Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ichibankao skincare haul ^^*

I reened to buy refils for my skincare routine, so I ordered from Ichibankao! The products I ordered re not on their website, but they are easily available in every japanese drugstore, so I asked them for a quote, they replied and I ordered my stuff! :D Their service is really great! And since I was already ordering from another continent I decided to get a tiny bit of color cosmetics too.

I got Hadalabo Gokujun series milk, toner, sheet masks (not in this photo) and face wash!
And the extra cosmetics are Kanebo KATE Gradical Eyes palette in GD-1 and a new product from Canmake, called Shimagelic Eyes (lol) in 02 sugar milk tea. It`s basically a gel glittery eyeshadow/eyeshadow base. The color of the container is the color you get (it said so on the container).
I already have the KATE palette in BR-1 and I looooove it, it`s so long lasting, the color payoff is great and they are shimmery and just look great, and for the great price you get a shimmery cream base and 4 eyeshadow colors! :D But, if I understand corectly, recently the line was remodeled and the eyeshadows are a bit different, this GD-1 palette is definitely different than my BR-1 and I don`t know if it`s because it`s a different color or if it`s because of the line renewal. One big diference is the text on the box and the cream base is not as shimmery. Still nice though! I want all of the colors from this (*_*)

It looks shimmery and pretty on eyelids! I like shimmery and glittery stuff, so for me this is subtle... ;) It has multicolored smal glitter pieces and the cream is light warm beige, well, like sugar milk tea indeed, with a lot of milk! It says it`s waterproof, I apply it and blend it in with my finger and apply some eyeshadows on top (beige/brown nudy ones mostly). It lasts all day. :D

The palette is nice, really golden/yellow, especially the golden eyeshadow. The white and the browns are regular and pretty, warm and not too strong.

Those are the shadows only, without the cream base. Really pretty colors! :D Pigmented too. And shimmery. :) It`s recommended. I think i would recommend BR-1 more than this, but if you like yellon/golden shades more than rather nudy natural lovely browns, then go for GD-1! :)

I have to work saturday this week, so that`s all for now and I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oohhh I love these shadows <3

    Golden tones are the best!!

  2. Those products look amazing! I will try and get them the next time I go shopping! <3

  3. hej, chciałabym spytać ile zapłaciłaś za przesyłkę z tego sklepu?

  4. Miru - the shipping cost is already included in the price, so the prce you see there is ALL you pay. :D You can ask for EMS shipping instead of the regular airmail for an extra charge too though.

  5. NO CO TY O_O oooo, super super, dzięki *__* ~!!!!

  6. KATE!! Their make-up is really good for the price. I really liked my eyeshadow compact from them. Those colors you chose are so pretty. I can see them working well for highlights. ♡