Wednesday, March 31, 2010

☆朝バナナダイエット☆ banana for breakfast diet!

You ask what is 朝バナナダイエット? It's a very simple diet that took Japan by storm! The idea is, you eat a banana or two (or as many as you like), chewing well and drink a big glass of water for breakfast everyday (or for dinner if you want to). Banana is easily digested, has vitamins and is healthy, but it has little calories and the banana + water make you feel full, so it gives you all the energy you need in the morning and the satisfaction you ate breakfast. Also you get the healthy habit of eating breakfast at the same time everyday and it's a diet easy to follow.

For example, I never eat breakfast in the morning, just because I can't eat early, I'm this kind of person who is almost sick at the thought of food just after I wake up. Just coffe and that's it. But even for me, eating a banana is super easy! :3 If you feel like you need to eat a big breakfast thoguh, you can always eat the banana as dinner at 6-7pm. Simple!

Also the diet stresses no stress attitude and just relax, eat your banana, drink lots of water during the day too, be happy, sleep well, etc. And results will show! : ) Of course exersice will help, but just getting the healthy habit of regular small meals will help too.

There is also a cute website in many languages and a book for the diet with a cute character, called Asa Banako (朝バナ子), too cute~ And wallpapers for download:

The diet works for me in a way that it gives me satisfation that my eating habits are more regular and I eat breakfast, so I'm not starving myself 'till 1pm and then I don't over eat in the evening xD
When I was in Japan I also did the tofu diet (make one meal a day mostly about tofu) and cabbage diet, and I must say they are all delicious and easy to follow diets and they really work and help save moeny too. :) Unfortunately, in Poland, I can't buy fresh tofu, so I make my own tofu at home! But it's not enough to eat it everyday, so I just eat tofu because I love it, and do asa-banana diet! :3 It's also very easy to do this diet at work, eating a banana in office is non mesy and fast.
Are you on a diet of any kind? Which one and how's it going? :D

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  1. Waah.. I tried this at work for my lunch and i survived of the all 8hours with just one banana & 2 glasses of water! Thank you for blogging about this. It's nice that along with makeup you also post about health tips now and then =) !!