Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gal Model news: Sun Wei health problems!

So, most of you guys probably know Sun Wei/Son I/Wei Son (孫イー), Pop Sister model, right? Her blog is here: http://yaplog.jp/lp-sonii/ and her twitter is here: http://twitter.com/#!/sunwei1013
Recently she is posting alarming tweets also after getting many worried tweets from followers explained more on her blog. Here is the twitter post:

最強に体調がわるい。30分あればできる事を、歩けなくて動けなくて2時間かけた。 骨が浮き出てる自分の裸みるとこのまま消えるんじゃないかと最近思う。体重計見て唖然。また痩せてる。自慢とかでなく、 本当、やばい。あ、拒食症じゃないよ、違う病です

Translation: "My condition is at it`s worst. A thing I can do in 30 minutes, took 2 hours, because I can`t move and can`t walk. When I saw my naked body with bones sticking out, I thought it looks like it`s going to just disappear soon. I was shocked when I saw my weight. I lost weight again. I`m not saying this to show off, it is really scary. Oh, but it`s not anorexia, it`s a different sickness."

大変じゃないですか!!ヽ(・_・;)ノ ドッヒャー
So of course a tweet like this will get many fans nervous about her!

She next wrote more in her blog (
(all translations by me)

from yesterday my condition has gone worse again (T_T)

Again it was during shooting time for Popsister and I caused a lot of trouble....(>_<)

I got tomorrow`s shoot rescheduled for another day and tomorrow I got a day off m(__)m

To all staff members, I am so sorry!!!

Thank you very much

It`s not a kind of sickness that can be cured just by going to hospital (>_<)

But I don`t know what was the reason for this worsening...

I think I must take more nutrition and anyway I will eat a lot!!! (haha)

To everybody who sent me warm comments over twitter or blog

To my closest friends
I feel saved by everyone`s word again and again...

For always supporting me and giving me POWER,

Really really Thank You.

OMG!!! So of course I have no idea what`s her sickness, but it sure sounds serious and worries me too, even though I am not really a fan, I just know her from magazines... She says it is not anorexia, but sounds like some eating disorder or lack of nutrients, maybe anemia? Anyway, since I am not feeling my best neither recently, I really feel for her. :/ Even though she is getting more and more popular, she has health problems... Lets hope she gets better soon! 


  1. Thank you for translating and telling me to read this ,i had no idea.It does sound serious,hopefully it isn't something too serious and she gets better soon:O
    I hope you feel better too:(

  2. Just a short note; it can´t be anaemia (I have it; especially after surgeries), you immediately can feel better by getting a blood transfusion and you wouldn´t loose weight because of it, it has no immediate connection. They tell you to eat much (especially red meat and such) so apart of genetics she already couldn´t have eaten properly.
    It more sounds like she has mental problems (depression?) that cause/with a combination of physical signs.

  3. I don't know who she is, but that sounds such a unfortunate thing :( I hope she gets better soon.

    :) visit my blog if you get the change to! :)

  4. Thank you for the translation. I was so upset when I read this. She's one of my favorite models. I really hope she gets well good D:

  5. ♡Alanna
    Yeah I noticed the increasing interest in Wei Son among western gyaru bloggers and then I saw her twitter and blog and thought people should know! I mean, her makeup is ABSOLUTELY amazing and her fashion is fun, but she does look frail!

    ♡Lili, thank you for clearing that up... Whatever she has sounds pretty awful and hopefully she will get better soon. All of the best to You♡♡♡

    She is a popular japanese model, regular in POPSISTER magazine, check it out! You can read scans here: http://mag.vimee.net/

    Me too! Also through twitter I found out Saki Namba (who I love!) also had an accident and though OH GREAT NEXT WHAT?!?!?! and got upset! XDDD Saki cut has foot and had 13 stitches and can't walk for a while, poor Saki!!! (T_T) I hope they both get well soon!