Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Appearance: My sister's nails

My sister is pretty nutty about nail designs, and this is her latest creation! Wow! Pink leopard design, how cool is that! :D When I had more I also used to play with designs on nails, but now she is far better than me!
You can follow her on twitter is you want to: http://twitter.com/#!/Mangosalata
She is a big korea and k-pop fan.

Do you like it? :D


  1. Cute~ I could never do it myself... ;_;

  2. It looks a bit like lips too...haha..
    but really pretty! =D

  3. I think I wouldn't be able to create nails liek this neither... but then again, it's only because I have little time! If you tried it is easier than you think! :)