Tuesday, May 4, 2010

random & mini haul: 4 INGLOT nail polishes!

I bought 4 INGLOT nail polishes on Sunday! :D ポーランド生まれのブランドINGLOTのネイルを買いました!They are all great and I think you might like them too:

The colors are: 703 (matte finish fuchsia pink), 202 (holographic multicolor effect, looks golden, green and orange) and 204 (blue holographic effect), XL1 (clear with fine silver glitter). They were all 18pln each, which is 6usd! (とても綺麗で質のいいネイルで、一個600円くらいです。)

The pink one is just a cute Barbie fuchsia pink color, but the special thing about this polish is - the finish is matte! :D It`s my first matte nail polish I think and I am loving it so much! The one on the right is just your old regular small silver glitter polish, I like glitter and shiny things, so I must have a couple polishes like this, aight?

Matte and pretty : ) Yesterday`s manicure.
I don`t have a matte top coat unfortunately (what fail), so the manicure fell off a bit and I decided to replace it. I love the color though. I reminds me of Barbie dolls I used to have as a kid, even though I much prefered to play with my LEGO xD

Now the holographic finish ones! I heard they are finishing this series, so I will have to run to INLGOT and buy all of the colors! They are so pretty~ The colors are 202 on the left and 204 on the right:

This is 202, it is multicolor, but at first I thought it is green, then I thought it`s golden & orange, the effect is really interesting and depending on light and surrounding, it will look different. So much fun : ) Just looking at your manicure can be exciting too, right?

This is color 204, violet and blue holographic pieces, looks pretty! (*_*)

And my new manicure today, super fast and easy : ) I used INGLOT Diamond Top Coat (15) as base and top coat and holographic 202 - 2 layers. Only one nail is the matte pink (703) and one layer of 202 on top. (And 15 on top again, it also dries very fast, I likeit way better than Sally Hansen Hard as nails)

I also bought this body cream recently and it really works well - I get bad dry skin patches on my elbows and hands (ugh T_T) and it works, but I don`t really like the smell... oh well, got to just bear with it I guess. Other than the strong maple smell, this is very good for dry skin! 効いてるので、匂いを我慢します!

I really like outfits like this ↓↓ Also, Lena is adorableeee~ (T_T*) This photo is from SCawaii, catching up on the mags I bought and didn`t even have time to read! xD It says the girl on the left is May J, she`s some kind of a singer? I heard the name, but I`m not familiar with what she does really. Oh, and they are wearing dazzlin`, and Lena is wearing this colabo all in one, zomg, soooo CUTE! (>_<*)

A dress I recently bought from ZARA :3 Not quite what is in the pic above, but I liked the print (*_*) Why don`t western brands make exatcly the same clothes as japanese brands..? I want them. xD


  1. Great blog you have here..:) love the dress..;)

  2. Gorgeous polish haul:Di love those kinds of polish'they have a nicer effect than glitter and are so much easier to get off:)