Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got presents! And some FOTDs! And SNOW!

I spend this weekend in a slow and relaxed way. First I went to work - because I work mon-fri and also have another job on wednesday evenings and on SATURDAYS every week... (haa... I truly must love working... =_=') Then I went to a biiiig shopping center in Warsaw to buy a winter jacket and 2 pairs of comfortable flat boots and then my parents who met me there took me home with them, to my hometown, where I spent the whole Sunday too. I bought a ZARA winter down jacket and I did well - just as we were leaving the shopping ceter, it was starting to snow like crazy and now all Warsaw is completely covered with snow - it looks so pretty!

FOTD #1.
Since I was spending a slow sunday at home, my makeup is minimal. Usually I don't even wear makeup at home, but we were going grocery shopping and for a walk, cream and makeup keeps my skin safe from the cold. I used a sample of MAC's Pro Long Wear Foundation in NC20, I am wondering whether I should buy it, I am running out of foundation... Also only eyeliner and mascara. Anway, here you can also see how GEO ANGEL BLUE lenses look in different light! 

Overall, in flash photos, they look unnatural, but in artificial light like... office or any other place that does not have super bright lights (think cosmetics store), but regular lights, they look pretty dark and not that unnatural. Unless you look really close, which most people don't... (O_o)
Oh, also Dazzleglass in Sugarrimed on my lips.

So, that's GEO ANGEL BLUE! Super comfortable btw, my full review is here!

Also, my coworker came back from Korea and gave me my omiyage I asked for, Missha Deep Cleansing Oil! <3333 I looooove this oil! Also I really love removing my makeup with cleansing oils and then just to be sure my makeup is off and my face is clean I double wash it (with La Roche-Possay EFFACLAR cleansing gel). I think removing makeup is sooo super important and also removing bb creams, since they have so much silicones and all that not really great stuff in then, sometimes regular makeup removers don't cut it! So I really recommend using makeup removing oil, this one from Missha is VERY good, smells lovely too! 
I want to get Shu Uemura cleansing oil, but they are soo expensive... Already bought boots and jacket and ahve to buy some presents... maybe next month... (=_=')

Also - got a failed Xmas present already!!! XD
By failed I don't mean the present is bad... it was supposed to be under the Xmas tree for me, from my younger sister, but.. she failed!I didn't even know what she bought for me, but when I went home on Sunday she said "don't bother me, go to my room and just wait there for me!" when I wanted sth from her. So I did, I st by her desk, went online ,got bored, and there in the middle of her desk was this lovely OPI 2 nail polishes and glittery bronzer set! I though "Oooh, pretty!" and looked at it. Then she came into the room and she went a bit mad - at herself mostly - because turns out it was the present for me! XDDD What fail... I'm sorry sister, but I did nothing wring in this situation! 
Anyway, I took it home since I already know... I will put it under the Xmas tree anyway... lol

SHOW IT AND GLOW IT and LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU (a lovely deep cherry rep with fine red glitter)

And to finish this entru, my FOTD today!
I used MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow and I also am wearing Geo Angel Blue circle lens again. Here are photos without and with circle lens. My hair cut is terrible and has NO VOLUME (T_T) So sad... but in the morning leaving for work I don't really have time to do much styling, what should I do? I was thinking about gettinghot curlers!

Cheeks: MAC Dainty
Lips: MAC Peachstock
Eyes: Visee A-2 palette glitter and MAC Woodwinked EYEBROWS: KATE palette
Lashes: Kanebo SENSAI 38 mascara (hand em down from older sister, I love how watrproof it is)
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream mixed with REVLON Photo Ready foundation, finished with MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (#medium)

And some pics of all the lovely snow here, today leaving for work:

And from my home town, Sunday.

How pretty.... <33333


  1. ohmygod! you look so kawaii like those japanese girls i saw on magazines :D!! i've been to Poland too :) it's snowing already?!?!?!

  2. Hahahah.... whaaaat~ I mean I like japanese fashion and makeup, I get inspired by it tons, so thank you!! (But just in case, I don't want to become someon I'm not lol :D)
    Cicle lenses and their magical powers, you should get them and see yourself.

    You've been to Poland? :DDD It already started snowing on Saturday and now we have aroudn 20cm of snow in Warsaw, everything is white and lovely, although of course there traffic is super slow. :)

  3. I'm agree with you, snow is so beautifull ^^<3
    Love your makeup today :D

  4. Hi :) thanks for your subscription!

    yes i've been to Krakow and Poland (oh and the amazingly cheap Inglot!!!) :) i love reading japanese magazines but i dare not to try the 'big eyes' contact lenses >.< heard they're not good for eyes! Do you use Japanese makeup too? which ones?

  5. Isa☆

    Thank you! It feels so nice to just take a walk during weather like this, even though I can feel the crazy cold on my cheeks! I dislike people who constantly complain about the weather, in summer too hot, in winter too cold... guh, cannot change sth? Then no complaining! :P Lets enjoy snow! :D <3

    I've been wearing cirlce lenses on and off for a couple years and I had no change in eyesight nor any problems! I believe if you use eyedrops and take lenses out when your eyes feel tired, you will be just fine! :D
    Oh yes, INGLOT is really cheap in Poland, after all it's a polish brand! :)
    And yes, I do use a lot of japanese cosmetics, some I bought there, some I buy online, others I get a gifts from friends :)))) I like KATE, Visee, Canmake, Maquillage, etc... and I love japanese skincare!!! And I also like korean cosmetics too, like Missha or Skin Food. :D

  6. Love your makeup~ especially the eyeshadow! Also, the OPI nail polishes. *_* Such beautiful colors....

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