Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY Fake lashes container

If you use fake lashes, you know that it`s useful to have a small container, to put away the lashes you currently use, as each pair can be used a couple times. Some people keep their in-use lashes in the original plastic boxes, and I used to do this too, but it doesn`t look nice and it`s easy to lose track of where your lashes are, so I didn`t like that too much.

There are even special lash containers available, like this one from Matsuwaka Tsubasa`s line Dolly Wink:

It`s originally 420yen and has two compartments, also the design is pretty cute! Ichibankao is offering it for 1000yen including airmail shipping, which is not bad, BUT still, why should I pay for sth I can easily replace with sth else? So I thought and came up with this!

I had a box of almost used up CHANEL face powder. I wouldn`t use it anymore anyway, so I gently took out the metal lid, lifting it with exacto knife, removed all the powder in the corners, washed it and when it was dry and clean put it back together. Then, to make compartments, I just cut a thin stripe of sturdy paper (actually a postcard) and just placed it in the tray. I didn`t glue it to the box, so I can easily exchange it, etc. It does look a bit shabby, but it`s okay with me for now. v(^.^*) It looks like this:

Tadaaaam! I made 3 compartments, for outer eye corner lashes and full lashes, single lashes that I cut up and bottom lashes! This is very useful and helps me manage lashes surrently in use, so I don`t open up to many at the same time :D BTW, here is my secret eyelash stash:

LOL! Isn`t that a lot? I don`t even use lashes everyday, but it gets pretty addictive ♡ Hope you found this helpful!


  1. That's nice idea. I need to attack to my old dior's sunpowder that's almost in the end and see if i'd do something similar to it, haha :D

  2. Yeah, instead of throwing some old powder box out, especially if it`s nice and shiny, it`s better to clean it and reuse it! :D You can never have too much containers and if you add some deco it will be even cuter ♡

  3. OMIGOSH!!! This is SO much cuter