Sunday, November 21, 2010


It`s time for the next circle lens review! Last time I reviewed GEO Honey Wing, this time it`s GEO Angel Blue! Please click on all photos to see bigger size and comment and let me know what you think about those lenses and the review!
Those I also ordered from and I got those two cute animal lens containers and free shipping too. (They had a free shipping promotion). Their service was correct and it was great shopping with them!

GEO Angel Blue are the bottom-right ones! 
They were 19,90$ and free shipping and they come with prescription!

Product Specification
Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Package include:  Free contact lens case

Bare eye - no makeup, by the window

No makeup - with the lens, by the window.

The lens are dark blue, if you are looking for bright and light blue, skip those! But if you are OK with dark blue, those will be great! They have a quite thick black rim and they are visibly bigger than my natural iris, so there is a noticeable enlarging effect! 
Also, sometimes they give a slight halo effect, like in this photo!

This is the whole face + makeup view and a cute Rialkkuma travel lens case!

This is with MAC Venomous Villains She Who Dares blue eyeshadow! Photo in daylight, no flash!

With She Who Dares EOTD in daylight.

With She Who Dares with flash!

Overall: They make a big difference in eye color and size, in bright daylight or flash photos, they will not blend with your natural eye color (no matter what eye color you have IMO), on green eyes like mine, the hole in the middle is rather visible, but as you can see in the daylight photos, it`s not super dramatic and in dim daylight it might pass as "OK blending with natural eye color". As for comfort, those are more comfortable than GEO Honey Wings!! Very very comfortable, non drying, I wore them to a halloween party and forgot I even had lenses in. (Also photos of me wearing those here.) My opinion on the color? It is very dark! It@s more like navy than blue, or deep ocean blue. They are good for dramatic Sakurina-like makeup with tons of eyeliner and lashes and then they really make your eyes look big! But I think, those are more suited for darker irises - but even on darker eyes they will look unnatural. But you know, you don`t get lenses like this if you care about looking super natural. :P 
Overall, I really like them, more for special nights out than everyday makeup, but I do like them. ^^*

PS. My younger sister got some circle lenses recently, so I will take photos of her too and put them as reviews here! She even bought pink lenses! :o 


  1. looks great with the blue eyeshadow!
    thanks for reviewing^^

  2. nice review; I owned these lenses before and I agree... they don't blend well with your natural eye colour but they are great for bold looks! I liked to wear them at night time or at clubs :D

  3. I like the way your review and cover about everything that can be said about a pair of lenses. You share it in a way that can make anyone who is unsure be able to choose.

    I agree with the color blending thing, there's something that doesn't convince me about dark lenses in fair colored eyes. Usually one can see your original color popping out from behind because it's brighter and more noticeable, and it does make an effect I don't totally like. It doesn't happen when the lenses are lighter or a totally different color, but... ^^
    I've got to add though that they do look great in your daylight pic with She Who Dares, in that pic they blend with both your color and the eyeshadow and it looks terrific, but maybe it's not the thing for someone who wants something more natural.

  4. I bought those lenses :'(
    but sadly my eyes rejects them, so I had to throw them out... so I can never wear circle lenses :'(

  5. ゴ☆
    thank you for reading my blog! ^^

    I agree! They are perfect for nights out and heavy Sakurina-like makeup. If someone wears makeup like that everyday then those might as well be daily circle lenses, but not for me~ ;)

    Thank for reading! I am glad you enjoyed my review. :) Very often the "hole" in the lens desing creates a strange effect... even for dark eyes! So far I think border design lens and nudies blend the best ^^

    Oh, that's terrible! Maybe it was just this one pair? Or maybe if it was your first time wearing lens you just weren't used to it?

  6. Great review!
    They are really dark blue, and I love the halo effect that you get sometimes!
    Glad to hear that they are comfortable to wear!
    I love how you use it with dark blue eyeshadow! It looks really amazing!
    Great review! Will be looking forward for the others <3

  7. I like the Geo Angel Brown. It's so comfy <3