Monday, November 22, 2010

Collection: my current MAC collection!

Like I said before, I do like MAC products, but not all of them and I am definitely not a MAC-only girl. But if I think I'll like sth, I buy it! I already did a post about MAC collection in march 2010. And here is my updated MAC collection!

Blushes etc... omg, my Ripe Peach blush broken...(T_T)

Mineralize SPF15 compact foundation - which I didn't like much at all :P And Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powders, which I looove and use everyday for finishing and shading! Also concealer in NC20.

My latest additions to the collection, Venomous Villains mineralize eyeshadow duos and single eyeshadows I put in a palette, Phloof!, Fresh Water, Retrospeck and Woodwinked!

Lipsticks and lipglosses, most of the dazzleglasses completely empty.

Superslick liquid eyeliner in black, black gel eyeliner and two MAC brushes I have, top one is for eyeliner, the bottom one.. I regret buying, kind of. I wanted to apply eyeshadow to bottom lashline with it, but it's too small and short. :/

Waaaaaah~ My Ripe Peach blush which I LOVE broke into pieces and I don't even know why?! I never dropped it, it just started with a little crack and now it looks like this... (Y_Y) I always store it horizontally and rarely touch it, yet it keeps crumbling... (T___T')

And here's my MAC lipstick collection! :D I have 6, mostly nude shades, I must say I really love Peachstock the most!!! It is also Momoeri's favourite nude lipstick! I like Myth too, Siss is a bit dark, Cremecup is almost my natural lipcolor and I broke it in summer when it was really hot... ;) I love Lady Gaga and Cindi convinced me I CAN wear red lipsticks! :D I think lipsticks are one of the best MAC products to get, so if yuo want to start with MAC I recommend lipstick!

with flash

 lipstick swatches on arm, no flash

swatches with flash

OK, that is all! It's not so big, but it grew much larger since march... Next up, GEO Nudy Gray circle lens review! ^^*


  1. XD i love seeing posts like this.
    You always make me want to buy dazzle glasses and the minerlise skin finshes,i've got them on my wish list:)so one day.
    Shame about ripe peach:( there are ways to set them back with rubbing alcohol apparently but i've never tried it.

  2. oh i love cream cup! :) please show us your other 'non-mac' collections LOL would love to see :D!

  3. Alanna
    Hahahhhh! Evil me... but I do have another Mineralize Skinfinish on my wishlist too! "In candlelight" is what I must get next *grabby hands* xD
    Oh I heard about some ways to fix broken powders, but then I would have to crush all of it and the pretty gradiation and 3 colors (top, bottom and mixed) would become just one... sniff....oh well!

    OK, I'll try to post my whole makeup stash, there isn't that much of it though.... I hope.... ;)

  4. Loved all the pictures, make-up porn is great XD

    I think we might be on the same level of MACing. I love MAC, but it's not my only love. Your lipstick collection is totally envious. I only have two from them. I gotta catch up ^_^v

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