping over Vitacreme B12. It supposedly also helps with breakouts! 
Here are some reviews, from Shanghainese Dumpling and Soap of the Day blogs. One more review! People are comparing the cream to De La Mer, wow! Here is a page with ingriedients, sudgested face massage and history of the cream. The cream is supposedly popular over in Japan and Korea, especially after some celebrity said she loves this cream and it makes her skin so beautiful. But when I was in Japan I never heard of it... but I never read those hig end beauty magazines, so maybe that`s why I missed it? If you are in Japan or Korea tell me if it`s really a hit over there! 

There are 50ml of cream and the price is... well, the price is high! :o The canadian website sells it for 48cad, USA one for 36usd and the british webstore sells it for 20gbp... :o While some japanese stores on sell it for as little as 1590yen, which is only 18usd!!! So of course I went shopping in Japan with a shopping service (namely my favourite, check them out and tell them I sent you!) I decided to get 2 creams at the same time and sell the other one if I didn`t like it. I just got it, and I applied it to my forehead and I still can`t review it only after one use, but it really feels like it relaxes my skin - not just the surface, it kind of feels like it relaxes muscles I didn`t know I was using - which I guess lead to wrinkles. :o The cream is pink! And it has a flowery scent, which I don`t mind, it`s not too strong, but I do prefer no fragrance creams!
My photos!
the packaging looks simple and "serious", I like it! It`s easy to use the cream all up with tubes like this.

english info

It`s even pinker in real life xD

And btw here is a bigger pic with massage instructions! You can use it with any cream, especially night cream, to remove puffiness and make your face look better! And it`s very relaxing too. ^^*

Anywhoo, I just got it, so I will be testing it from now. If you have questions or opinions about this cream let me know! 


  1. thanks soo much,, I have deshydrated and dry skin, I've read that this cream could not be sufficient for me, and that I needed a rich night cream over that.
    Do you know a cheap and good one? With no paraffine please.

  2. Hanounaa - I think this cream will definitely help your skin, but if you need more fat/moisturising care, how about asking at your local pharmacy? Many pharmacy cosmetic brands have great creams for all kinds of "needy" skin.

    Also, I think you would really like Weleda Skin Food cream. It is super moisturising and fat and nice for dry skin. Also natural ingredients!
    You can buy it from eBay too.
    Big hug <3