Monday, May 24, 2010

MAC "To the Beach" pages and cover / Vivi 2010.07

First of all, I got a formspring account: You can ask me (almost) anything you are curious about there. ^^* It is also linked permanently in the right column.

And now onto the entry. I really like japanese magazines! There are many reasons... I was once asked if I like them, because I want to look like the models (asian), which is NOT the case. ;) I am 100% happy with my caucasian features. ;) I can appreciate beauty of all races and colors though, but it doesn't mean I hate on mine - a problem so common among young people nowadays. : /
Anywhoo, if you were wondering, I like japanese magazines because:
1) the fashion is ADORABLEEEEE and the page layout is packed full of coordinates, but easy to navigate - there is much more content than in western magazines!
2) the makeup and fashion advice is MUCH MORE detailed, which is great! It often irks me, how in western magazines they show only before and after face and you are left to guess how to draw the lines and apply everything with a few lackluster sentences (>_>?) Pointless!
3) each magazine has a distinct and unique style, which makes it easy to be inspired in the style YOU like. If you like colorful young gyaru style, go for EGG or Ranzuki, if you prefer celeb-style get Vivi or JELLY, if you like koakuma and sexy styles, Happie nuts and Ageha is for you. And for the most casual and toned down, but trendy gal fashion, get BLENDA or Scawaii. The variety is amazing! :D
4) they are just full of "KAWAII", cuteness overload, just looking at them makes me feel happier ^^*

This is the most recent cover of Vivi magazine (2010.07) So many models on the cover - my favourite is Marie! There is a super cute layout on MAC's To The Beach collection (Japan always gets MAC collections very late). I love how they photographed the cosmetics! The shell on the cover casts a shadow on the pans... adorable~ And speaking of TTB, I don't really want anything from this collection except the green eyeshadow, called Sweet and Punchy. Will I get it??? We'll see. So that's all and enjoy the scans!

BTW, today I wore fake lashes for the first time in forever! Of course I didn't have time to apply them in the morning, but I used my Hello Kitty fake lashes case and took DUO glue with me. At home I cut up one pair of simple cross-type into 2 pieces and then at work glued on one half to each eye. It is a very natural and subtle effect (you probably wouldn't be able to tell I'm wearing fake lashes), but it makes me feel so much better. And lashes are like kind of a shield. Make me feel stronger and happier. Who cares about trouble and stress. My fake lashes will blow it all away! ;) (or so I hope)


  1. All so pretty and so dangerous for my wallet, haha! And you forgot one important GREAT thing about Japanese magazines...they give really good freebies!

  2. Oh right! xD I never get the magazines for the freebies though, I am just pleasantly surprised that something came with the issue I wanted xD But some of the freebies are great! Like the Gilfy newspaper print cosmetic bag from Happie Nuts or HK lash case from Scawaii :DD

  3. I love Japanese magazines for all these reasons!! I wish I could buy them more often... I feel really bad when I need to download them TwT

    I kinda feel the same way when I wear fake eyelashes, in a "get out of my way, I have amazing eyelashes" sort of feeling xD

  4. I agree completely, japanese magazines are just really cute and fun to read, and they explain everything with pictures~

  5. I agree - Japanese magazines do have so much more content than western ones.

    I love fake eyelashes! If I wasn't lazy I'd wear them everyday <3

  6. Shmuberry
    Oh don`t! :P I also download the scans, obviously, but whenever I really want to, I get some issues. Usually in involves JELLY, something extrememly cute on the cover or Miliyah. xD And it just feels great to have the real thing in your hands and not having to look at your computer screen. :)
    And yes!! That`s the feeling!!! xD

    Hahah, magazines are one the things I really miss from Japan xD how silly does that sound... but I just want to go to a book store and read them there and buy them allllll xD

    Therese Jane
    Oh, I wish I could wear lashes more too, recently I really had no time to even think about it, but I`ll work on wearing them more often :)