Saturday, May 8, 2010

haul: Sephora brush, MUFEconcealer, MAC MSF natural & HR mascara!

Before I go to the post, let me say thank You to beautiful Hana, Alanna and Mitsu for mentioning my blog! I looove your blogs too! And my blog was supposed to be a place to write about my makeup and I am happy and surprised that people actually like to read it. Thank you all so very much! <3 I will do my best to come up with good reviews and more tutorials! :D So and read their blogs, they are the best. :)

So, I`ve gone shopping recently after work, to hunt down a much needed new mascara, concealer and mineral powders I was thinking about for a couple months now. First I went to Sephora to get the mascara I saw there last time, Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara. It doesn`t say it`s waterproof, but it doesn`t smudge, crumble or fall off my lashes in any way and it really gives them this oomphf! volume :D I really like it, and it`s easy to remove too, comes off with Sensibio micelle solution for example, very glad I bought it. The only minus for me would be the big brush, which  I`m not used to, but I can learn to work with it. Diorshow mascara brush, on the other hand, was too huge for me and I wasn`t even able to use it, lol. I got spoiled by the little flexible silicone brushes that are so easy to use! (You must try L`oreal Telescopic if you haven`t!) And the other obvious minus would be it`s not waterproof - but there is also a waterproof version, the golden one, I just picked this because I liked the packaging and I`m not going scuba divin wearing mascara anyway. 

Then I also went to see their brushes, and since I was thinking about getting mineralize skinfinish natural powder from MAC, I went ahead and got the Sephora retractable powder brush, to carry around in my bag. :D The brush is soft and thick and it`s OK. It`s good quality for the money - it was not expensive. There were also sephora lip liners on sale for 5pln (less than 2$) so I took a nude pink one too. 

Then another day, I went shopping again, to finally give mineralize skinfinish natural a try and I also went to check what`s in other stores and also went to another Sephora again to think look at concealers. My coworkers, with typical to their nationality (not polish) delicacy, ask me everyday "have you been crying?! because your eyes look like you were", ummm.... No I haven`t, I just have deep set green eyes and heavy lids, can I live?! xD LOL, but anyway, I was running out of MAC select moisturecover, so I was thinking about getting the famous YSL concealer, but the MA at Sephora said that if I want coverage too, not only brightening, I should try this Makeup Forever concealer, and she showed it it me, and I bought it! ;D So my haul from the second day looks like this:

The concealer has original packaging, the MA tried to convince me this is more hygienic than a brush dispender, but I don`t really see how. Oh, and it`s paraben free btw, so that`s good. Using it now and will let you know how I like it in a moment. I got it in color 315. I found a quote about this concealer from MUFE makeup artist: “It has a silicone tip to make it gentler to use.  For makeup artists, all they need to do is to disinfect it with 99% alcohol and it’s ready to use for the next person. The product is  always fresh and clean as it does not get exposed to air until it comes out of the hole on the tip. The concealer is very hydrating and won’t creep and crease :)

Now, I got 2 of MAC`s mineralize skin finish natural, because I saw them being used for finishing face and shading (or just this instead of foundation even!) in Happie Nuts makeup section once. 

I like this sculpted effect! I wanted to get sth for shading for a while now and I heard mineralize skinfinish natural is good~ I was suggested medium and medium deep colors and I got them and they are about right, medium could be a tiny bit lighter for my taste, but I mean, it looks very natural on me. Mineralize skin finish natural is a "luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day." according to MAC website. I did`t really use powder to set my makeup recently, because my skin is dry, but recently it started to get better and anyway I had the idea of using this more like a foundation than a powder. I touched up my face with this yesterday in the evening after work and before drinks and it looked great, like I reapplied my whole makeup again, skin just looks smooth and photoshopped after it! (btw, I don`t photoshop my pictures because I`m too lazy! xD) It`s a very nice mineral powder. I can be also used wet of you fancy that. ;) I got a darker one too for shading, below is my FOTD when I bought them, I applied just a tiny bit of it and blended well :D They look a little bit shimmery in the pan, but they are natural matte applied. Doesn`t the skin in this photo look photoshopped almost?! 

(btw, I was testing the darker shade on my decolte, can you see? the lighter one is the same color as my skin)
I have on: missha oriental herbs bb cream shade #1, MUFE concealer in 315 under eyes, MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in medium and medium deep, MAC blacktrack get eyeliner, kanebo KATE gradical eyes BR-1 eyeshadows, Helena Rubinstein Feline Black mascara, sephora lip liner and MAC Creme Cup on top, KATE eyebrow powder.... that`s all I guess?
This is me after work I just put on the MSFN to try it out and it looked pretty good! :D

Will make a review later when I use all this for a while too. Bye and hugs! :)


  1. This makes me want to buy the skinfinish. I've been on the fence about them for awhile but this just might be the push I need to make the purchase. :D

  2. i am soooo jealous of your skin T T
    i have skin problems even though i'm almost 21. but my boyfriend does, too, and he's 26! it's tragic..(haha)
    ahh i wanna try the skin finish~~
    you also make me want to buy brushes!! i don't acutally use any nice ones, just some random one that i have for my blush...
    you are slowly turning me into a makeup lover.

  3. Therese Jsne
    I was thinking about them for a long time too before purchasing! :) I will write a reaview after using them for a while too, so maybe that will help you decide more. I was looking for reviews on youtube, but they are not so good unfortunately, people say only good things about it xD We`ll see... :D

    don`t worry, I don`t have perfect skin! I am 25 and just 6 months ago, after traveling, my skin became so bad it was tragic, I didn`t want to leave my room even, my face hurt, eugh (T=T) I decided to go on a very strong acne treatment after that, something similar to accutane, it dried my skin and it has many side effects, but it does help! Now I have no acne, just some marks and I can`t wait to finish the treatment and get a good peeling (but I think I won`t be able to do so till autumn). Acne does not stop when people become adults unfortunately. T_T

    Anyway, what we can do is have positive apporach and take really good care of out skin, right? :D Brushes take some time to get used to, but they make makup more fun and more precise :D And they feel so nice and soft on skin *^^*/
    Haha, mission accomplished xD

  4. Thank you for the review of HR mascara! I want a new one but I can't decide what to get... :/

  5. I been looking at the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara for ages now. I was not sure how it would work out for me but it seems like it worked for you so I think I really will buy it. Also, the design of it is pretty ♥