Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Weeeeeell... I promised GEO Nudy Gray review first, but my sister showed up with her pink lens... sooooo.... younger sister guest appearance!!!!!!!! v(^_^*) Here come MAX PURE PINK circle lens review!

These circle lens are ordered by my younger sister from Pinky Paradise, so I'm just writing down what she tells me. They arrived in about a week to Poland. The seller provides this info:

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams

Stock: Stock available

Brand : Others
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

And they come with prescription!
Price: 25.90$
Stock photo:

Real life photos ON GREEN EYES!:
by the window in daylight, the pink/purple is slightly visible

photo with flash and super wide eyes... xD

indoors, away from direct sun light or artificial light

with flash!

and daylight again!

She says they are very comfortable and the pink color is very subtle, people don't even realize she is wearing circle lens (REALY?? people don't know better!), even thought the black rim in quite thick and makes eyes pop. She is very happy with them and since they have prescription they help her see. She says she usually wears them all day - sometimes even 12 hours, and they are comfortable even after such a long time. She uses moisturising eye drops though, that`s just our healthy habit while wearing lens.

NOW MY THOUGHTS. xD Because it`s my blog you know? ;) First of all I'm not completely sold on the idea of pink lenses.... harumpf... why would I want to have pink eyes? (O_o') I can't really get that, to be honest. But that aside, those are very subtle lenses, mostly with black rim, but since it's not super opaque and looks "pixelated" it looks rather natural, but then comes in the pink color.... Hmmm... I think on light brown eyes it might look really lovely, but (in my opinion) it looks very curious on green or blue eyes. Somehow in my head the two ideas 1. subtle natural rim lenses and 2. pink lenses do not match! XD
But it looks quite nice in person and does not scream fake eyes at all! 
So I think those would look better on dark eyes, but they are okay for bright eyes as well, if you're into pink lenses! :)

And also another gues appearance by my sister's nails - this time the theme is Tiramisu!
On top of some beige nail polish from H&M, the applied another H&M polish, using a sponge, to get that nice effect. It would be perfect to top it off with a cake deco, don't you think? :)


  1. I don't really get pink contacts either. I think they make the wearer look like a rabbit or something.

    I do love your nails, though! They remind me of tiramisu or cappuccino ♥

  2. I love all your reviews! Especially looking forward to your GEO Nudy Gray review, since I'm pondering on whether I should get Angel Gray or Nudy Grey~ (Nudy seems more "natural", which is nice)
    These lenses are cool, but a bit curious too I agree! Her nails look very cute!

  3. Miss Lumpy♡

    Hahah, exactly!! XD I mean it looks nice in stylized photos or maybe it looks better on very dark eyes, but on a caucasian blonde, ughhh.... (Eki from ekimura blog looks nice in pink lenses!) Sorry to everyone who likes it though (-_-)
    The nails are my sister's, she said the theme was TIRAMISU :D


    Oh, thank you so much!!!!♡♡♡ I will post that review next, just waiting for a bright day to take some more photos, I think Nudy Grays are my favorite circle lenses! :D