Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain, rain, go away.... and my simple makeup life recently ;)

(on the left it`s is me just before leaving for work on hmmm thursday? I also applied MAC Creme Cup after taking this photo, which I`ve been using all week long and enjoying it lots ;) I need to cut my fringe! D:)
Recently I am just using the things I bought recently and not buying new things, except a couple nail polishes (China Glaze - Poolside collection! :D) and buying refills for my skincare routine (Hadalabo Gokujun series toner, milk and also sheet face masks and face wash for the first time :D). I am waiting for those things to arrive.
I keep my everyday makeup rather simple too, as always I like very well defined lashes and winged eyeliner, but I don`t have enough time to wear fake lashes before work, too bad, I love fake lashes! ;D 

The only possibly partially exciting thing I`ve been doing is wearing light moss green or light lily colored eyeshadow instead of my usual golden/beinge/brown nudy eyeshadows. I am using THE FACE SHOP (korean brand) pigment Shiny Green for green eyeshadow, and MAC`s Lovely Lily pigment for the lily/purple look. I should take photos of those shadows... I also used Push The Edge purple pigment for bottom lash line :D The purple eyeshadows look really good with green eyes. ^^* Tried to snap some pics for you:

THE FACE SHOP shiny green pigment!

MAC lovely lily and push the edge pigments, applied dry

I also repurchased this, in bigger size this time, 500ml:
I really like this BIODERMA Sensibio micelle solution! It never irritates, it feels like clean water, but it  removes all kinds of makeup! Even my mascara (but it is not a waterproof mascara though). When I get home after work and just want to have my face clean, but don`t feel like washing it and getting my hair wet (somehow it always happens lol), so I just use 2 cotton pads and Sensibio micelle solution, and all makeup is gone and my face feels clean and fresh! :D I love it!! I think I should buy a small plastic container, like the ones Sephora offers, and carry this around with me, so that if I stay overnight somewhere, I have all I need to remove makeup in my bag, in one small bottle. :D How convenient would that be! 

Talking about nails. This is my manicure now, China Glaze Recycle with INGOT`s holographic blue on top (sorry for the blurry pic). Looks kind of nice and fits the weather too, it`s been raining all may long in Poland!! D: Can we have nice summery weather already please? It`s been literally raining every day, it`s so gloom and everyone`s sleepy... In anticipation of warmer days, I ordered the whole Poolside collection, except Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, because I would never wear yellow on my nails anyway, makes me somehow think of reptiles?? xD See swatches here! NEON! <3 Hope they arrive soon! :D

Ah, it just started raining again! (T__T) Where are you summer? (O_o?)

I am finishing watchin Spartacus: Blood and Sand in the mean time, and I am loving it! So brutal though! But a great drama overall. <3


  1. Nice make ups, cute nail varnish <3

  2. hej (^^) bardzo podoba mi się Twój blog, ja też jestem miłośniczką makijażu ;3 ale średnio się na tym znam (szczególnie od kiedy zmieniłam kolor włosów xP )

    pozdrawiam i życzę powodzenia w dalszym prowadzeniu bloga, będę wpadać :D

  3. aw you are so cuteeee~ i like your makeup style ^^ i don't use coloured eyeshadows aside from neutral browns and maybe a liiiight pink colour. i'm like you, emphasis on eyelashes!! haha

  4. Clairey
    Thank you! :D

    Dzieki! Bardzo sie ciesze, z ePolki tez czytaja mojego bloga :DD Uwielbiam dzielic sie przydatnymi wiadomosciami nt. makeupu, wiec pisz czesciej :3 Ja tez mialam zupelnie inne wlosy jakis czas temu (dlugie i brazowe) xDD

    Ah, great minds think alike, eh? Nudy makeup is the best! And actually makes eyes look bigger too, well applied :D Too bad I look so puffy in the photo, it was taken around 7:40am~